Alexandria Fortune: The Passing of Ships

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Passing of Ships is now completed. Read it if you dare. It's taken a lot to write it, some parts have been hard to do but... hey... I'm fed up with the lack of mystery and crime on Booksie.

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Alexandria Fortune: The Passing of Ships

Submitted: December 03, 2006

I'm fed up with the lack of mystery and crime on Booksie, so here is just a random start of something which I may or may not carry on. Read Chapter

Inspector Waffle Investigates

Submitted: December 03, 2006

IV The Test River Police Force Never Sleeps. Inspector Waffle wished it did. He was standing knee deep in thick dewy grass as g... Read Chapter

Sarcastic Mick & The Singing Witness

Submitted: December 08, 2006

Oh dear.
Alexandria Fortune is getting nowhere in solving this one. And the question still remains, did the murderer use silly string? Read Chapter

Inspector Waffle, A Disposable Hang Glider & Perry Perkins

Submitted: December 15, 2006

Things will get interesting... I hope. Read Chapter

WARNING: May Contain Words

Submitted: January 07, 2007

XI “What gets me,” started Alexandria Fortune, “Is the bizarre fact that you saw nothing.” He grunted. It was with ut... Read Chapter

Swing and Splash - The Hidden Thoughts (or It's Nearly Finished)

Submitted: January 11, 2007

XIII It had been a long time. Since they had left the field that evening. Since Alexandria Fortune was a child. Since she had fel... Read Chapter

The Passing of Ships

Submitted: January 14, 2007

the last episode Read Chapter