The legend of zelda and midna's escape

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This is after midna has been sucked into the gap between dimensions and meets someone from link's past and has to fight her way out.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



Midna in her escape

Awoken by a shock of fright, sweat beading down her face, Midna rises to her feet in a place that she does not recognize. The place was a strange looking place to midna; filled with fire, earth, water, and wind all of the elements, but nothing else. Then, she heard a voice. Not a good voice or an evil voice but a calm voice that sounded almost like a little girl. It said, "Hello, do you know where you are?". Midna replied, "Yes hello, I do know where I am but how do I leave?". The voice grew more irratated as it spoke, "don't you get it?" asked the voice, "you can't leave, I won't let you leave, because I know why you want to leave, it's Link isn't it?". Midna askes in defence, "Who are you and how do you know Link?". "That's none of your concern but if you must know, I am link's old traveling companion Fi, and I will keep you here until Link is mine again and he forgets all about little old Y-O-U." That made midna furious "No!" exclaimed midna, "I won't let you hold me captive, I will fight if I have to but whatever happens I'll tell you one thing nothing will keep me from getting back to link!" "Fine" said Fi, "It's a fight you want, than it's a fight you've got." suddenly Fi turned into her own version of demise's sword and swung herself at the princess of the twilight realm. She missed and midna was able to keep the fused shadows after all this time and she was able to transform into her big, tall, mighty, light-spear jabbing self. The battle was fierce, fast-paced and fought with great speed, agility, and cunning, but they were evenly matched and the battle raged on until midna got a lucky shot in and had beaten Fi within an inch of her life. "There (midna spits a tooth out) happy now, huh?" Fi replied, "Fine, take him, but just know that a day will come when I will kill you!" then, she dissapeared and midna was back in the real world with link. "MIDNA!" Link exclaimed as he ran up and hugged her, "I missed you so much!". "Wow, link I missed you to but how long was I gone?" asked midna, "8 hours midna," said link, "8 hours, honestly I didn't think you were alive." Midna replied, "so you cried over me for 8 hours and you didn't do anything else and thought of me the whole time" "mh-hmm" answered link shaking his head up and down, "awwww! that's so sweet but just be glad that I'm back, now I do belive I was about to show you to the folks in the twilight realm." Link was stunned, "Wait "folks" as in parents" he said, "I didn't even know you had parents Midna." "Well that's why I'm going to show you to them" said midna, "now come on, you've got to look your best if your going to meet the high and mighty king and queen of the twilight realm " Link responded, "ok midna, let's go." So they were off and on their way to the twilight realm.






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