Heaven In Your Arms

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a love letter...

Dearest Love,

It was astonishing, the feeling of you here in my heart every once in a while, like the first notes of love written in a love song. I felt as if a string of an abandoned guitar being played in my Heaven... My Heaven being in your arms. Where seasons changed each times I felt the softness of your skin as you lay in my arms helpless like a new born child. I had no trace of time while it just passed by me like a bottle drifting away in the ocean among the waves, not knowing where it may wash up.

Of all the creations of God I had seen through the fading years, I see now no matter what wonders I saw, nothing compares to the magnificence of your eyes that long ago conquered me. Every time I look at the shattered mirrors in the room, they always remind me of your eyes coz I often saw a reflection of myself. Darling,  Looking it from your eyes, I had my own world, when you were here. I stand here again tonight on the beach with the cold wind on my face, while the waters lay calm in rest. I see the reflections of a thousand stars in the water, only wishing I could see the expressions of them in your eyes. The best feeling I had with you was when I saw you smiling without any reason; although I kept wondering what it that made you. I came to know from the diary you left behind, that it was simply a reason of my presence I regret realizing I had lost the power to feel or move when you were wrapped in my arms. Sometimes I remember the scent of the shampoo you used to have on your hair, while I see a few strands of hair still lay on the white pillows carelessly.

Our bedroom is still the way you left it; I didnt change or move anything. The curtains are rolled up as they used to be and remember darling, right after we made love that evening, you made the bed uncluttered like you always used to, it's captured the finest scent of your fragrant body that at rest lingers in the room. As far back as I could remember, it was as if yesterday, later that evening we went for a warm bath in one tub, you were in my arms while the petals of red roses lay up on your soft skin and candles were lit all around us. We were having a conversation of having a home on the beach and having children running around the house it was a perfect day. I think of the night when we both were on the Ferris wheel kissing for hours, while we watched the whole world asleep at mid-night from up there. There was no one just you and me. I miss that Darling! Thinking about those days gives me reasons to cry. As I sit here in our bed room floor going through the photo albums while the whole house breathes at night, it all comes back to me like a memory I am finding it hard, when I keep coming back for more to you, but the fact that you are already gone and that makes me miss you more.

I chose this life to love you and to be loved in return. I try to hide the pain as much as I can, although thats all I ever wanted from life is to be with you, coz thats where I belonged and it was all enough for me. I knew you were going to go away one day, I just didnt expect it that soon, that death would be an early visitor for you. You kept pushing me away, but I stood my ground beside you, knowing that you were my freedom, my home. I dont regret anything except you not being here. I am not afraid to cry, coz I know I cant stop them and just let them out. I know fixing things and shedding tears won't bring you back to me, I am not trying to. I just want everything to be perfect when well be together again. So, I am waiting for you and I am deeply in love again tonight... with you. It seems so hard, to understand the truth that it is much more than a feeling I'll ever have for you is to love you to a great extent.

You are gone, but not forgotten.

M. Jinn.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Mathaious Jinn. All rights reserved.

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I like this, I can feel the emotion. Good job

Mon, December 19th, 2011 11:31pm


this is really good. I liked it alot. I could picture it in my head. very well written. Good Job :)

Tue, December 20th, 2011 11:52pm

Mathaious Jinn

@ Yasuko: :) Thank you. I've never shared my writings before. So I guess I am flattered a bit and happy too.

@ MysteryGirl15: :) thank you aswell, I hope I write better to best next time. It really means alot to me.

To both of you May the Angels guard you wherever you maybe. I sure am gonna post more of my letters. Thanks again. :)

Wed, December 21st, 2011 7:57am

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