sucking stew

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old age and love



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sucking stew another of my silly poems 

it was back in 82 
when i was young and free 
i made the decision to ask
"will you marry me"

i wanted to be sure 
go the test of time to see
if you would still love me 
when im ninety three

things have changed alot since then
the critieria has too
but will you marry me
when im sucking stew

i may need to be dressed 
in a thermal vest 
and bed socks up to my knees
but if our love stands the test of time
marry me darling please

my diet will change 
and i will eat prunes for tea
also possibly lunch
if it comes to the crunch
anything to give a little ease 

i will defy my age 
keep a parrot in a cage
wear leopard skin slippers 
and frilly red knickers
please marry me at 93

can we buy 2 matching zimmer frames
so we can still play our silly games
ill race you everyday to the sea
your heavy breathing will make me smile
and with a twinkle in my eye 
ill think back over the years
and remernise a while
marry me at 93

and when my eyesight and hearing falters
and my memory fades away
be there beside me
to remind me to say
marry me at 93 

but lets just say
93 dont come my way
dont be sad and grey
coz it was fun at the time
in my heart you were mine
and we had an affair 
that lasted a lifetime x


Submitted: September 25, 2012

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