Pieces Were Once A Whole...

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pieces will gather again for one day they will be someone's gain they put them back together using lots of heart and brain
a new whole will be back to make you feel no more pain

Submitted: December 06, 2009

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Submitted: December 06, 2009




The world seems small when you hold in your pain,
The walls break down regardless of your facade and name,
Empty smiles fill your days; a naked heart is no shame,
And it is always you who seems to take the blame,
Welcome here to the hall of fame!

Sometimes nothing around us seems to be clear,
We hold on so tight to things that once were so dear,
Another broken heart is constantly our biggest fear,
We keep pushing people away, afraid to let them near,
And we thrive so hard not to shed another tear.

Take it in, feel it all, use your senses to measure your fall,
Don't look back, never regret, leave your guilt and all,
Be sure that there will always be someone to answer your call,
Life is a basketball court and within your own hands you carry your fate's ball,
Don't waste time alone waiting on the side line or in a shell crawl!

No one ever tells you things will always be ok and just fine,
Bring your nightmares forward to me and with you I'll share mine,
Between right and wrong, truth and lies, real and fake, there is no certain line,
So stand right up, adjust your posture and try not to whine,
Take the chance to rise above it all, blossom and shine.

Don't let anyone make you feel your dreams are not worth fighting for,
Throw out desperation from your window or even front door,
Remember that there's a beauty in things around us, one so hard to ignore,
Always keep your faith that whatever it is you get, you still deserve more,
And that one day, some day, each of us will reach his safety and shore.

Someone so dear inspired me to write this, it is kind of a competition,
I love writing so trust me; it is more of a game than it is a mission!
I feel like I am actually holding a weapon and words are my ammunition!
This piece should definitely cause some demolition!

To you now the rest of this piece I will address,
Believe me I will not try hard for you to impress,
I just have a few things I'd really like to confess,
So hold my words gently; they come from my heart which is now a mess!
And at the end I hope you know how I feel, nothing more, nothing less!

I've been hurt before, it cut so deep; it still sometimes hurts so badly,
A long gone story of a love that ended oh so badly!
The details of which you have inquired about and I replied to so gladly,
It took me so long to get over the drama; I spent a while acting madly!

Now I find myself hiding behind a wall I built for myself,
Whoever stands before it can't help but feel like an elf!
After I made a promise not to be just another book on a dusty shelf,
And after long nights spent in mourning for losing myself.
At some point I even felt so trapped and completely alone,
I couldn't see people; I couldn't bear to pick up the ringing phone,
That experience changed me from deep inside right to the bone,
I hide in my own private area; in my safe untouched zone.

Then a great girl happened to cross my way somehow,
A girl who, with a simple smile, could change a tiger's roar into a kitty's meow!
she showed me that our strength is there and that we should never disavow,
To her grace I raise two hands to clap and I dedicate a humble bow!

Every moment we spent together was rare and I continue to savor,
I don't know if any of us has to actually return the favor!
Because all the time we shared had a different flavor!
To her I was - and to me she was - a "soul saver".

Her weakness made me stronger; her unsettled faith made me believe,
She taught me that there are girls out there, who can never deceive,
Still I had so much trouble trying to pull her own of my own grieve,
All the talks, all the feelings and all I had offered she refused to receive,
What can I do now my "friend"? I am way into this up to my sleeve!

I know that wherever I go I will always see her face,
And there will be always a thought of her to fill me with grace,
Though I don't know how much further this dream we could really chase,
Tonight, I send her a warm kiss on the forehead and a gentle embrace…

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