Agents of Darkness: The rising

Agents of Darkness: The rising

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



A young lad living in the lake district who loves to solve mysteries.
Mysterious agents in black
A chilling Villain
Achilling story
A chilling conclusion

A chilling book....
Written from the point of view of 13 yr old wannabe singer and detctive Jordan Spikes. It recounts how our world collided with another and the invasion. Do not read at night... You have been warned and if you don't follow the warning YOU'LL BE NEXT.....
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A young lad living in the lake district who loves to solve mysteries.
Mysterious agents in black
A chilling Villain
Achilling story
A chilling conclusion

A chilling book....
Written from the point of view of 13 yr old wannabe singer and detctive Jordan Spikes. It recounts how our world collided with another and the invasion. Do not read at night... You have been warned and if you don't follow the warning YOU'LL BE NEXT.....

Chapter1 (v.1) - Agents of Darkness: The rising

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A young lad living in the lake district who loves to solve mysteries.
Mysterious agents in black
A chilling Villain
Achilling story
A chilling conclusion

A chilling book....
Written from the point of view of 13 yr old wannabe singer and detctive Jordan Spikes. It recounts how our world collided with another and the invasion. Do not read at night... You have been warned and if you don't follow the warning YOU'LL BE NEXT.....

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 21, 2013



Agents of darkness: The rising manuscript


Diary: the Invasion day 199- location: the other side- 07:00h

In a house on conwith Street (no. 200) there lived a cranky old professor. All he did was grumble and moan about his dead wife and how no one took him seriously about his theories. We all used to laugh at him, at his crackpot ideas of parallel dimensions. Now I feel ashamed… after all that’s happened I don’t feel the same anymore but I still feel responsible. I’m not part of that world anymore, but somehow I feel that this is my entire fault. My STUPID inquisitive nature caused all this, all this terror and pain and I HAVE to sort it out. But still there’s something that’s stopping me, something that tells me inside that my future living as a normal kid in a normal world is gone. I can’t live that way anymore……..

6 and a half months earlier...…

The old professor Rosenblatt walked calmly down the road. As he drew nearer to number 200 he proudly started to stride and prance his way along, almost gloating that the shadows had not come to take him or his lifelong work. As he drew face to face with the tattered doorknob he let out a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to put his rusted key into the lock the streetlamps flickered. “Oh, confound it all” the professor cried out in despair as the first light flickered out for good that evening. Rosenblatt then hurriedly pushed the key into the lock and was just about to turn it when the first streetlight came back on. “How strange,” he thought.” I am going to complain to the council one of these days, these ruddy roads and lights are always causing me endless strain”.

Out of the corner of his eye the professor saw a can starting to roll across the road, only the tip protruding round the corner. “Hello, anyone there? You won’t get my research you know you young ruffians. You lot should be at home anyway, now get out of here”. But no sound was heard except the can drawing ever nearer to its final destination. Shadows of figures started to dance around the walls talking in a strange, guttural language. The professor turned his head from left to right his eyes darting around searching for any kind of trick. “This isn’t funny now, I’m scared and I want you to stop or I’ll call the police now” the professor cried out, the fear evident in his voice.

The professor then glanced at the ground to notice the can had stopped by his feet. He stooped down to pick up the can and let out a yelp as his back went crack! Inside the can was a note. It read

You know too much. You’re too dangerous so my men are coming for you. If you escape no one will believe you. You can never run, never hide because YOU’RE NEXT!

The professor jumped back and hit his head on the door startled by what information the letter contained. He swiftly opened the door and locked it. Inside, the electricity had gone out and there was smashed glass on the floor. Yet another ‘break in’ the professor thought to himself. On the walls there were some pictures of his wife who had passed away a year ago from cancer. Professor Rosenblatt shed a tear as he remembered ‘the good old days’ with very little gadgets and internet. The Professor then dashed into the kitchen remembering the deadly note. He knew he only had a few minutes to escape before it was too late, before THEY were here. He gathered his important documents from the table and hid all the other debunked evidence in his safe behind his most treasured picture, his wedding day. Suddenly his dog Patchico leapt through his entrance in the back door and slobbered all over the professor. The storm that had been building picked up and thunder and the lightning started crashing. This was the professor’s signal that it was time to go.

Just then a flash of lightening revealed a winged creature holding onto the roof in the hallway. It had a grotesque face with its eyes and nose mashed together like potato. Its long ears were like an elf and it had no fingers. It made a shrill screeching noise like a monkey and disappeared in an instant. Then the doorbell rang and a shadow of a man wearing a fedora hat appeared in the doorway. The last thing the professor saw was his dog Patchico whining for his master. Before he blacked out he reached inside his jacket and let a note float gracefully to the ground. At least someone would know what had happened, even if they didn’t believe him….

Chapter 1- the surges of science

Diary entry #001- The professor: My first mystery! Location: 195 Hobbit Street 12:15h (PM)

That first night it was chilly. The coldest I have ever felt because there was a blowing gale right outside my window. That’s the night it all started, the night I started to change, the night I became as I am now. It was about 12:15 when I first noticed the change in the atmosphere. It had changed all of a sudden from a normal Sunday winter atmosphere to a chilling and menacing sensation which piqued my interest. I then stood up from my bed, staggering with tiredness. I was eager to find out what had happened when I noticed the streetlamp had gone off. Next I heard a strange rasping language and noticed the weird shadows on the brick walls around Conwith Street. I decided I was determined to go outside and investigate, so I crept to my wardrobe and grabbed a jumper before sneakily rushing back to the window. As I opened it I backed up as the frost bit into me like parasites sucking my blood. My brain was now going haywire and was extremely hyperactive. All the possibilities swirled around in my head like an overloaded washing machine.



What language?



