Unfair Comparison - Our World

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P.S : am not talking here about suicide,cut.love.. etc am talking about humanity ,, this is two parts about something happened with me yesterday and about the world .. it's long but it's worth reading...

Submitted: November 14, 2009

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Submitted: November 14, 2009




As I drove, high speed, in that empty street, tired and so alone…
I saw this man, alone as well, pushing in front of him his source of income: his corn cart!

Just like me, in the same street he was…
Just like me alone…

But while I was in my car, warm, listening to my music, thinking of my life, feeling sad for myself, he was on foot, cold, pushing this cart up road, and probably praying for someone to come and buy what he is selling so he can finally go home probably carrying a few loafs of bread for his wife and children…

I put the car to a halt, waiting for him to reach where I have parked with one thought in my mind: How can I help him without offending him in any way?
As he got closer, I got weaker… As I opened my window, his short breaths pained me and the chilliness in the air he had to bear just crippled me…
As he talked to me, tears just filled my eyes… He was so polite, so kind, and so different than many people who had it all yet chose to be cruel, mean and careless…

As I drove away, the same gurgling scream I have felt a few weeks back found its way to my eyes and I let go… I screamed out my tears and couldn't help but think: How lame our troubles are when compared to others! How silly we can be when we just think of our pain and consider it the biggest pain of all! How selfish we can be!
The world around us is falling apart… We just stand there complaining about a lost love, a stupid raise, a new shirt while people are dying of natural disasters and sicknesses, suffering from poverty, being tormented from their governments…

Why are we so blind to others' pain?
Why is it that we only see what we chose to see? Feel just what we choose to feel?
Why does life provide us with so many unfair tests?

When we will wake up from our dreams and look at the world around us, the bigger picture?
When will we try to make a difference?

Our World!

As I rummage through newspapers, new channels and I in silence I fall!
Our world feel like its crumbling down, we are all blinded and in thrall!
Innocents are killed every single day for no reason or rationale…
Ethics lost their way and people misplaced their morale!
Everyone cares for the one and only thing they believe in "themselves"!
They stack everything and everyone else, just like books, on old shelves!

The world lost its virtue and tears just keep running down but no one cares!
No more shouts for salvation, no more silent prayers!
This world has become a jungle where only the fierce can survive!
Tenderness, love and purity can no more hold on and for recognition strive!
The beauty of everything was stripped and all that's left is ugliness and sin!
A true smile was obligatorily replaced and substituted with a sharp grin!

So tell me something now, if the world outside has turned against us what can we fragile humans do?
How can we face what's to come, the bad, the evil and the sin? How can we pull through?

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