The Old Days

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The tenth part in the ongoing Rising Star saga, this story focusses more on characters outside the Rising Star Training Academy and leads into the next big event.

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017



On a typical night, Zackiria was returning to the Academy after self-training at the bottom of the hill bordering Willoway Bay. As he walked the alleyways, he kept aware of his surroundings, as always. He noticed a shadow move, then a blade swung out from behind, Swish. It missed its target. Zackiria turned to face his would-be assassin, he swung again, Zackiria dodged without blinking. “You almost had me, whoever you are, but you could use more training.” The man swung again “Why you?” and Again “I’m guessing your victims normally go down in one slice.” Zackiria says as he dodges again, seeming almost bored “Likely they don’t have the skill to avoid your attacks…which are growing more obvious by the way.” The swordsman brings his blade down on Zackiria who catches it between his hands then kicks it from the man’s grip, the blade flips and is now wielded by Zackiria. He slashes the swordsman in the face, he goes down, howling in pain. “Oh please, it’s just a graze.” Zackiria says and picks the man up in a hammerlock, he pushes him forward. “I’m going to introduce you to the new police chief.” He says and marches him to police headquarters.

Issac sits with his newest student, Nick Valentine, a young man who took on the training because he was sick of seeing bullies pick on weak kids. Nick was introduced to the others, Ace, Jack and Weedo, they were all pretty sure that wasn’t his real name but it didn’t matter. Issac gets them all doing punch training against a heavy sandbag. A man knocks on the door but let’s himself in, Issac seems very surprised to see an old face. He has flashbacks of lessons in his homeland of Zimbabwe, Elder Kintago is chanting and showing a young Issac and another boy some hunting techniques, the elders’ son runs up and starts calling his name “Isacu, Isacu…” “Issac.” Ace insisted, snapping his mentor out of it “It has been a long time Isacu Junta.” Alyo says, the young group trying not to stare at his many scars and tribal appearance. “Or it seems your name is Issac Justice now. We need you back home, Junta, you know we need you.” “I am needed here, with my students.” Issac sayed “You know what your duty is, it is in Zimbabwe, not in this city.” “I will come when I am ready.” “There isn’t much time. I will stay one week and we will both come back to Zimbabwe.” Alyo nodded his head and left. The young group looked at their mentor he looked back at them sympathetically.

It was late but Andrew still had a group of men in his office, they were going over everything they knew about Kosh Lyson and his associates, which was more than any other person was able to dig up. Mic, a greased up American who had started working for the Tekezi’s after they took over his street two years ago. He had fallowed Devin’s top men, they being left to run things while Devin sticks close to Kosh. John and Harald had been doing pretty good, collecting and selling or trading weapons in their bosses’ absence, Mic also knew a portion of the products or payment made their way to Russia. Joey “Spits” Kanel, a man who had been with the Tekezi’s almost as soon as they came to Willoway Bay. Even with his bad habit that earned him his nickname, he rose the ranks pretty fast. He looked at Lyson’s businesses, including the museum. It didn’t take him too long to figure out the long stolen Diamond was taken by Kosh, even if he didn’t really know the facts, it was easy to eliminate the legitimate businesses from the pack and even find evidence that a murder had been covered up in an old warehouse. It might have been cleaned but with the proper equipment, it was still obvious. Lenard Bucanon tried his best to fallow the unknown girl, the one that definitely some kind of link to Kosh and his main man Devin, but she always escaped him, so he changed his efforts to her associate Danny Luv, which led nowhere. Oscar Winchester, one of the newest, but already well trusted and liked, brought in by Mik months ago had helped Andrew with interrogating Jinsay, who he later eliminated and disposed of. They all asked what Andrew wanted to do with the information they had, it could easily lead to an investigation of Mr. Lysonikov. “Hold off on that for now. I’d rather us take him down ourselves then leave it up to the police.” He said.