I now realised that I, the greatest boy detective, could not back down from this intriguing mystery. Suddenly I heard a noise of my mum coming towards my room, so I speedily shut the window and bounded into bed. After a minute or two I grew impatient just lying in wait for the light to come flooding in through the doorway. I silently slithered back to the window, reopened it and sneakily slid my way down the gutter. Then I saw a dark shadow whip past me and I knew then my life would change if I continued. It was so thoughtless to continue even though I knew the consequences. Unfortunately I know have to live with the guilty knowledge that if I had only clawed my ways back up the gutter none of this needless series of events would have happened. But they did, that’s the way it is and I have to live with that. Poor me!

Anyway back to how it all started. I managed to stop myself from falling down and I cautiously listened as I heard a radio crackle. “Is the job complete?” a sinister snivelling voice asked. When I heard him say that I knew that he was behind all the strange guttural language. The shadow was clearer now my eyes were adjusted to the dark so I could see the shadow was a man in black. He was wearing dark sunglasses, a fedora and from what I could see he had rosy cheeks. “Almost Sir,” the man in black replied calmly. Suddenly it dawned on me that the man was there to kidnap or murder someone. Just then I heard what sounded like a monkey shriek and saw a creature with huge wings carrying a man. I could only watch as I saw a note float to the ground and I just knew I had to reach that note.

Unexpectedly I lost grip on the gutter and fell onto the man’s head. I knew then that I was in trouble and my life would change for definite but for better or for worse I didn’t know. As soon as I got over the initial shock I soared into action. The ‘agent in black’ soon got up and started to run but I knew I could catch him. There aren’t many things I’m good at but running IS definitely one of them!

He tried to lose me down the myriad of side streets and alleyways. Soon he faked right and I stupidly followed him and as I turned the corner I found myself in a dead end. Groaning with annoyance I scrambled up the nearest wall to find myself on a roof. I searched across the wide expanse of rooftops and roads, peering at the darkest corners as they were the most likely places for the agent to run. Just as I was about to give up I spotted the agent sprinting down to the town hall. I set of running at speed until I reached the edge of the roof. I closed my eyes and jumped praying that I would survive.

After an somewhat uncomftable landing I darted round the maze of chimneys and aerials always trying to keep sight of the agent. I noticed him climbing up the side of the town hall and knew he would spot me when he got to the top. That only left me with 2 minutes max so I ran like crazy! Just when I thought I was doing well I glanced up to see the agent scanning his surrounding area. My heart pounded as I knew if I wanted to catch him I had to jump two buildings but it looked impossible. All at once it dawned on me that there was an electricity pylon running to the town hall. It powered all the equipment they used there and I realised I could use it as a zip wire if I only had a coat hanger. I then realised that I would electrocute myself if I did it. Just as I was thinking this the power blew and I knew I could safely use the wire and the darkness to my advantage.

Then I realised that this was a charity shop. They were bound to have coat hangers I thought and if I’m careful the agent can’t spot me. So I cautiously tiptoed to the edge of the roof and edged myself down to the road. I swiftly darted into the shop and grabbed the nearest hanger I could see. Straight away I slid out of the shop and once again climbed the wall. (what? it was a small shop and the roof wasn’t tall!) While the agent had his back turned I set off. I bit my tongue to stop myself crying out in fright and all was going well. I landed on the roof and slithered on my belly and lunged at the man’s legs. I had him in my grip and I’d caught him….

Or so I thought. Just when I had him in my grip he tranquilised me. I felt all drowsy and I only had a second to think before I collapsed in a heap on the roof, like a pile of unwanted rubbish. The last thing I saw was the man pull my arm off him and pull up his sleeve which had a symbol of a dragon with a triangle on its belly. He spoke into the radio “the little bugger is gone”. Then I woke up back home in my bed wondering what had happened…….


I guess I should start with introducing myself. It was a pretty confusing start for you guys I guess! Well my name is Jordan Spike and I’m 13 years old. I was a pretty regular guy until all this apocalyptic parallel dimension trouble started but I’ll get to that later. In case you’re wondering my genius friend Tom Ratchet wrote the beginning which was altogether quite creepy I thought! You’ll meet him later on when things start to go downhill but now I’m going to go easy on you because it gets pretty intense later on. I’m telling you now if you HATE creepy stories then this isn’t for you go and read a book about flowers because you will be awake all night wondering if this could happen to you. It could do so you’ve got to be prepared!

Back to introducing myself, I like music and love to sing! My mum thinks I look like Justin Bieber but what does she know anyway? In many ways I’m still quite normal after what has happened because I still enjoy being myself and walking on the fells. I know now though it can never be the same. I’ll never be able to fulfil my dreams because I will always be on the run from danger and always have to stop it because it’s now become my job. Part of me…

Diary entry #002 Mr Ruffleton: Investigations start – Location: Keswick bus stop 08:20 h

So were did I leave off? Oh yes, I had just been tranquilised. Sorry about that, your memory goes when you have the fate of the world on your shoulders! It was 9:00 in the morning and I was late. I literally shot out of bed unaware of the night’s happenings before I hurriedly had cheerio’s and brushed my teeth with my old mouldy toothbrush. I keep telling mum to get a new one but she never does, no wonder I’m always visiting the dentist with spider fluff and mouse hairs on my toothbrush!

Anyhow I barely stopped for one second as I desperately got dressed. What a sight I must have looked, walking down the sweet with swag but covered in toothpaste, tie flying all over the place and my blazer ripped down the middle! I always used to get good looks but that morning I’m not sure that girls were staring at me for good reasons!

Suddenly the events of the hazy night came flooding back and I stumbled around. I ran to find a bench to sit on for one minute as the revelations were shocking. No wonder I felt so tired I thought and I wondered what I was going to do. Then I saw Mr Ruffleton walking down the street his piercing gaze fixed on me. He seemed angry but I knew he really wasn’t even if he didn’t show it. Mr Ruffleton was the friendly neighbour that everyone knew but if you even tried to cause any wrongdoing toward him he hated you with a vengeance!

