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Okay so I'm not sure how ling this is gonna get as I'm writting it off of a nightmare I had many many years ago. Its also my first on this sight so please review it in a helpfull manner. Thank you also sorry its not that long only I'm using a blackberry until tommorow afternoon

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Life isn't just a load of events. Life is what you make of it. It dosent last forever and even when your living there can be darkness and pain so relish in what you've got and definitely don't throw it away.

I opened my eyes, darkness surrounding me. I felt all the wires coming out of my body and plugging me into the ships mainframe. I closed my eyes again and sent a pulse of thought into the system, I felt the wires detach one by one. Each one with a slight pinch and a large snap.

The stasis pod opened and the sight I saw dismayed and scared me. It genuinely scared me. In all my years in the orbital armed forces (O.A.F for short)and not even then had I seen the level of destruction I saw before me. My comrades, brothers in arms, were strewn across the room. Pieces of them were everywhere. I took a step into the room and my bare foot stuck into something warm and gooey. My eyes slowly crept down and I saw my foot was stuck into my wife's chest. I collapsed to my knees by her side and slowly started to sob.

After my brief episode I decided I needed to move out. I HAD seen death and destruction before. Albeit not my wife seemingly bitten into tiny fragments by an unknown foe. If O.A.F taught me one thing it was that if anything went wrong and you don't know what the enemy is and how many of them there are you run to an easily defend able area........... At least until you know what you are up against.

I spotted a batch of matches over the other side of the room. I brushed my wife's long blonde hair away from her forehead and kissed her there. I then closed her lifeless dull eyes and with a whimper set the room alight.

With my back warmed by the heat, and the smell of burning flesh in the air I decided to move out as whoever or even whatever had done this could be coming back at any time. I pulled out my standard issue 627-battle pistol and slowly krept into the inky blackness of the corridor

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