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Its somewhat dark, but not a whole lot. let me know what you think. Its not complete, but its a starter. I have more coming soon.

Submitted: March 27, 2010

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Submitted: March 27, 2010



  A man’s journey begins from beyond human understanding.   Humans try to study this external plane of existence, but always die trying.  This external plane of existence is known as the Void.  The ability of comprehending this dark place is only for its own residence.  Though some of these hideous creations manage to escape and terrorize human beings into madness.  Possessing and destroying their very souls. There are some humans that posses the ability to banish them back to the realm they belong, though they die in the process.  Shutting the gates of hell until someone opens them once again.

Awaking from a disturbing night a slumber, Jason Anderson sat drenched in sweat, his heart beating rapidly, breathing heavy gasping breaths.  He sat there gazing into the darkness knowing that he wouldn’t see anything.  Seeing that there wasn’t anything in the room, he sat there waiting for his heart to slow and his breathing minimize to short soft breaths.  Once his body calmed down and his mind focused back to the present, he reached for the phone and dialed.  “Dr. Thomas,” he answered to the familiar voice on the other end.

“Jason is that you?”  Dr. Thomas responded yawning.

“Yes,” Jason quickly replied.  “I had another nightmare, this one seemed too real to imagine.”

Jason could hear Thomas sigh on the other end. Minutes went by in silence, and then finally Dr. Thomas spoke.  “Come to my office tomorrow, I’ll keep my schedule open for you.  It’s too late to talk tonight.”

“Fine,” was all the Jason could say as he placed the phone back onto the receiver, ending the call.  Jason sighed as he stood and walked to the bathroom, turning on the light.  With light finally illuminating the room, he could look more clearly.  The white walls shined from what little light the bathroom gave off.  Revealing cloths scattered on the ground and his bed sheets half off his bed.  He just stood there staring on the blinking digital clock.  “Huh, power must have gone out during the night.”  He gave one last look into the room and walked into the bathroom, shivering from the cold tile floor.  He stood there staring into the mirror.  What stared back he did not recognize.  Long black hair draped over his shoulders and down his arms.  Fit for what his profession required, he was close to a six pack.  He tried his best to work out with his busy schedule.  He looked out of the bathroom door once more and stared at his desk, next to the bathroom.  Papers laid scattered everywhere.  “The newspaper can wait until I feel better,” Jason muttered as he turned on the water facet.  He placed his arms on the ceramic sink and bent over to take a sip of water.  Just as he reached the facet, his head started pounding causing him to slam his head against the sink.  Images flashed through his head instantly.  Endless plains of flowers flowed through his vision symbolizing peace and tranquility.  Merry children frolicked about them playfully under the watchful eyes of their parents.  Relaxation irradiated from the adults, happily watching their children play.  Then laughter came as two children smacked into each other and fell to the ground.  The children stared at each other, confused of what just happened, and then got back to their feet, quickly returning to their previous activities.  Just as they reached the other children, the ground started to shake violently.  Chaos was everywhere, as the parents rushed to their children.  Then the ground split open and fire raced forth into the air.  Flames danced ten feet into the air and surrounded its helpless victims in its wake.  Then horrifying creatures emerged from its heat, terrifying creations of hell.  Blood poured from their long sharp teeth causing it to run down all over their torn flesh.  Black smoke ran from their mouths.  The creatures crept forth towards the families with great determination and horrific grins on their ugly faces.  Then all at once they leaped.  Screams echoed in the air and all of sudden Jason was looking at the city from above.  The city was in shambles.  Flames engulfed all of the tall buildings, causing them to crumble to the ground.  Demons ran all over the streets.  Killing anything that got in there way.  “Marvelous isn’t it?” someone mentioned out of nowhere.  Jason turned his head to see a strange man who also wore long hair, but white.  Flowing in the wind and a black trench coat fluttered with it.  His hands buried in his trench coats pockets.  But what frightened him was that the stranger looked exactly like him.  He had the same face and the same voice.  His eyes were filled with evil.  “Come now, don’t look at me like that.  We both know that this is what you really want.” the stranger continued as he stared at Jason.  Jason just stared confused.  Then the stranger pulled out a unique looking knife.  Its hilt was covered in gems, colored in red, and the blade was curved like a wave from the ocean.  It shimmered as he held it.  Then all of a sudden the man flew at him with tremendous speed and bore the knife into Jason’s chest.