“How are you today Lad”? I merely glanced up at him my thoughts too troubled to take any notice of him. “You look like you need to talk. You know I’m here for you”? I acknowledged this and I decided to open up to him. He was a tough guy and I just knew he would believe in me. He’d lost his friends in the war but apparently not his good spirit! “Well, last night something unexpected happened and I don’t know what to make of it,” I meekly told Mr Ruffleton. I watched his expression darken and started to feel a sense of unease. “Well what was it, I’m an adventurer myself and I could give you some guidance”. Although he seemed normal there was something different about Mr Ruffleton that day and I began to suspect something odd going on.

My brain became overactive again as I began to imagine all the conspiracies or criminal activity that could be going on. “There was a man in black and I think he murdered someone, he escaped when I chased him but I can’t get him out of my head”. Just then the last ounce of joy left Mr Ruffleton’s body as he clawed his way to stand up. His face became sinister and he looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t mess with powers beyond your control boy, you’ll get hurt and nothing but trouble will come of it. Forget what happened and live your life or else it will be gone soon enough. I most of all know that so stay out of other people’s business you hear me. Now let’s talk about how you’re singing’s coming on”.

Suddenly the bus arrived and I bounded onto it, too afraid of what had happened with Mr Ruffleton to turn back and say goodbye….

Mr Ruffleton watched the dilapidated bus slowly crawl down the road and turned around. He pulled out a radio from his pocket and said “Red alert- the boy knows. Take him before he starts to investigate. On second thoughts take his friend as well he’s bound to blab to him, I know the boy too well for him not to”. Mr Ruffleton then glanced down the road to see a black limousine approaching. He pulled his beige cloak closer toward him and staggered into the vehicle. His back had reached breaking point in recent times and he found it hard to move around. But that soon won’t be a problem Mr Ruffleton thought as he looked at the glorious countryside. The boy is our problem now and like all problems he needs to be terminated Mr Ruffleton rationalised…..

Diary entry: #003- The fight: Investigations continue-Location: The Cumbrian school of arts 08:29h

As the bus drew into the school tarmac I jumped out of my seat and lunged at the doorway eager to escape. You see, I’m claustrophobic and with the school bully Marvin Bradshaw in there sitting behind me the walls literally seemed like they were plotting to squash me!

I glanced up at the school sign and noticed the sign had changed. Instead of reading ‘The Cumbrian school of arts’, it read ‘Mr Brian cusses’. I groaned and rolled my eyes as I knew who the culprit was. Marvin and his gang of cronies he calls his ‘friends’. Marvin was a nice kid… once and we used to be friends but Kevin shore turned him against me. Now he is the king of the schoolyard, the monarch of menace, and the superior school pupil. He always struts along with cockiness and pride, he has a mean jibe for everyone and he never gives mercy to anyone. They call his victims ‘Marvin’s martyrs’ and he never forgets to bully you. His face is always pale because he never eats anything apart from junk food at home but somehow he has huge muscles and an extreme six pack so all the girls chase him!

I walked inside the door and strolled up the corridor making my way toward my locker. I had locker no. 13 which is ‘unlucky’ for me; it’s why everyone stays away from me and doesn’t like me. I’m supposedly cursed, yeah right! I then noticed my best mate computer ‘genius’ (AKA- Geek!) Tom Ratchet striding down the corridor. He was caught out that day, being too confident and unfortunately it didn’t end well. I barely managed to cry out for him to stop before Marvin put out his leg and tripped Tom up. Now everyone turned their heads and laughed at him. I could see the anguish in Tom’s eyes and I could tell he was crying because this always happened and he was the main target of bullying.

I cautiously walked up to him and helped him up. His dishevelled ginger hair stood out from his lanky face and his stripy jumper made him look stout. I swiftly grabbed his glasses off the floor before Marvin could cause any more damage to Tom’s low self-esteem by breaking them so Tom would bump into everything.

We walked together down the corridor watching everyone silently mock us. What a great entrance that was for Tom! We slowly ambled along the corridor apprehensive to get to form for fear of ridicule. As we rambled down the school hallway I decided to confide in Tom about what had happened. To do this in private we sat down at the back of the form room which was a great way to make ourselves more sociable! “Right, so what is going on? You seem so nervous” Tom calmly uttered. I thought in my head about whether this really was the right choice. I remembered what had happened with Mr Ruffleton and decided to not give too much away. After all, this was my investigation! But I thought I needed a (less!) important sidekick to help me, like a hero. So against my instincts I opened my mouth slowly to tell Tom about the mysterious agents in black.

Then I saw him again. The agent in black and he was shaking his head and made gun movements before winking knowingly at me. I knew then if I told Tom while he was watching I would be in some deep trouble! Fortunately the bell went and I hurriedly replied what was a scrambled version of “talk later”. Mr Davis our form tutor was talking about the annual science fair and how it could ‘shape our future’. What a load of guff! I didn’t listen much anyway; I was just gazing out the window and thinking about all the strange events happening. I decided I should tell tom because he would be able to help me. Still, I couldn’t shake off a strange instinct that Tom would betray me. But I knew him well I decided and that was that. Suddenly the agent in black reappeared but when I blinked he was gone. How odd I thought as I stared in wonder at what had just happened. I knew now that this was becoming seriously different to a normal day!! Suddenly a body hit the window and rolled down. Blood trickled down and smeared the window and an eyeball bounded into the classroom. As this was a science lab I knew what would happen next…. And yes it did happen! The eyeball landed in a strongly acidic solution and it blew up!

The next events all happened in a blur. Everyone ran out screaming about brain eating zombies and I stumbled along beside them not knowing what was happening. All I could hear was Tom repeatedly asking “what’s happening, what’s happening. Help, help Jordan is acting strange”.

Then I don’t remember much more. I was in a dreamlike state. But then it turned into a nightmare and I was straight in the deep end…. The lights flickered and I saw an agent in black standing at the end of the hallway. Scrawled on the wall in the caretaker’s blood were the words YOU’RE NEXT”. I started to panic and my breakfast started to rise up in my stomach. The agent in black got closer and closer and every time he moved closer a light went out. Soon only one light was left and I started to run but it was too late. The last light died out and I was plunged into total darkness. I breathed heavily expecting something to happen but nothing did. Then one by one the lights came back on and the agent was gone.