Before morning, at Rising Star, Ethan woke Bryan, of course, they had been roommates there since they started. It just made sense. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting what I want from this place. They put us into way to risky situations.” Brian was somewhat stunned “Dude, we kicked ass against those Dragon guys, can’t you see how much stronger and crazy awesome we’re getting?” Ethan shook his head “Maybe, but we really shouldn’t have been in that fight to begin with. Bad enough they left us in the woods that time, fuck.” “Ok, that was messed up, but still.” “No, I’m not going to get myself killed. I talked to Jay before I left, his old mentor does much lighter but just as effective training, and there’s no “lets jump off the roof” or “Push a car trying to run us over” Kind of training.” Brian laughed at his friend “There hasn’t been anything like that, you’re being ridiculous.” “No, I’m getting out of here before they do want us to try that, and if you’re smart, you’ll join me.” Brian thought about it and looked at is friend “I guess I’m not that smart then. Or I just like the crazy.” Ethan hoisted a duffle bag onto his shoulder “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” And with that, he left and Brian was alone, he looked at his alarm clock. Not even midnight. “Dang it.” he lay back down but couldn’t get back to sleep.

It was closing time at Mike’s bar, Matthew says goodbye to his employer as the man locks up. They go their separate ways. While walking past an alley, Matthew hears a scuffle, he turns to see four men attacking another. He rushes over and pulls them off while they argue. “Leave us be. This monster has to die.” One of them says. Matthew continues to try to keep them back while he figures out the situation, he looks back at the one they attacked and noticed scales instead of skin. He had heard of this condition before, but through comics, and forgot what it was called. He also saw that he was actually quite young and cowering more than anything. “Would one of you guys tell me what this is about?” Matthew said “He’s one of them Disciple freaks!” the apparent lead guy said “That’s a group, they never go out alone.” Matthew said “So if he was with them, one of the others would be here and you’d be dead. Or at least, then I would save you, but I only see four guys ganging up on a poor defenseless kid because he looks different.” “Oh quite with your bleeding heart routine. If he’s not with them now, he soon will be.” “So I’m sure giving him a better reason to do so is a good way to go about it.” “Fuck you!” another called out. Matthew shoved him back, he could have easily sent him ten feet back or more but giving them a new target wasn’t going to help anything. “Just go home, all of you, I recognize most of you from the bar and you’re drunk. You might feel different in the morning. It’s not easy to take a life, so just go home and cool down.” They mutter and back away, looking at each other, the lead guy looks back again “Then you deal with your new pet. Freak lover.” Then they all walk away.

Matthew looks back at the young crocodile like boy who was still trying to back away, even from his rescuer. “What’s your name kid?” Matthew said. The boy blinked but didn’t answer, he seemed more interested in simply getting away. “Are you hungry? I know a twenty-four seven diner near here, it’s got some real good food.” The kid hesitates a bit, obviously his life hadn’t been easy and he was weary not to trust anyone. “You’re not going to make fun of me, are you?” he finally says “I’ll be honest, at most, I might just give a homeless person some change, and rarely some left over food. This is my good deed for the day, so to speak, I haven’t had one in a while.” Matthew said “Why?” the kid said back. It was a decent question, he probably wouldn’t want anyone’s pity either. Not that Matthew could blame him for that. “You don’t seem so bad, everyone needs some help sometimes.” He stepped forward slowly “Come on, a free meal. And if anyone bugs you, they have to deal with me.” The kid nods and walks with Matthew to the diner.

After the orders are placed, Matthew looks around, making anyone looking at them turn away in shame. The kid now had his hood up and his head down but some features could still be seen. “Do you have any family?” Matthew asked “Or do you not want to talk about that?” the young man remains quite so Matthew just nodded, that was fine with him. “In this day in age, I’m surprised anyone pays much attention to anyone who looks different.” He still kept quiet, the food was put on the table and he dug in.

Three nights later, in the old basement they had their meets in, Devin talks to John and Harrold, trying to regain a lot of lost time. Thanks to Koshes flip flopping they had lost a lot of ground in their rise to power. “While you’ve been doing fake protests and fighting the Star guys and all that shit, we’ve been getting crushed by the Tekezi’s and another crew that we know nothing about. And those Disciples of Darkness sure as hell didn’t help anything.” John said “We’ve lost so much credibility and respect, we’re going to have to work three times as hard to earn it back.” Laughter could be heard in the back corner, they turn to see Sandra “What the hell are you laughing at?” Devin asked “You do so much for Mr. Lysonikov and what do you have to show for it?” “We were better off before he became mayor, or at least he could have let that play out better, but no, he had a plan and he let those Rising Star guys slow things down, as if they were going to find something to bring this whole operation down.” “I must admit, I miss the old days.” She said “Who doesn’t?” said Harrold “Except the part where we have to work with you and that loser you brought in who’s done absolutely nothing.” “Danny is a fall guy and nothing more.” She said “So shut up, or I’ll end you before you can blink.”

