The Winning Equation!

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Everything in life boils down to a simple equation

Submitted: December 08, 2009

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Submitted: December 08, 2009




“Everything in life boils down to a simple equation”…

We, as intelligent and strong-willed human beings, have the ability to summarize every single situation in our lives into a equation of three types:

1. A Winning Equation
2. A Losing Equation
3. An Impartial Equation.

A winning equation is basically the one in which we get what we want, or some of it at least, while maintaining the most level of our dignity, self-respect and self-love.

In order for us to really reach to this equation we need the following ingredients:

High tolerance and self-esteem, patience, logic, effort and hard work, people who believe in us, people whom we believe in and faith in what we want. We also need not to try to hard to please or be someone who we really aren’t or can’t be.

A losing equation is one in which you know you will end up being the losing side despite the effort you put, the sacrifices you make, the love you provide and the patience you grace yourself in.

For a losing equation, you need the following:

Complete dependency on emotions and feelings, blind trust in the other, making up excuses for others and believing them, bending and flexing your believes and ideas, being ignorant, giving too much or too little, caring more than you are cared for, not knowing what you want and not being able to take a stand.

Finally, we have the impartial equation. This now seems to be the best out of the three!
Since impartial is neutral, there are no regrets attached!

An impartial equation simply requires an impartial person, one who sees the world as a passing stage and does not place too much importance to the people, places or things around him. An impartial person would just like to live on the sides of life, do whatever he/she wants at their own pace and feel the minimum amount of any emotion. He/she will easily be able to shield themselves from pain and in the process become the “losing equation” in other people’s lives!

With that said, which kind of equations do you think you practice most?

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