I started to laugh at the whole situation when I was abruptly cast into darkness once more. Suddenly I heard the scream of the winged creature again and its face appeared from the darkness. At that moment I woke swiftly to find myself in hospital….

2 days had passed and I had been in a coma. I hadn’t been expected to survive but I had! I realised just how dangerous this was getting and I reconsidered my investigations…..

A mysterious man lay in the shadows. He watched and waited. Waited for results, waited for the job to be complete. Slowly he turned around but his face was still hidden from view. The meeting was soon and by that time results had to be given. The man whose face was as dark as night pressed a button and in a rasping voice growled “step up the job. It’s time for phase 2”…

Chapter 2- Dad gone


Everything has gone crazy now. My old life has gone in a moment and it’s never coming back. They’re here and they’re here to stay. I can’t face anyone now; I can’t see anyone, not after what I said. I promised it wouldn’t happen…. But it has and I just can’t face my problems. I wish the world along with my problems would go away. I regret not turning back but it’s too late now because everything’s my fault. I’m hiding out in the local Tesco’s which is ironic because I always said Tesco would be the last place to hide if the world ended. I suppose in a weird way it has and this is the last place to hide. I just want to get away but wherever I go HE follows. I guess I haven’t told you much about my family yet so before the next diary I guess you need to understand…

My family was never perfect, just like any normal family but it was still a good life. It had its ups and downs sometimes never knowing if Dad would come home. Dad worked as a Detective for the local police force and when I was younger he always told me his tales of daring missions. This always caused a rift between my parents though because mum didn’t like him ‘giving me ideas’. My mum worked as a scientist and she had to commute to Birmingham every day which took its tolls. She always looked classic geek with her wire rimmed glasses and white lab coat with pencils and equipment in her pockets! My dad always wore a long brown coat and a fedora which I never got used to! I loved my parents that is why the news hit me hard….

Diary entry-#004-the losses -Location: The Loweswater hospital 1300h (1 o’clock)

Soon after I woke Tom came to visit. I knew he would come and I sat in eager anticipation, waiting for his arrival. His face was beaming with a HUGE grin that covered his face! For a few minutes we were just laughing at the craziness of everything, soon though it was time for the serious business. I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer so I decided to tell him. The atmosphere changed as if everyone in the room knew what was about to happen. “Tom, I need to tell you the truth” I stated. Tom nodded and gulped but I knew he understood me and how I felt. “It’s ok, you don’t have to. It’s your choice” Tom calmly uttered so only I could hear. I could feel the pressure but I kept on urging myself to tell him.” Tom, this might sound crazy. The old professor was kidnapped by a winged creature and there are agent’s in black out to get me”. I could feel the burden casting itself away as I told Tom. I knew I had done the right thing but I didn’t know how tom would react.

Tom simply stared at me, gobsmacked. He suddenly jolted out of his trance like state and backed away. “I’m sorry Jordan, I truly am but you’re crazy. I can’t believe you “Tom stuttered, struggling for words. I reached out for him with my left arm silently imploring him to stay and listen. Tom turned and ran until he reached the doors; he put his hand on the left door as if to go but turned around. Tears streaming down his face he whispered “I wish you all the best, I really do. But bud, this is the end of the yellow brick road and there isn’t a red brick road to follow on. This is crazy, it’s too much. Goodbye Jordan”.

He turned around and hesitated for a moment as if he’d changed his mind. Then he calmly walked through the door and out of my life. My friend for the past 10 years, gone because of one mystery. I started to think if this investigation really was one step too far. My mind was a jumble, my stomach a disarrayed clutter, my body a nervous wreck. I didn’t know which way life would turn. It was like I’d reached the light at the end of the tunnel but hadn’t passed through, alone for eternity. I decided I would follow Tom and get him back, my mind was set on it and as my mum will tell you… you can’t stop me when I’m set on a goal!

I untangled the mishmash of wires surrounding me quietly, trying not to arouse suspicion. Soon I was set to go, ready to claim back my friend, ready to pass through the light. Unfortunately the nurse came early on her round which made me later. I knew I only had minutes before Tom left the building and left my life completely. As soon as the nurse passed, eyeing my cheesy grin suspiciously I leaped out of bed. I kept on running as fast as I could, ignoring the calls of the hospital staff. I dodged the accumulation of hands and feet that tried to stop me, feeling the wind in my hair, madly dashing to the entrance before it was too late. After one minute I was blocked by the cleaner and I didn’t know which way to turn so I backed up and bounded over his grim set of tools. I barely had time to acknowledge my triumph before the entrance appeared. I shouted “Tom” as loud as I could damaging my already sore throat. Tom twisted round to face me and sobbed as he saw my pleading face. Suddenly the nurse caught up with me and I mouthed “please tom don’t leave me” before I sheepishly grinned at the frowning nurse. As I was dragged away I was just looking desperately at Tom. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain and severe drowsiness. The last thing I saw was Tom turn and leave before I totally blacked out………

A few hours later I woke up. Mum was there but Dad was gone. I was surprised because Mum said he would be here. I suddenly started as I saw my mum’s expression of desolation. “Mum where’s dad” I questioned. There was no reply so I asked again “where’s dad and did Tom come back?” Mum then turned to look at me and she cried “Tom left as you know but your father….. Jordan he’s gone……..

When I heard the news all I could do was stare, dumbstruck at the whole situation. This can’t be happening I thought and my heart agreed but my head told me otherwise. My whole body became numb and rigid and I couldn’t speak. The situation was beyond my comprehension and I couldn’t understand how it had happened. Suddenly I felt overwhelmed by it all and blacked out again.

