Inside & Out!

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Blake Oles Picture Challenge "It amazes me how cold and foggy it is on the outside, and how similarly it is on the inside as well…"

Submitted: December 17, 2009

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Submitted: December 17, 2009




Black with shades of grey… Everything seems to be…
You can’t possibly understand what this is doing to me!
You’re too numb to feel; too blind to see!

While the world continues to revolve at its own pace…
I see no changes in what I’m trying to face…
And I can’t help but against my fears to race!

Playing an endless game with fate, this is my daily routine!
Don’t look at me this way! Stop trying to be mean!
Tell me now: on hurting me why are you so keen?

The stick that used to hold us together is broken…
As an appreciation for the pain, here you go, a big token!
Believe me there are so many words that will remain unspoken…

I’ve had enough of the 700,000 words you sell me cheap…
I’ve had enough of your slow steps as I continuously try to leap…
I’ve had it with trying to embrace what’s not mine to keep!

Pack your things please…
Fold our memories…
Take your keys…
Smile for my camera: cheese!

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