Scars of Failure

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Serial killer is loose in the city, but no one knows it.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



It was a cold, wet, october night, the rain was pouring down, the dark ground seemed to devour all the light. A young woman is walking down the street holding a newspaper over her head to cover

herself from the rain. She stops, looks around with a hint of panic, since she left from work she has had a feeling that someone is following her, her blue eyes dart to every dark corner of the street,

but there is no one to be seen. She starts walking again, picking up the pace, almost running. Only few hundred feet from her front door, she calms down and slows her pace. One last corner and

she can see her house. Then everything goes black.

She wakes up on the ground, her vision blured and head pounding with pain. She see's a figure towering over her, wearing a black jacket with a black hood, dirty jeans and yellow tan workboots. His

eyes are barely visible from under the hood, but she can see that the mans right side of the face is scarred with 5 long scars starting from under his eye and ending at his jawline. His long shaggy

hair drapes from under his hood and his face is distorted in an evil smile, in his right hand , he is holding a knife, its dark but she can clearly see the blade. She wants to scream and run but has

frozen in fear. The man comes closer, lifts the knife to his face and makes a long cut, right next to the existing scars.

The woman starts to cry ”No, please No”. The man stares at her, blood dripping from the cut on to his jacket, only to be washed away by the pouring rain. The man grabs the woman by the throat

andlifts her from the ground, his face is only few inches from hers and now she can see his eyes, they are cold, almost lifeless. The man smiles again and takes a step back. He speaks with a rustic

voice ”I like the rain, it cleanses everything”.

Suddenly a whisper is heard from the darkness: ” Never again”. The man turns around to see who is talking and drops his knife, there is no one there, only the wind and the rain. ”I must be hearing

things” he thinks, picks up the knife and turns back to the woman. She is gone, the man only hears her distant footsteps as she escapes. The same voice speaks again, this time louder ”You try to

prey on the innocent, the weak, the defenceless” the man turns around again, this time in the shadows he sees movement, he hears footsteps coming towards him. He raises his knife ”I prey on

everything” he says in his rustic voice.

The man stands in the alley, his knife pointed in the direction of the voice that speaks again ”No, you only try to prey on everything. The scars on your face, i know the meaning of them”. The man

takes a step back, his hands trembling.”The first one was little over year ago; you cornered an old woman who was on her way home from a bingo night, you did your scary stare and made the cut on

your face, smart move by the way, only to be smacked in the head with the sweet old ladys walking stick, you dropped on your knees and she walked away”

He lowered his knife ”How do you know that” he asked. ”I've been watching you” ”Now, should i carry on”? The second one was last winter; You saw a man when he left his office and took a shortcut

through a alley, you waited behind the dumpsters, took out your knife, made the cut on your face and jumped him, or rather missed him, you slipped on the icy patch on the ground and knocked your

sorry ass out, all by yourself.

The man stammered” Well, yes but...” .”Lets jump right away to the third one shall we” You followed a woman when she left the bar and headed through the park, in the back of the park where there

are no lights, you attacked her; smart move again, the bar was reserved for the local womens MMA Gym who were celebrating their first tournament victory” ” Well i dont really remember anything

from that so...” ”Thats the only cut you didnt make yourself, she took care of that”

He folded his knife and slumped to sit next to the dumpster. ” Now, lets continue” the voice said.

”The fourth was the old man with a bum leg” The man covered his face with his hands and sighed ”You followed him from the ATM machine, to the empty parking lot near the bus station, the old man

stopped and you made your move, took out your trusty knife, as you were approaching him you started the sinister laughter and made the fourth cut.” The man sitting on the ground next to the

dumpster interrupted. ” Yeah, yeah, how in the hell i could have known that there was a meeting of The Marine Vets of the Vietnam war. ” Indeed, in seconds you were covered in Marines”

Man stood up and asked ” Who are you ? How do you know all of this ? ” ”All in due time” said the voice from the darknes. ”Fifth scar” ”Oh god” said the man. ” Fifth scar, now there is a story: It was

during the summer heatwave, last July, you were in the coffee shop, right across the street from here actually. A young man left the shop, drunk out of his mind, you followed him, watched him turn

tothe alley, this alley, you ran up to him and knocked him out, dragged the unconsious man to the back of the alley. When he started to wake up, you took your knife, this time you were sure of your

doings, nothing was going to go wrong, you made the cut, grabbed the mans throat and lifted him so you can look him in the eye, your smile was devious, up to the point when the man threw up all

over your face and you stumbled backwards down the old cement stairs, again knocking yourself out.”

The rain stopped and the moon was starting to shine brightly, now he could see who was talking, he could finally see the man who knew all his failures, every single detail of every single attack. He

walked forward to see one was there, only a distant laughter echoed in the alley

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