When I woke up I found myself in bed at home with a bunch of cards by my side. Then I noticed a note with gothic handwriting and I remembered I didn’t know anyone with that handwriting. It piqued my interest so I decided to take a look and what it said disturbed me:


Don’t investigate any more


Turn back now before it’s too late


Too deep and dark you had to delve


Too much now you know and too much you have seen


Don’t be here when the lights go … OUT

Someone was out to get me and that was a scary thought! I decided to hide it from mum as she already had enough trouble on her mind. The next day I forgot about the letter and I rested from my investigations. I tried to contact Tom but he rejected my calls and defriended me on Facebook. I sighed when I found out, just what I need I thought, my Dad gone and my best friend hates me. What made it even worse was that when he saw me he ran and wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t understand what I had done to make him hate me, I released it was a lot to take in but he didn’t have to act like a bully.

Diary entry#005 Two worlds clash Location: The Cumbrian school of arts and the park

After a few days rest the doctor gave me ‘the all clear’ which meant I had to go back to school. I groaned when I heard the news but inside I knew it was inevitable I would have to go back to hell on earth! Then I thought that Tom would be at school and we could become friends again which cheered me up. The next day as the bus rumbled in I sat in anticipation waiting there with nervous energy ready to gain back my friend.

As soon as the bus doors slid open I literally jumped out like a jack rabbit! I slowed down a little as my old acquaintance Mr Davis glared at me suspiciously with the evil eye! I never did get what his problem was... Yeah, I did kind of blow half his face up with acidic toxins but once you get to know me I only blow people up with small explosions!

I glanced around beady eyed like an eagle honing in on its prey (I think that got me a few looks from the girls- not good ones again!). I immediately spotted Tom in the mad caper to get into school. Watching the school rush was like watching the great Muppet caper every morning… I never did recover! I glided along the smooth floor of the hallway trying with all my might to push through the growing crowd of fellow students. Just when I thought it was impossible the headmaster Mr Brian barged through the hallway at an almighty, thundering pace! This was my chance I thought as the students quickly stepped to the side clearing a straight path down the hallway. I determinedly strode down the hallway and tapped Tom on the shoulder. “Hey bud, it’s me” I whispered softly. Suddenly an overwhelming force hit me and I found myself on the floor. I just sat there stunned as everyone jeered Tom on. His whole attitude and demeanour had changed and he looked a completely different person. “Stay away you freak, I’m popular now and you’re not so get away, I HATE YOU” he screamed with a look of vengeance in his eyes. Then the most unexpected thing happened, Marvin and his gang stood beside him. I gasped, shell shocked and disgusted at this revelation of ultimate betrayal. My instincts were right… but I had a feeling more betrayal was to come. I stood up and brushed the dust of my shoulders then ran and threw Marvin and his gang out of the way. Marvin looked at me with sheer rage and aggression ready to pound me like a big whopper. This didn’t happen as it was between me and Tom now, this was personal. I stood right up to Tom spat in his face and said “you despise me”. I turned round to walk back then did a backflip and hit Tom’s chin.

A sound of both surprise and reverence could be heard as I did this. Slowly at first chants of “fight!” broke out among the anticipating crowd. It was like Tom was the lion and I was the gladiator. One on one, man vs. animal (that’s what I now of Tom as), Strong vs. weak, good vs. evil. We rounded each other with our fists up and Tom made the first move. He laid a roundhouse kick on me but I grabbed his leg and threw him across the corridor in a burst of anger. Tom’s face was streaming with blood now but he continued on. Just then Mr Brian returned and saw what was going on. He immediately started ranting and raving at us but I decided to be the wise guy! As he came past me I tripped him up and he went hurtling down the corridor and hit his head on the fire alarm! “SPIKE” he screamed. I knew the punishment would be severe but I had had to do it to take revenge on Tom for humiliating me. It was the right thing to do… wasn’t it?

10 minutes later as was expected I ended up in Mr Brian’s office with him giving the usual speech on self-respect and pride. Of course I didn’t listen; I was too distracted by the haunting changes of Tom. How could he do this to me I was thinking, but in the back of my mind there was the question of how could I do this to him? In the end we both got excluded which wasn’t that bad. But the disapproving looks of my loving mum made me feel all the more worse since she already had so much on her plate. Dad was gone, they said he was dead and all I could do was go and get myself excluded. Of all the things I’ve done this was definitely the worst in terms of the guilt I felt.

I couldn’t take it any more so I got up without a word of explanation, groped at the door handle and slammed the door shut behind me. Tom soon followed with a dazed expression. I stormed down the hallway, opened the school front door and slammed it shattering the glass. I glanced behind me at the damage I had done and quickly dashed away before I was caught. I strolled down to the park, ignoring the quizzical looks that befell me as I sat on the bench during school hours.

I don’t quite remember what happened but I think I started to drift off to sleep. But soon I heard a strange noise calling my name. I couldn’t quite make out what else it was saying but I think it said “You are in grave danger Jordan, turn back now”. I noticed the sun had slowly crept in on itself as a fragment of a shadow flickered underneath the lamppost. Then a cold, constricting mist rose up my back and I couldn’t breathe. I started to flounder around, searching for help, silently pleading. Oddly there was no one around but me until Tom unhappily rambled round the corner.

Then a mist appeared next to me and formed itself into the shape of a man. He wore a leather jacket, with greased up hair and had a scar in the shape of a banana underneath his right eye. He looked at me with the most disturbing look ever. There was fear in his whole demeanour and he kept looking behind apprehensively as though someone or something was following him. He turned round and said “you’re in grave peril Jordan; evil is stalking this town like the plague. There is something far too powerful and terrible to imagine and events have been set in motion that cannot be changed. In two weeks at 9pm is the last chance because after that the world you know will end for the worse.”

Suddenly he swiftly turned his head, suspiciously peering around as though something was slithering in the darkness. With even more integrity in his eyes he started again “in two weeks is the lunar eclipse when the brothers of the order of draconus infinitum or B.O.D.I. will unleash their master attack. When the planets align they will cast a spell that’s shall align our dimension with that of their master’s. The consequences will be disastrous so you Need to stop them.” The man put the emphasis on need which made me feel like this was my heavy burden to carry.