The Rising Star group had just finished a meditation season when Gabrial spoke up “Tomorrow, everybody. We start on some real weapons training.” “Wooooo! Yes!” yelled Brian, they all look at him weird and one whispers something in his ear, he shrugs it off.

Chief Martian leaves the interrogation room in frustration, Zackiria looks annoyed. “You’ve been in there for hours. Haven’t you got anything yet?” Jack shoves him into the wall “Back off, I do know what I’m doing, ok. I have to admit, his determination not to reveal his employer is actually kind of honorable, that’s probably why they hired him.” “First you let the Asian man who tried to poison me escape now this.” Jack sticks his finger in Zack’s face “No one “let” him escape. I lost three guys in that brake out.” “Let me in there, I’ll…” “Oh, I’d bet you’d just love that. Any chance to show how much better you are at EVERYTHING!” Zackiria gives him some space. “You may not be as easy to work with as your former boss, but I admire your convictions.” Zackiria walks away, Jack can’t help but to smile a bit “I might actually start to like that guy. Too bad he’s still a prick”

Early the next morning, Issac’s group is doing basic drills, as he watches, Issac’s mind wanders back to his past. Alyo, Kenji Mii, the elders son, Kintago as well as Issac himself, as well as another boy, are being taught by the elder “These drawings you see on the wall, tell the legend of the first daomon strike and warn of future attack.” He says as he directs their attention to said wall. “The great spear on an alter was created to eliminate the daomons, it has been blessed with the power of the ancient warrior gods to give its wielder great speed, strength and accuracy.” Alyo and Kenjii snicker at each other, the elder bows to them all “You may laugh now, but you need to know these things, these are not tall tales, you must be prepared.” After some silence Kintago spoke up “Yes father.”

The four of them run out from the hut and grab some spears, they run off into the wooded area around camp, giggling away. Kintago threw his spear first, then Kenji, who threw much further “Take that daddies boy. You might be our next leader but I am still superior.” Alyo threw next but didn’t come near Kintago’s throw “You throw like a girl.” Kenji laughs “Shut your mouth, Kenji, it will get you in trouble one day.” Kintago said with a frown. Young Issac went next, his spear went almost twice as far as the furthest one, the others were astonished, Kenji shook himself out of it acting like it was no big deal. “I can do that too, I was just holding back.” He grabbed another spear and with a look of determination he prepped his aim and threw, it was farther than his last throw but still not even close to Issac’s, he went off in a huff, Alyo and Kintago giggle some more and congratulate Issac.

Present time, as promised by Gabrial, the young trainees would get their weapons training, they entered the room where Gabrial held a wooden sword. “I’m actually a little glad to see we’re not using the real thing.” Brian said “But where are our weapons?” Gabrial extended his arm to show his own weapon “Its right here. If you can take it.” Outside, in a separate room, Kevin does his own training. He sweats like mad as he wears a large weights like a backpack, hundred pound dumbbells in each hand as he throws punches, weighted boots on his feet, he kicks and jumps and pushes himself near to breaking point, collapsing existed. “I might…pant…be over gasp….doing it.” He said as he sit’s up and starts removing the gear.

Ethan walks into Issac’s training session, drawing some attention “What have we here?” Issac said “A new student perhaps?” “Yes sir.” Ethan said “I met a former student of yours, Jay Seven, he told me about your little gym here. I ran out on Rising Star, they were just brutally hard.” Issac nods “Yes I’ve heard the old master was extraordinarily demanding, I’m surprised it’s still as bad now that he’s gone. Don’t worry, my methods are softer but still quite effective.” Ethan joins the other four who welcome him openly.

The young reptilian looking man begs on a street corner as the sun sets, his hood is up so a few people, who can’t see his face, give him change. He looks at the tin and shakes it, he looks up, almost as if he is looking for a friendly face, but none are there.

Later that night, near Little Italy, John and Harold are sneaking along, John has a package under his arm, suddenly they hear whispers “Shine the light there, Mic.” The light hit’s them and they guard their eyes “Say, Joey, looks like we got some snoops.” Joey spits on the ground “No, Mic, we got morons trying to eliminate us.” “Well, let’s send these fucks to their maker.” A third voice says, the man drawing a large riffle which Joey pulls away. He spits again “Are you nuts Oscar? Do you not see that suspicious package? What do you think that is?” “How about you find out.” John says throwing it at them and running with Harold, the other three men, running in the opposite direction, the package hits the ground with a thud and does nothing, all the men are long gone and could care less that it didn’t go off.

