The Knight's Locket

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When Rebecca Jackson's uncle Sam dies unexpectedly, doctors are baffled. Rebecca soon comes into posession of a cursed locket he once owned, also sought after by a murderous knight, that will stop at nothing to reclaim its soul.

Table of Contents

The Locket

When Rebecca Jackson's uncle Sam dies unexpectedly, doctors are baffled. Rebecca soon comes into posession of a cursed locket he once owned, also sought after by a murderous knight. Read Chapter

The Fire

The next day, Rebecca was still wearing the locket.  She hadn’t taken it off since she’d found it, not even to sleep. And la... Read Chapter

An Unwelcomed Return

Rebecca’s life was uneventful after that for several months.  She assumed the locket was at the bottom of an ocean, never to be se... Read Chapter

The Knight

The day before the summer holidays ended, Carrie was having Dinner at Rebecca’s house.  They were having pizza. “This is rea... Read Chapter

The Blood-Stained Letter

Carrie regained consciousness, still lying on the wet grass; Paul hadn’t moved her. “Whe… where am I?” “You’re in the... Read Chapter

Anonni's Explanations

Anonni took them to a small abandoned hut inside a small forest at the edge of Manchester. “Welcome to my home for the last few day... Read Chapter


Rebecca sat on a hill looking over Manchester, alone.  She had had to get away from everything, all the noise, so she could think.&n... Read Chapter

Edward Clark

Edward Clark had once again found himself wandering around the nearby forest.  His Dad wouldn’t listen… he hated his Dad so much... Read Chapter

The Second Day

“It’s dawn,” Billy observed unenthusiastically.  “Last night I was with Mum and Rebecca, safe and peaceful…” Neither... Read Chapter


Edward sat in the hallway, eyes closed, quite alone; just the way he liked it.  If he opened his eyes, he’d see three doors in fro... Read Chapter

Outside The Mansion

They had returned to the overgrown and rarely used road leading to Paul’s Mum’s house.  “We last saw the Knight here, thou... Read Chapter

Inside The Mansion

Every step brought Rebecca nearer the locket.  She and Carrie stepped slowly towards the front door; as if it were a live bomb and w... Read Chapter

Dale's Lockets

They hadn’t followed far, when the two men stopped outside a building. “It’s in here,” the man in black said. “Excellen... Read Chapter

The Seventh Door

Rebecca remained stood at the top of the stairs.  Carrie frantically tried to open the door, but it remained closed. “I though... Read Chapter

The Second Locket

“If you’d kindly leave now, sir-” Dale said, trying to sound tough, but somehow couldn’t quite manage towards Anonni. “That... Read Chapter

The Chamber of Death

“Thirty seconds,” the voice boomed.  Carrie was hysterical in tears.  Rebecca was close to that, but still tried to find a ... Read Chapter


It had been half an hour.  Billy was holding the second locket, but he’d received no messages.  Anonni’s Interimo-detector ... Read Chapter

Power of the Interimo

“Do you believe me?” Anonni asked. “My soul…?” Rebecca cried.  She remembered Sam’s note.  It means we lose our... Read Chapter

The Crater

Anonni had missed the action by several minutes, by the time he arrived.  What had once been a well-kept piece of lawn outside the m... Read Chapter

The Third Day

Again, Rebecca was the first to wake up.  She yawned, and stretched out her arms.  Daylight seeped through the trees, and Rebec... Read Chapter

The Past

  “Oh, come on,” Carrie cried.  “That’s beyond ridiculous!” Rebecca’s eyes had lit up.  Time travel…? ... Read Chapter

To Fight The Knight

Several hours had passed; it was now just passing five o’clock.  Billy and Paul, satisfied with the knowledge that Rebecca and Car... Read Chapter


“Rebecca!” Billy shouted.  Paul stopped, and spun around.  There was no mistaking the terror in Billy’s voice. “The... Read Chapter

The End of the Beginning

Twenty minutes later, a scribbled out note lay on a table in the hut, and they were ready to go. “Food and clothing won’t be a pr... Read Chapter