“To do that you need to go to the mansion on the hill and take their secret book. You need to take the vial of blood out of the book so they can’t complete their unholy work. But to do this you need two for you cannot rely on one’s own strength. It shall surely fail one so small.” Tom who was intrigued by the conversation started to walk off thinking it was a trick. As he was about to leave the street and doom our world a black limo appeared and nearly ran him over. Guess who was in the limo…. Yep you got it…. The agents in black!

They carried mp40 machine guns and they looked like they meant business. Tom quickly started to walk away when the battle began. The men in black started to fire their guns at me!! I ducked and rolled to dodge them and started to run away. I turned back to look at the man who had disappeared. Oh great, I thought the ghost disappears just when I need him. Then I realised that it had been a ghost. I hadn’t really thought about that because I was too busy thinking about saving the world so I took the opportunity to shiver at the thought!

I sprinted like my life depended on reaching Tom (which it kind of did!) before telling him “Tom, this is all real, I told you now let’s go”. Tom nodded shell shocked at the current events. He seemed pretty much limp, too dazed to move so I dragged him with me. The agent in black was still shooting at us and was very marginally missing! I decided we had to get over the car because that was our only escape so I made a mad dash towards the agent dragging Tom behind me and slid between his feet. I then jumped onto the limo but I couldn’t drag Tom behind me. I tapped him, urging him to move while jumping up and ducking the bullets! Just in the nick of time Tom got over the shock and leaped onto the limo roof as we scarpered toward Tom’s house.

We could see the car following us and we knew we only had one minute to hide before we were gunned down. An alleyway came up and we jumped into the bins which I thought was a rather fresh idea (excuse the pun)! We lay in dead silence anxiously waiting until the limo passed and came back (which took 10 minutes). I sighed with relief when the limo passed for the final time I checked my watch. It was 3:00 which left us with two weeks and six hours until we had to save the world!

The agent in black hurled the gun across the road in frustration as he realised he’d lost the boy. He drew into the relative comfort of the limo and grabbed his radio. “I lost the boy master Drachon” He said and after a moment’s pause he added “but I’ve got the ghost and a girl”. A ghastly, unearthly hissing sound emanated from the radio. A rasping, intimidating voice rattled out “find the boy and kill him before he destroys all our livelihoods. Bring the ghost and girl to me. I’ll get information out of them with my…methods”…….

10 Minutes earlier

Marvin strutted down the street in his usual cocky style with his ‘girlfriend’ Jan. He was grinning, full of glee at skipping school again! As they emerged from the street corner they saw a black limo, a man with a gun and Jordan and Tom sprinting away. He turned round to speak to Jan but she had disappeared like Harry Houdini! Just then a murky mist stared to roll in and circle round Marvin as though it was cornering him like a wild animal. Marvin’s breathing started to become shallow and his whole body started to feel uneasy. Then bile started to rise from his throat and he felt queasy, his face pale as frost on an innocent wintery morning. The man with the gun that Marvin and Jan had seen emerged through the mist, almost challenging Marvin to fight. The man started to shoot at Marvin who had only seconds to think on his feet. Marvin using his own ingenuity managed to wade through the mist and get behind the agent. Then the most disturbing experience that Marvin had ever had happened. As Marvin prepared to ‘jump’ the agent the agent’s eyes started to protrude through the back of his head. Then his ears, eyes nose and mouth followed until the agent’s body had completely changed sides. Marvin then started to rise from the ground being pulled by his hair and was startled to find himself face to face with the agent. Marvin punched and kicked the agent with all his might, clawing at the agent’s face. Unexpectedly the agent’s skin pulled away when Marvin tugged to reveal a skeletal figure. The skeletal figure roared in Marvin’s face and dragged him towards the limo. Marvin using the last ounce of his strength kicked at the bones of the skeleton and plummeted back to the ground. Marvin scuttled off like a frightened beetle, making a beeline for where he had seen Tom and Jordan run. Marvin looked back one last time to see Jan in the Limo. That sight angered Marvin who rocketed off desperate for help…..

The master Drachon dramatically strode out of darkness for the first time in years. He prowled around the room thinking of how he could provide answers for why the boy got away. The meeting was in one day and he needed MORE results. If he couldn’t provide satisfactory results the board would shut him down and never let him complete his master’s work. Two weeks was the lunar eclipse, then everything would change and he would be so powerful the board wouldn’t be able to dictate to him anymore. In two weeks his puppet strings would finally be cut and he would become the ultimate puppet master. He viciously smiled at the thought of so much power and control; he would be supreme ruler after his master. But there was still the problem of the boy who could ruin everything and like all problems he must be terminated thought Mr Drachon. He was anxious that he had grown too attached to the boy after all these years but the draconus infinitum will live on! I’ll get him myself thought Mr Drachon and he realised that he was determined to do this and achieve his goal. He howled with sinister laughter as he said “THIS IS THE END!” and set off on his malicious mission.

Chapter 3- The Draconus Infinitum


The world is crazy. HE’S got the power and achieved his ultimate goal. This is the beginning of the end and it isn’t going to be pretty. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! There’s no way we can stop him now, it’s too late because he has ultimate control. The worst thing is that all the kids believe in me, trust me and I’ve let them down. The end is nigh…….

This next chapter is written by my Dad Rick Carter. It’s all about how he disappeared and the secret cult of Draconus Infinitum or B.O.D.I. and it’s quite sinister and dark. So if you want to skip this chapter I wouldn’t blame you. In fact stop reading now because from here on in its one hell of a ride and probably one you won’t like!

But first I shall explain to you why I became a detective!

I always wanted to have an adventure when I was younger and my dad was a HUGE inspiration to me! He always used to scare me with his tales of murderers in the shadows and criminals in the dark but a spark was lit every time I heard them. I realised that this was what I wanted to be, a detective!

