Sweet Lost Love

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This is my poem for March Picture Challenge by my friend in Quizilla [xxxtomoe-chanxxx], this challenge is opened for all even here in Booksie .. you can read more about it [http://quizilla.teennick.com/user/xxxtomoe-chanxxx/journal/1506563/pursuit-of-spring-revised/] .. i will announce more about this challange and the prizes soon :) and sure the copyright is reserved for [xxxtomoe-chanxxx] :P

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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Submitted: March 05, 2010



She sat there, thinking of a lost love, pondering upon the days… In between the calamity that occupied her mind and soul, she wrote:

How I miss the warmth of your passionate love words said with eagerness,
How I crave the touch of your hand on mine regardless of its meagerness!

How I miss a short drive without any contrived plans to be made,
How I long to be nuzzled between your arms underneath that tree’s shade!

How I miss the long walks shy from the dulled, chilled and dimmed night,
How I hope I could sing and run with you underneath the day’s light!

How I miss the little eddies of wind touching every inch of my face,
While you are their next to me as we lie wrapped in an endless embrace!

How I miss your fruity voice speaking of promises for a better day,
How I need your sanguine smiles to take my doubts away!

How I bleed for the days that were once ours yet now are gone,
How I cry for the hours that slipped from us after all was said and done!

Now I go on with life as if you were never really there,
Never knowing if this pain I hold you feel or share!

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