The explosion finally comes, causing the police driving by to check it out. Of course there were no bodies only some property damage that could be easily fixed. A few blocks over Matthew is walking back to his apartment after work when he comes across the same boy from before. He stands there, looking at him unnoticed. You know, a kid like that just needs someone to help him, Matthew thought, he could really benefit from some training and a guiding hand. He goes over and reintroduces himself, again asking his name, the kid turns away shyly. “I’m going to help you out. Ok? You need to be able to defend yourself from any further morons.” Matthew said, the young crocked looks up “Why do you want to help me? Why do you care?” “Like I said before, we all need help, and if someone is offering, better to take it.” They remain silent for a bit, the boy remains unmoving “This is an opportunity kid, you don’t want to hate yourself later for not taking it.” He slowly stands and extends his clawed scaly hand “Michael. Michael Walker.” Matthew shakes his hand “Nice to finally know a name.”

The three men who had the close call with John and Harold return to the Tekezi compound where they are greeted by an incredibly clean dressed man with glasses “What the heck took you guys so long?” “Shut it Lenny, we almost got blown up today. Lucky the detonation was slow.” Joey said with a spit “Blown up? What are you talking about? Who’s crazy enough to take us on now?” asked Lenard “Probably the same bozos who have been causing the protests and other nonsense Mr. Bucanon.” Said Oscar “Mr. Bucanon. He don’t outrank none of us, stop being so formal and shit.” Joey scolded “We better go in and tell the boss.” Mic finally chipped in and the four men went inside.

Ace and Jack toss a medicine ball between each other while Weedo and Nick do the same, Issac watches the boys as he drinks some water. “Can you believe how far we’ve come?” Ace asked Jack “To think, this time last year our gang was getting trashed. Now we’re finally out…” “Wait!” Nick held his ball and looked at the other two “What gang?” “Doesn’t matter.” Jack said “That’s our old life.” “What gang!?” Nick yelled “Boys! Enough arguing.” Issac called out. As he walked over to them a man entered. Issac looked at him “Kenji?” “Are you too scared to come back home?” Kenji asked “Afraid maybe that you are unworthy of your destiny?” Issac stood silent, another memory had taken root. Young Issac is with a girl and Kenji comes, he takes her by the hand “Leave my sister alone.” Issac called out “What do you think I’m going to do to her?” Kenji said “Unlike you, I like Rhea, and she likes me.” “Says who?” Rhea said curtly “Come on now, don’t be that way.” “She turns away, neither boy can tell if she dislikes him or is playing hard to get. Kenji walks a few feet to where the great spear is being kept. He looks in on it. “What a waste of a perfectly good spear.” He says “That spear is meant for the legendary warrior” Elder Kintago says, spooking all the children, seeming to come out of nowhere. “I am expected to bring you back home Isacu.” Kenji said in the present “Personally, I don’t care. If you don’t come, I will get the spear, I will be the hero.” The others stop training as Issac approaches the old friend “I have my duties here, perhaps you can get what you want after all.” “You are scared, aren’t you? Scared that maybe the tails are true? That you’re not strong enough? Well, you’re right, you aren’t. So go ahead and stay here where you’re safe.” Issac gets in Kenji’s face “I am not a coward. I must train these boy’s, they’ve struggled out of a bad life. If you do not care, why do you persist in antagonizing me? Go ahead and be the hero you so desperately want to be.” Kenji took a swing but Issac stopped the punch with his palm “Go!” Kenji backs away, he points his finger at Issac as he leaves. Issac looks back at the group who are obviously confused.

Oscar and Mic come out of one of the restaurants the family owns and spot Sandra across the way. They look at her a while, unsure where they’ve seen her before. She ducks into an alleyway, the cross the street while checking traffic but when they get to the alley, the girl is long gone. “I know I’ve seen her somewhere.” Mic says “And I get the feeling, she’s connected to the people who keep trying to piss us off.” Several blocks away and a half hour later, Michael Walker is being shoved by a group of older kids, calling him names. He does some of the breathing exercises Matthew showed him to calm himself but since they keep it up, he shoves one of them back, knocking him to the ground and he runs. Two of the other chase him, he lets one of them run into a clothesline and stomps him for good measure, and he escapes the third in the sewer. “That’s right, in the sewer where you belong, freak.” He calls.

