Predator: A Window-Of-The-Envelope Poem

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My intention in Predator was to create a suspenseful poem that tells a story using a build-up in the first two stanzas, a climax in the third stanza and a resolution in the last stanza. Predator is a poem about a man who kills a wolf in self-defence, with the lines “Bloody sight”, “Wolf done” and “Smoking gun” referring to the wolf's death by firearm. My partner has a more interesting interpretation of the poem. In her interpretation, “Bloody sight” and “Wolf done” refer to the wolf killing the man, and “Smoking gun” is the dead man himself as conclusive evidence of the act. Both interpretations are viable; I love the ambiguity that creates.

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013





Dark night

Wind whistles

Wolf howls

Hair bristles


Growing fright

Pace quickens

Wolf growls

Plot thickens


Face white

Whip around

Screaming vowels

Booming sound


Bloody sight

Wolf done

Hooting owls

Smoking gun

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