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another love poem :)

Submitted: December 15, 2009

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Submitted: December 15, 2009




I shut my eyes and start spinning around
Faster , faster , until it all fades to black
How amazing it feels to breathe again ..
I see the world in technicolor ..
and the moment fragmented into millions
I see your face between the shatters
I can see the smile ,
I hear the breath ..
I missed you..

They told me to shut up
but you taught me to scream
scream , until every bit of me
was freed from its existence
and turned into energy
that bolted through the particles of time
and continued to infinity..
You taught me how to be immortal
how to fall in love
and not care about anything else
Not to care about a world,
that was only created, to be dismissed..

Never look at the world of light
Because, we lived in the shadows
under the trees ,
between the thuds ..
behind the sun , where no one knew
who we were , or what was going to happen ..

who loved you so much ,
until it hurt
hurt so much
that he felt his heart ache sometimes
you didn’t care , you knew that love wasn’t
if there wasn’t pain ,
that anything which was that crimson had to bruise
you bruised me only to be the remedy
you knew that you were the remedy
the only remedy
I took the toxic
and let it all be ..
who cares .. ?
how long should we hold on to a harbor
that was only there to end the journey
of the people who had returned from the sea
I didn’t want to return , because my journey
hadn’t yet started ..
You were the start ,
and the ending ..
the story ,,
and the writer ..

You wrote me all over again ,
as the person you had wanted
as the person you knew , I was ..
you saw it in my eyes ,
the fire that wasn’t just a flicker
but a start , of something way much bigger ..

You are a version of me
that was what you had told me
I loved when you called me that
I loved anything which linked me ,
with you ..
which mentioned me ,
in anything you would do ..

I loved you so much
so much ,
that the people around me started to wonder
about the new person living among them ..
a new face ,,
a new heart ,
a new everything ..

You gifted me with life ,
because it was you ..
who taught me how life
should be really lived
how much everything meant
how precious , was a breath ..

Thinking about you
puts on fires in me
which just rapture and rapture
until they burn everything around ..
which burn me down to ashes ,,
that get blown away , with the faintest hush

I get up ,
and collect myself ..
You aren’t there anymore , and I know that you aren’t
You wanted to leave , I didn’t run after you ..
The pain did come , but stronger this time ..
You taught me how to stand tall ..
and not care ..
Not care ,
even about you ..
You walked away ,,
and I stood , watching you ..

You are away now , so lost in your kingdom ..
so am I , I am in my heavens ..
still the guy you fell in love with ..
and you are still the girl that made my heart beat ..

One kingdom .. is now split into two ..
The high walls that once contained
are the ones that are creating the barriers ...

I sit here and smile ,,
I know that you still think of me
of my smile ,,
and of how much I understood you
understood you more than you yourself did ..
I know that you know
I know you had loved me
and I know that I did ..
Maybe something that mighty
that significant ,
wasn’t possible to happen ..

In a world that was made out of bits
of bits , that made everything ..

We could've been ,
but in another world ..
in another life ..

If that ever happens ,
I will be waiting for you ..

To continue a story
that had ended so soon
to continue that story ,
of me and you ..

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