Mic and Oscar meet up with Joey and Lenard, who have a suitcase and a bunch of guns. “Bout time you got here, what took so long?” Lenard asked “Never mind, we gonna deliver this bomb now or not?” Mic asked back. They make their way to the old steelworks Kosh Lyson now owns.

Issac sat the group down at a coffee shop that morning as he explained to them who these guests were and why they were here. The small unnamed boy runs thru the village calling for the elder “Elder Kintago, invaders have come, they seek the spear!” the elder pats him on the head as he walks out, he gathers Issac, Kenji and his son “We will go talk with these men. The spear cannot leave this camp.” The four of them walk off. Outside camp, they come across twelve men, most of which armed “I believe I relayed a message.” The lead man said “Why have you come without my prize?” the messenger peeks out from behind a tree “The spear belongs where it is and can only be used by the legendary warrior.” The men laugh “How do you know, I’m not the legendary warrior?” the leader says “I will soon concur this land, join me and make it easier for yourself. I’ll even let you keep your village.” Elder Kintego looks down, the other boys seem concerned he might accept the offer “I am already master of this village.” He finally says “And you have overstayed your welcome.” The leader points his finger at the elder “Mark my word’s old man, you’ll regret making me your enemy.” The men leave and Kintago returns to the village with the young group “I thought for sure they’d just kill us then.” Young Kintago said “No way.” Said Kenji “We scared those thugs off good.” “And what did you do?” Isacu asked they return to the camp and the elder sends the boys off, Kenji immediately runs off, laughing, Isacu goes to his hut and grabs his fishing rod, his sister sitting in the hut looked up from her carving “I hope you catch something bigger than last time.” She says as he leaves. As he walks the village with reel in hand he hears the elder cry out, he rushes to the elders hut “The spear!” the elder cried out as more people gathered. As they look in, they can see that the spear is missing.

Issac sat looking at his coffee mug and takes the last sip “Did Kenji steal the spear?” Jack asked “Do you believe any of those stories?” Weedo asked “It doesn’t matter what I believe. My tribe believes it and they believe me to be the warrior of legend so in all honesty, I must return. Besides, I have more personal demons back home I need to put to rest.” “But sir? I just got here.” Ethan said “I barely got started.” “Yes, I know and I’m sorry but I have no choice.” They all left the coffee shop at the same time, none of them speaking until Issac says “We can do one last class tomorrow. Around eleven.” They all go their separate ways. Nick follows Weedo, after a few blocks they get to Cliffside area, Weedo looks back at Nick “I know you don’t live around here. What are you following me for?” Nick approaches with a stern face “I want to know about Ace and Jack. What gang where they in?” “Dude, that was the past, leave it there. Do you know how hard it was to get out of the gang life?” Nick steps back with a look of shock and disgust “You too?” “I wasn’t in the same gang, and I had no choice. Look where I live man.” He gestures around himself and starts to walk away, Nick stops him “What gangs where you guys in?” Weedo starts to get angry then he sees something in Nick’s eyes and he gets worried “Why do you care?” “My best friend was bullied relentlessly by The Cards back in college. He practically had to be committed they tormented him so bad.” “Well, then your beef isn’t with me.” Nick stands silent for a second, still holding onto Weedo “Ace, Jack. Of course, I should have put that together. Still you’re hardly innocent.” Weedo punches him in the jaw and runs for it, Nick doesn’t stay down long and chases him. Weedo runs down a narrow path near the cliff, he knows this area well and has gone through it many times. Nick wouldn’t have such an easy time. Or so he thought until Nick jumped from a ledge, he knocked Weedo over but he grabbed the ledge. Nick looked down at Weedo as he tried to come back up. Reaching in vain for a hand. He loses his grip and plummets.

Kevin had finally joined the other trainees in their weapons training, they were now using a booby trapped room, to instill the knowledge that the environment can be a weapon and to be alert at all times. All of them were getting much better at weaponry, it was an easy transition. They took a break and discussed fighting styles and which weapons worked best against which.

That night, Michael is once again surrounded by the same punks who pestered him before, this time their tune seemed to change “Hey kid, you’re not that bad, you’re pretty strong. You should join our crew.” Michael kept his distance and tried to ignore them but he wanted to believe they actually like him now.  Matthew looks out the window of Mike’s bar, Mike tells him to ignore the punks outside and worry about the customers. Matthew turns back to see the three people drinking away and having some drunken discussion. Outside the gang continue to try to recruit Michael but he isn’t too eager to be a criminal, he goes in and looks for shelter in the bar, Mick want’s him out since he’s not a paying customer but Matthew buys a Coke for him. The group outside eventually give up waiting and go away.

