Behind The Mirror by Matej Bogdanic

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A short story of a freelance writer Neil witnessing a horrible crime

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013




Behind The Mirror


Story by Matej Bogdani?


Every man should start his day with a cup of tea. Neil always started his day with a cup of nice British homegrown tea. One may say that was his morning ritual, or a habbit of some sort. He was a freelance writer for a local news paper that never printed his stories, they would if his stories were any good. His writing never got him a penny so his father helped him pay the rent in a small apartment in the Liverpool suburbs. Not so long ago, Neil's new neighbours came into the apartment next to his, and they seemed like nice people, not very noisy, like the previous ones were, so Neil liked them. He never liked noisy people, as he was a rather quiet and timid man himself.

One day one of his stories got rejected by the local newspaper and Neil fell into a mild depression, such a state that not even his mother's tea could lift up his spirits. He got into his apartment and just threw himself on his old dusty bed which he never took any time to clean, as Neil wasn't a very tidy person to begin with. Everything began when he noticed a little crack in the wall next to his bed. He was just lying there when he turned his head toward the wall and noticed that little crack. Through the crack he could see his new neighbours dining in their living room. Neil really lacked any inspiration so he decided to take notes of their behaviour.  He moved his head closer to the wall so he could see them better. His neighbours, the Wrights, just moved from Norwich to Liverpool and were still unpacked, which Neil thought to be rather odd. How could they have supper and not unpack beforehand, he thought to himself.

He thought there was nothing interesting in them having supper so he put his notebook and pen on the nightstand and took a nap to clear his mind. When he woke up he realised he overslept since it was already 5 AM, and Neil didn't like that thought of „losing“ all day  on naps. He thought that taking a nap was a waste of time and his talent, which truth be told, needed more sharpening.


Since every morning had to start with a nice cup of tea, this morning was not going to be an exception, Neil thought to himself. He was just about to get up from the bed, when he heard a loud shout from the neighbour's apartment. Neil quickly turned his head towards the wall, and looked into the crack in order to see what was going on there, to see what all that racket was about. In a split second, after looking through the crack, Neil wished he hadn't looked. He saw his neighbour, Mr. Wright, standing in the middle of the living room, but his wife, Mrs. Wright, was on the floor crying like that was her last day on this bloody rock we call Earth. Mr. Wright was in a very drunken state and barely stood there, but still had enough energy to shout and throw things all the way to the end of the living room.  Neils first thought was that he should go in there and try to calm the situation, but something just wouldn't let him do that. He grabbed his notebook and his pen and started to take notes of what was going on behind the crack in the wall. Mrs.Wright begged her husband to stop shouting and stood up to him, but he overreacted and punched her in the face so hard she flew all the way to the dining table and hit her head on the edge, making it bleed a little.

Neil was shocked, but could not throw away his pen and stop writing. He was so depressed and saw no way out of his miserable financial situation that he had to write down this horrible act of molestation down to the last detail, only to have something, some new material for his new story to come. Just when Neil thought it to be over, Mr. Wright brought this act to a whole new level. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a large knife meant for cutting up big chunks of meat. Neil knew this wasn't right, and that he had to do something to help Mrs. Wright out, but couldn't let go of the pen. He just kept on writing down every single thing his neighbour did to his poor wife. Mrs. Wright kneeled next to his unconscious wife, took her head and swung his knife towards her neck. Mr. Wright was a very strong man so it took only one strike to slice through her neck like a knife would slice through butter. Half of her head was clinging on to the what used to be her neck while blood splattered all over the living room and Mr.Wright.  When Neil saw that horrible scenery his pen broke in half. He was so shocked that he couldn't move a muscle, and he knew he could have stopped this from ever happening, but what was done could not be undone. He got up from the bed to move it away from the wall, not making a sound so that his neighbour couldn't hear him, and then he put a big mirror there to hide the crack in the wall. Neil gathered enough strenght to go to the kitchen, where he put a bag of tea in his favorite cup.  He took a sip of his homegrown tea, and thought to himself how this tea will never have the same taste ever again.


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