Jason awoke on his bathroom floor, screaming.  Sweat pouring down his head and his heart pounding once again.  Heavy rapid breaths escape his mouth and he stared at the ceiling.  It took him some time to relax his body again and then he then noticed that ceramic shards scattered all around him.  Part of the sink now was missing, shattered from some force.  The pain in his head was gone, though small trickle of blood seeped through where his slammed his head. Morning light illuminated from the windows, creeping along the floor as time drew on. It took some time for Jason to regain his composure and finally he stood.  It took more effort than he thought, especially that the room was still spinning.  He then made his way into his bedroom to get changed for the day.  The clock read ten thirty and Jason freaked.  “When did I fix the time?”  Jason asked himself.  Then he remembered something important. “Crap, I’m late.”  Quickly he grabbed a pair of socks and pulled on a pair of slacks, while managing to put on a blue polo shirt.  Then he grabbed his shoes and rushed out into his living room.  It didn’t take long for him to realize that his hands were in pain.  Then he noticed blood on his shirt and his pants.  A deep cuts were imbedded in his hands and blood poured from them, dripping onto his wooden floor.  Quickly Jason scurried to his kitchen and grabbed a towel that was hanging on his stove handle.  He wrapped his hands with it and grabbed his keys from the drawer closest to him.  Just as he grabbed the keys, a cold chill ran through his spine and he could see his breath puffing out of his mouth.  And then everything went berserk.  Cabinets flew open and plates flew through the air, slamming into the walls, and shattering into pieces. Silverware flew in every direction, just missing Jason by no more than a centimeter, as a fork impaled into the wall behind him.  He didn’t wait to see what would happen next, as he dashed across the living room and out the front door.

Jason drove down the highway in his old pick-up truck, minding the other drivers passing him by.  It took all he could to grip the wheel with his hands wrapped up.  He spent over three hours at the hospital for them to stitch up his hands and cleared him to leave.  So he decided to head to the office anyways and work the rest of the day; though the article he was writing was still at his house.  “Oh well,” he muttered to himself and he continued looking out his windshield.  Jason couldn’t get the dream out of his head and the cuts on his hands. Even though it was a dream, it still felt too real.  He could surmise that the cuts on his hand came from breaking the sink; though he didn’t think he had the strength to do that; after all he was just a journalist for the local newspaper.  He pulled up behind a white Camaro with what appeared to be kids messing around.  The car had some dirt on the tail and a bumper sticker that read, School is the key to the future; placed there by the one of the parents.  He couldn’t see in the car very clearly through the tented back window.  He guessed that there were three teenagers inside the vehicle.  One was driving, not doing much of anything, and the others were laughing.  They seemed to be talking about the day’s festivities, aversely something funny was said.  People passed the car on the crosswalk, while staring into the car with weird expression showing on the faces.  The teenager just looked at them and went back to what they were talking about.  Wind blew through his window as he looked back towards the stop light.  Then there was screams, sickly and horrific screams.  Pounding started to occur inside his head, causing him to slam it down on the steering wheel in pain.  It took all he could to look out the passenger window to see what was happening to the kids.  As soon as he managed to turn his head, blood splattered on the Camaro’s windows; blocking the only vision he had of the kids.  Then seconds later, the drivers face smashed into the window.  Revealing claws wrapped around the kids face, squeezing the life out of him.  Wrapping all the way across the victims head; drawing blood from the points from digging into the kids flesh, draining it all over the window, covering the view once again.  Rumbling started from beneath the car as flames shot up surrounding the vehicle.  Engulfing it in its deadly grasp; burning all its contents.  A flash of light illuminated from the fire and the car was gone.  Leaving charred concrete and the smell of brimstone behind.  Jason sat there in awe at the massacre he just bare witnessed.  “What the hell,” Jason said confused, staring at the people frozen in their spots.  Everything seemed to slow to a crawl right then; not even sounds seemed to have meaning.  Terror surged through his body as he accelerated his truck and turned the corner.  Jason didn’t know what he was doing; just that he had to get away from the area.  Fast as he could.  This can’t be a coincidence that this happened,” he thought to himself. “That was way to similar to the dream I had last night.”  Siren’s started sounding in the distance as Jason turned up the highway and continued towards home.  Shortly after the police cars and fire trucks passed; Jason turned off the highway and then left onto the street where his house was located.  Minutes later he was in his driveway with the engine turned off; staring at his place.  “Great now into a haunted house,” Jason complained as he got out of his truck.  The house had a plain tan tent and dark roof.  It was small, but that was all he needed.  Jason walked up to the thick cherry wooden door and inserted the key; twisting it until he heard the tumblers click and opened it.  Then he walked into the house closing the door behind him.

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