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A short fiction story from the book Canterbury. This is the first draft. It is inspired by a lot different works from different online writers that I've read recently. I guess i'm trying to sort out what drives them to write this stuff.

Submitted: December 04, 2007

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Submitted: December 04, 2007



Hello Reader,

My name is Roland Cook.

I am 31 and three quarters years old.

I guess if romance is such a big topic these days I should cover it first. I have never been married, thats a start, I guess I could never find the edge in me to. I have a long suffering girlfriend called Joy. She is my Joy. She gets annoyed at me saying that but I don't care. I remember all the brilliant times we had with each other. At the start is was the most wonderful thing in the world. We would do.... just stuff, and we would laugh. I remember she once tried to make me something called noodle pie, which I had never heard of but she insists existed. I remember how it turned out it didn't exist and we ended up on the floor laughing and ordering late night kebabs from that shop down on 14th Avenue.

I guess you could say we're going through some tough times at the moment. I go away often in my work and she can't cope with it. I think she might be having an affair, but then I tell myself - 'Roland, you idiot, you're not married to her - she can do what she likes.'

But it hurts all the same.

My parents don't approve of us, they come from a high up and above regime, and they don't like what I've become. I think they like my older brother Arthur more. I'm sure they do. I'm dreading going home for Christmas. I may not.

I love writing, especially long couplet poems, but I've only just started. I want to go on a course but I can't find anybody to go with. Joy thinks poetry is a waste of time. I'm starting to be inclined to agree with her.

I don't like people talking about me behind my back. Or knowing stuff about me that is personal. The internet worries me, but all my friends use it so I have to.

I like tennis, watching snooker and playing darts.

I sometimes gamble on the horses but Joy doesn't like this either.

I might delete this profile if nobody responds to my work.

In fact,


I'm going to delete it now.



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