What I didn’t realise was that cases were fraught with this much danger and needed this much courage. I didn’t realise how distracted it made you. I didn’t see the warning signs of Dad becoming detached from us. If I had only listened to my mum none of this would have happened….

6 and a half months earlier

I had a dream. A dream that changed it all… I dreamt I was walking but a shadow was following in my wake. I stumbled down the corridor, strife with fear at the unknown presence tumbling evermore into the oncoming darkness. I could hear a menacing laugh and then hoofs shuffling.

I woke up gaping at the mass of paperwork awaiting me. The shuffling sound must have been the papers I rationalised as I came out of my drunken like stupor. I noticed the window lay open and went to close it when a single sheet of paper chose to take flight. I grabbed it; almost tugging it from the struggling wind and with little effort closed the window. I glanced down at the mischievous piece of paper and it caught my interest, standing out from my daily commissions. In capital letters it read B.O.D.I and I knew that was the nearby cult. They had a reputation and it wasn’t a good one.

As I sat down, urging myself not to fall asleep again I started to read into the details of this new case. It seemed that I was meant to investigate some deaths from the local village that were linked to the cult. Just like the other commissions I get, I thought at the time. Still, there was something uneasy a sort of premonition that there was more to this case than what meets the eye. I decided that I was going to start work immediately and spent the day researching.

The case was that two boys called Ethan Hassam and his best friend Nathaniel ‘Norm’ Applegate had decided to walk the fells one night. It was 10 days ago when there was a crescent moon and they haven’t been seen since. They went walking near the known location of B.O.D.I and their parents believe that B.O.D.I could have done something to them. Apparently both Norm and Ethan had been uneasy and twitchy two days before their disappearance mumbling about ‘Agents in Black’ and an uprising storm. They were known to have pranked B.O.D.I numerous times and the preliminary investigations found a trail of goat entrails with a carving knife near the fell. This suggested a sacrifice had taken place and I shuddered at the thought of what horrible events had truly occurred.

This was definitely one of the more extreme accusations I had heard of and it disturbed me to the core of my soul that the evidence pointed towards the accusation. I decide to consult my boss Luther Carusin or ‘the big cheese’ as the pack of jokers known as my colleagues called him!

I slowly ambled my way down the corridor and looked at the previous bosses of the company on ‘the wall of fame’. I stared awestruck at the men who had aimed high and achieved their goals. I cast my mind away as I remembered the task at hand. As I reached the doorway of Luther Carusin, I took a deep breath before stepping inside to decide my fate. A gravelly voice hollered “I trust you are well Rick” in his thick Italian accent. I hurriedly replied “Yes sir, I came to see you about the B.O.D.I case Sir” stuttering on my words as I was nervous. “I thought as much” came the short but witty reply.

I loosened the tie around my neck as though it would dispel the already tense atmosphere. Mr Carusin slowly emerged from the thick haziness of sunlight streaming through the penthouse window like an apparition springing up from murky darkness. I told Mr Carusin my findings so far and I hastily added that I would recommend a full scale investigation due to the fear inducing amount of evidence suggesting the sacrifice of the boys.

Mr Carusin calmly declared “I shall think about this for a few moments” his voice devoid of emotions, not giving anything away. He mulled over this for five minutes while I twitched in nervous silence. This was a big suggestion and if he found it unsatisfactory he could fire me.

After I was nearly at breaking point with discomfort Mr Carusin uttered “You made the right call of judgement find all the men you have and start to investigate the crime scene again”. Mr Carusin attempted a smile which turned out more of a grimace as I left the room full to the brim of elation and passion for my new investigation.

I brushed through the hub of the building in a craze, greeting all and sundry along my way. As I came to my room once more my jaw dropped and the atmosphere suddenly went from being high adrenalin to eerie. Someone had ransacked my room, searching through all my papers and evidence. I rushed to the office, frantically searching for the one piece of evidence I had a carving knife that had come from the fell. I groaned in frustration as I realised whoever had been in here had taken the knife along with the commission. In a frenzy I groped for the phone to call the head of security (the best guy in town if you want a friend and a laugh!), Tirade Johnson. I became increasingly agitated as all I could here was the phone ringing with no answer. Finally Tirade picked up and with his typical American accent he bellowed “yello” down the phone line leaving his voice ringing in my ears.” This is Rick Carter, security number 0054213798 and I have had a breach of security in my office”. “Yo Rick man, what’s up?” “This is no time for a friendly chat Tirade. Didn’t you hear what I said” I heard silence down the end of the line “Ok. No need to shout .Was anything valuable taken?” “Evidence” I curtly replied and waited to here from the other side. “I’ve just checked CCTV footage that shows a man in a black coat with an earpiece and black sunglasses come into your room” said Tirade. I dropped the phone as I realised something weird was going on.

I grabbed my jacket and sprinted down the corridor towards the entrance of the penthouse building. I dodged the mass of people in the street, searching eagerly for the mysterious burglar. When I realised he had made a swift escape I kicked the bin in annoyance. The one piece of evidence gone! How could it be? There were definitely strange events goings on and it was all pointing to B.O.D.I.

I walked home that evening in stunned silence. I felt half dejected at taking such a blow and half happy that I could use it as evidence against B.O.D.I. I always had felt there was something sinister brewing high on the fells of Lakeland but I would never have guessed it would be this bad.

I turned the corner onto Broadmoor alley to find two hooded hooligans escaping through a window from the old antique shop, trailing a bag stashed with goods behind them. Realising they had just stolen from the shop I started to follow them, darting from shadow to shadow to keep my presence unknown until the right moment. As the alleyway went into a dead end I saw them sneak into an open doorway checking behind to see if anyone was following.

