Wishing It Over

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A bit about school and a bit about exams, but not really about either. To be pretentious.

Submitted: February 24, 2012

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Submitted: February 24, 2012



We learnt how to fill the world

With ideas and possibilities

We worked up through the system

More horrors unfurled

Powerpoints of futilities

I've never missed them.

You might make a friend or two

If you can appease fortune

In this intricate hierarchy

If not, well, pounds and blows against you

Certainly, at around noon

As the bell calls anarchy

So alone inside the mind

As we're quietly suffocated

By the people that surround us

Retreating further in, we find

False ideals become instated

We're poisoned as thus

Yet somehow it fits into place

Survival kicks in

And life jump-starts

But new agonies to face

Safe, the mind would grin

Until meeting these new arts

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

Our minds under siege

Graphs and books, they shun

Us into a faster stride

Towards our final liege

Please be over

Why can't it be over?

I would so like it to be over

Bliss shaped like clover

Once we're under cover

And done of this buffer

Tick-tick, pitter-patter

Such frustrating sounds

Oh God can't it stop

My neck wrecked on a platter

My fingers gorged by hounds

My brain a failed crop

How it should feel

To escape from tyranny

To be free as the tides free

Bound by order, they reel

In the setting of a dying spree

Crumbled by apathy

The end is a foolish resort

Encaved in familiarity

Seconds pass without count

My breath does contort

Wailing hilarity

I'm speared upon the mount

We were young fools to wish it over

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