A Typical Female/Feline Metaphor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Contently Deranged Travelers
This one took some time to grow on me. At first I wanted to either revise or scrap it altogether, but after awhile I came to enjoy the original and scrapped any haphazard attempts at revisions instead. It's now a favorite of mine, second only to "Sun Explodes."

PG rating merely due to mentioning of "whore." I'd say G, but I keep imagining a mother's reaction when their young child inquires its meaning. Mmph.

Submitted: January 11, 2009

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Submitted: January 11, 2009



Vacant feline eyes, squeezing acid into the sink,
burns, revolves and dissolves porcelain skull
pressured by running cold water,
shatters before me, severing shoelaces.
To feel untied, well, it's a crime.

Howling feline fangs, engorge the flesh in self-defense.
She loves me, wants me, nuzzles my ankle,
caresses with fur to destabilize,
rakes the clothes, flakes the blood.
Flakes the blood - vein reimbursing, I'll snare.

Tempting feline tail, phases moonlight reflection,
vanishing the text that tends my eyes.
Such a tease, this whore I covet,
evokes snarling rapture in a human smile
only when the need should arise.

Listening feline ears, twitch to the ashen touch,
I must, affection spews in open fissures.
Then merge earth once more and vanish wholly
when the motives are unmasked, I remember,
I don't delight in being the wench's wrench.

But amnesia will strike again, surely...

Steady feline paws, my maw, she'll draw it inside,
warping dreamscape cellophane slate;
Uncleanse, sure kill, my will's at its end.
Oh what I wouldn't give, heartbeat itself,
to be inside and feel close again.

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