The legend of zelda and the journey into darkness

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This story is my version of how a skyward sword zelda boss meets a twilight princess location and my version of the end of ghirahim's life and how link and midna are seperated at one point

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



The legend of Zelda and the journey into darkness

by: Eric graves


Thanks to the power of the ocarina of time link's been able to stay young forever. It's been 3 years since Link and Midna have reunited not only as a team but as a couple too. Link and midna were sitting on the shore of Lake Hylia where Link was introducing Midna to earth food. She tried a lot of things like soup, ordon pumpkin pie, even some kinds of candy that link hadn't even tried yet.(Think about it;) All of a sudden, a massive earthquake struck and a giant beast rose from the lake. Then, Link had a piercing headache and as Link was in pain, he remembered something, like he had seen the beast before. It had arms, legs, and a head like anything else you'd see, but it had these white blister-like things for fingers and toes and a stone in it's head. Link remembered what it was, it was the imprisoned. He fought it a long time ago when he was traveling with Fi. (see sentance 1 for explanation.) It came back stronger each time and now it's 30 feet tall, has full armor, and a giant hammer that could suck anything into the gap between dimensions. Link and Midna ran to tell Zelda. "so much for our date" midna said to herself, but when they got there they found a note on her throne. Link read it out loud to Midna, "At Gannon's tower bring the master sword."-Ghirahim He told midna, "We gotta go." Midna replied, "Wha-" filled with rage link cut her off, "Now!". They warped to the lost woods and retrieved the master sword and then hurried off to Gannon's tower. They didn't see what they were expecting. What they came to find was an unconsious princess and a completly armored Ghirahim."YOUR GONNA GET IT NOW BOY!" exclaimed Ghirahim,"I'VE BEEN WAITING AGES TO THIS CHANCE TO KILL YOU!". He charged at them both with everything he had but as a wise person once said "with furiousness comes foolishness" an old shaman once said that to link. Ghirahim ended up blindly missing and falling onto a pile of sharpened bones that Gannon always kept laying around, but when Ghirahim fell he was impaled on the bones that formed a torch. Afterwards, Link and midna tried to wake up the unconcious Zelda. "Link, She's not waking up but she IS alive" said midna. "I knew it", said Link "Ghirahim must have cast some kind of sleep spell on her. He went in to a state of deep thought, "I've got it" said Link , "I'll go get a fairy, They've saved me before, they can save Zelda." When Link returned they woke zelda up with the fairy magic and told her about Lake Hylia. She understood and let them borrow the light arrows. She knew this was going to be a challenge. They returned to the lake to find the monster had already torn up the fishing hole, the Zora River ride, Fyre and Falbi's lakeside tours, even Zora's domain was torn apart. Prince Ralis crawled out from under some rubble, "Link, it's looking for you Link" Said the prince. " Ok," Link said "if it wants me, let's give it me." "Link are you crazy!?!" Exclaimed midna, " You can't just throw yourself at it, it's huge, it'll send you to the gap between dimensions, you won't exist!" "Trust me", said link "I've got a plan." Link walked up without the monster seeing him and chopped the things off of it's feet. The monster WHAILED with pain and tried to step on link, but it was to slow. Link dodged and shot it with a light arrow. Down it fell like a mighty oak.`Link remembered he had to strike the stone back into it's head so he struck the stone. The monster got back up and grew the stone back out. Link kept knocking it down and striking the stone until he hit the stone and the monster WHAILED with pain again later, and then it burst into a black cloud being sucked into itself just vanishing. The hammer was sent flying up to where nobody could see it. When the smoke cleared Midna rushed over to help Link up. He saw her running and then, unexpectedly the hammer came down hitting the ground in front of midna sucking her into the gap between dimensions. A tear grew in Link's eye,"

NOOOO! MIDNAAAA!" (to be continued) should this be the end?

you decide

(say something if you want me to post more)


(just remember there's more to come either way;)






hylian warrior destined to protect hyrule


Princess of the twilight realm


Princess and leader of hyrule


phsycopathic servant to the demon king (also he is a sword)

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