A day goes by, some hard rain strikes and dries up, Issac is at the airport with Ace, Jack, Ethan and Nick. Alyo and Kinji wait by the boarding area. Issac turns to the boys “I don’t understand why you’re going if you don’t believe these fantasies. If there is another reason, tell us.” Ethan said “Why can’t we go with you?” Ace suggested “Surely this trip would be a great learning experience for us.” Issac’s eye’s lightened up “Would you all be ok with that? That’s quite an expense.” “I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not passing up this adventure.” Ethan said “I definitely couldn’t afford it.” Jack said “Same here.” Said Ace. Nick remained quiet for a bit, Issac looked back at Kenji and Alyo who looked impatient.

Clouds had started to form over the land. The tribesmen stand clustered together looking at their leader perched on a rock, holding the spear “From now on!” He cried “This will be a symbol of my power!” he exclaims raising the spear “And those who do not respect that power, will have it driven into their hearts!” the men cheer and suddenly the elder and his own cluster of men approach. “Do you not see the sky?” the elder said “You anger the god’s by wielding what is not rightfully yours.” “On the contrary old man. This was given to me freely.” The small boy who had always seemed outside the group came out from hiding behind the leader “What have you done, boy?” the elder asked, the leader jumped down from his rock and slowly walked toward the elder, his son and Isacu form a wall, the leader keeps coming “You think children will stop me?” he thrusts the spear, at that moment, thunder cracks, Isacu grabs the spear and twists it, sending the leader to the ground, Isacu points the tip to his neck and then the sky clears, the sun shining bright. Everyone looks up in bewilderment and Isacu steps away and hands the spear to the elder, the light fades, the leader stands and returns to his men, shaken. “You have not heard the last of me.” He yells and they all back away in retreat. Kenji comes from the tree line, holding the traitor. The elder looks at the boy, then to Isacu, then the spear, he tilts his head in the direction of the village and they all return.

“Well, what about you Nick?” Ethan said he thought and looked at the two Card members “Nah, I think I’m going to pass. I’ll keep myself busy.” Ethan rushed off to go buy his ticket, Issac didn’t even notice the flight had been delayed, nor anything else for that matter until Ethan ran off, he waved to Alyo who came over “We will have a guest coming with us. Treat him well.” “This might not be a good idea but if you wish it, he may come. As long as you are coming, the rest is of little importance.”

Later on the plane, Issac looks to Ethan in the seat beside him “You were lucky.” He said “The flight didn’t have many passengers so getting a seat near you was actually pretty easy.” Etrhan said back. He was so excited about the trip he only realized then “Damn, I don’t have anything with me.” “Then we shall have to buy what you need when we land.” Issac said with a laugh. He looked at the seats in the next isle and back one where Kenji and Alyo sat, both with their eyes closed and chanting the old elders chant. Issac sat back and closed his eyes as well. In an old jail cell back in the village of his childhood, the one who took the spear to the warlord sits and cries. He hears a shot, and suddenly a man is there with the keys to the cell “My leader appreciates your help boy, and wishes you to assist more.” He says as he opens the cell “What is your name?” “I am Kawalczyk.” “Welcome to the Wutonga Clan.” He says as he pat’s him on the back as they leave.

Zackiria is in a Park, late afternoon meditating when drunk man stumbled by. Zackiria hummed loader to drown him out but he came closer, suddenly smashing the bottle over Zackiria’s head, he then quickly kneed him in the face. Two other men jumped out and started beating on him as well. Zackiria shoves them off as he stands, one kicks at his knee but it barely buckles, Zackiria back kicks him with the same leg, sending him into one of the surrounding trees, the man who played drunk pulled out a knife and slashed, Zackiria let it cut his shirt and grabbed the two men by their heads and cracked them together. He stood over the unconscious men and heard a rustle, an older gentleman appeared. “Glad to see you didn’t need my help with those losers.” He said “Of course not, don’t be ridiculous.” “You know why I’m here Zack. It’s coming. I hope your boys are ready.” Zackiria looked up at the moon “So do I.”

© Copyright 2020 Mathew Nicol. All rights reserved.

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