Duck Egg Sandwiches

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First and only time I had duck egg sandwiches, i'm not sure it impressed her. Remembering an incident that happened a few years back. I was very naive.

Submitted: July 18, 2008

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Submitted: July 18, 2008



"Would it be... Could I
sit with you please?"

An odd occasion.
Some curious chance
Sends images of you
flying into me today.
And Back then too.

An odd occasion.
Some poor Duck
Losing it's cargo
On the Test Valley
Strikes a dischord,
A different obscure
colour scheme for
a different obscure
day learning
Japanese at a
University I do
not go to.

"Thanks. Thanks
so much."

It's thick brown bread,
Wrapped clingfilm
cakes and tinfoiled
sandwiches hastily
made with cut-price
mayonnaise, spread
and duck eggs (of
all things).

What an odd thing
to have been sitting
with you for lunch.
The Girl I Loved.

"And who are you?
Your friend?
And what did you
do this morning?

It doesn't feel right.
Like me, these eggs are
far too translucent
in the centre. It's
like eating diamond
jelly and I can't
get used to it.

"Oh, are we going?"

What a nice day
in the city with you,
We're almost
a couple now, eh?
You'll stay, just for
the tea and coffee,
packaged biscuits and
glamour pics.

It was you. It's still you.
Your family. Your life.
It's the odd smell of
Duck Eggs riding in
my stomach...

Like you, something
I'll never get
accustomed to.  


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