Chewing Gum... Anyone?

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this essay is about the relations..

Submitted: December 09, 2009

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Submitted: December 09, 2009




We all go through relationships, relationships that vary to us in depth, value, intensity and meaning.

Each and every one of us thinks of different relationships in a certain frame of mind and state of heart. The degree to which relationships between couples are given time, effort, care, love and understanding greatly depends on the perception of both partners of the importance of the relationship, its meaning and the feelings they hold for each other.

To some couples, their relationship is like fragile crystal; they pamper it and treat it with utmost care and respect. They hide it away from the dusts of envy and anger and shield it from the winds of pain and disloyalty.

To others, their relationship is as random as a passing song on the radio station. They care about the now and embrace it. They give it importance at certain times of day or night; they listen to it only at their convenience.

Now, of course, there are times when each partner in the relationship views his/her bond to the other partner differently. Sometimes the female is in the relationship for certain materialistic gains and other times the male is in for fun and boasting! We all have met someone like that at some point or another!

The most painful forms of relationships, as I see it, is that in which both think their relationship means so much while one, in reality, is ready to treat the relationship like chewing gum! Yes, I said chewing gum! Some people try hard to convince themselves that they are so in love, they try to prove their dedication to the bond they share with their partner but yet, when rock hits bottom, they flee! They chew the taste of sweetness out of that piece of chewing gum they used to call a “relationship” and spit it out at some lonely street side or stick it on the edge of some table along with many other forgotten ones!

Who are we to judge people and their relationships? I know things are sometimes too complicated to differentiate the wrong from the right. Yet, it is no secret that people often fall short when it comes to emotions out of many reasons, some which may be convincing, others that will remain a impenetrable.

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