My guess was they had just stolen an object of considerable worth and they were giving it to a crime boss of one of the numerous local gangs. This intrigued me and it was also my duty as a policeman to investigate criminal activity (even when off duty!). As I silently slinked inside the doorway I noticed it had been broken into and damaged. This suggested this was actually a derelict building that the gang was using as a base. I continued into the building knowing that if I caught this gang in the act I would get a promotion.

I noticed a light switch on the wall. I flicked it but nothing happened. The thought that there must have been a power cut flashed through my mind before I remembered what was coming up ahead. I cautiously made my way through the maze of broken glass and shattered objects lying on the ground wondering what kind of operation I could have uncovered.

I attentively glanced around the room looking for signs of drugs, animal smuggling or any other criminal offence. What I saw shocked me and made me wonder what kind of sick gang this was. As I cropped my head round the corner I saw animal bones hung up from the ceiling. I started to gag but stopped myself in case the teens heard the noise.

Suddenly I heard hushed voices emanating from the room across the hallway. I crossed the hallway, eager to record (with my trusty voice recorder which I always carry!) what they (whoever THEY were) were saying and use it for evidence. I couldn’t make out much but I heard” we got it” and then a grunt as a reply. I started to wander what ‘it’ was because It seemed important. Maybe, I thought that all the objects in the hallway were fakes of whatever ‘it’ was. I had really hit the jackpot here!

The conversation continued and I heard bits and pieces like “are you sure” and “Finally I have it Master Drachon will be pleased”. I decided I’d recorded enough evidence to prosecute so I slowly wandered to the stairs. As far as I could see, the upstairs contained no signs of life and no immediate danger. I cautiously made my way up, wincing at every creak and groan.

As I reached the top of the seemingly never ending stairs I got a torch out of my bag. I always carried a torch in case it got really dark on the way home. I silently advanced to the closest room to me. As I went into the room I realised this was someone’s bedroom. Clothes were strewn all across the floor like boulders. I noticed a desk with a computer on it and moved to investigate. There were numerous pieces of paper which I didn’t take notice of. I looked on the computer to find it was on a police website with official documents. I realised whoever owned this bedroom had hacked into one of the most secure websites in the country. I was astounded and decided to look at what reports he had seen and what I saw rocked me to the core. He had been looking at reports on Ethan Hassam and Nathaniel ‘Norm’ Applegate. All at once I realised whoever lived here was the man that stole the paperwork. By pure chance I had been given a change to get back my evidence! I almost whooped with joy before remembering no one knew I was here.

I feverishly checked the paperwork to find more news reports on Ethan and Norm. I also checked his history to find he had looked at both Ethan’s and Norm’s Facebook profiles and it surprised me to find he had also researched mine. He had also looked up Stonehenge which made me wonder what Stonehenge had to do with B.O.D.I. I decided to check his emails for more evidence. He had received numerous emails from someone named only as ‘Master’ though I suspected it was from ‘Master Drachon’. These correspondences shed new light on the case.

It seemed that Ethan and Norm had been the ‘delivery boys’ for B.O.D.I but had grown annoyed and disillusioned with their evil cult like ways. So they had decided to prank them and it hadn’t gone well. They stole the most important artefact that was needed for some ‘ritual’ that would align their worlds with their ‘masters’. I expeditiously scrambled for my memory stick to record all the evidence when I heard a scuttling outside the door.

I turned round to see a shadow pass the doorway and I became agitated with fear. Something wasn’t right and I needed to get out of here. The light of the computer suddenly petered out leaving me in total darkness. I fumbled through my pockets torch which seemed to now be dead. I then searched for my emergency matches and rapidly lit the first of three matches. With my breath becoming increasingly heavy with fear I gazed out to the hallway to see two boys, possibly teenagers. Just as the first match went out it dawned on me they looked like the photos of Ethan and Norm. I speedily lit a second match to find the boys had eerily moved considerably closer in only a few seconds. They waved at me and I noticed they had nails stuck in their hands with blood pouring out but then suddenly sucking back in. The second match went out so I floundered around for the third and final match. The boys had now disappeared and I could feel the loneliness of the spectral silence.

Just then I made out a pattering or dripping noise behind me. I turned round to find nothing there. As I apprehensively rotated round to face the front again a screaming noise resounded in my ears and I found myself face to face with a presence. Abruptly the presence disappeared from view and the computer turned back on. I saw that it was at 90% completion before I heard footsteps echoing from the stairs. I urged, silently pleaded for the memory stick to finish downloading and when it did quick as a flash I grabbed it, turned off the computer and jumped out the window. I decided I would have to find another way to get back inside.

I grunted as I reached the ground and energetically searched the surrounding area for another way back inside. I chuckled as I saw a window open and clambered back inside. I decided to find the boss. I found myself in the toilets and I slowly prised the door open, so as not to alert anyone to my presently unknown presence.

I slowly regained knowledge of my surroundings and made my way back to the room where I had heard the hushed conversation. The boys were still in there and their ‘boss’ seemed to be talking to someone on the phone. I decided I needed that phone to provide more incriminating evidence. I silently gathered myself together and prepared for the dangerous task ahead of me. I slowly clambered round the side of the three figures and waited until the perfect opportunity came. When they left the room in a rush I dashed for the phone in a mad bid and tripped. I recoiled into the shadows, waiting for the tense atmosphere to die down.

After two minutes I grabbed the phone only to find it was locked. I racked my brain for what the man would use for a password before realising. I entered BODI into the phone and silently revelled in victory as the phone unlocked itself. I spent a minute or two flicking through texts and contacts before scolding myself for taking too much time. I knew I had only moments to make a getaway so I started to scurry like a mouse over to the window, placed the phone in my side pocket and slid down the wall.

I ran back to the main road and tried to flag down a car. No one stopped and I started to hop round in frustration. Suddenly a passing Porsche Cayman stopped by the roadside. Full of happiness that I could finally make a getaway I ran up to the car and opened the side door. In an extravagant fashion I told the confused driver “I need to commandeer your vehicle sir. I have to make a high speed getaway from a very dangerous man because I have incriminating evidence”.

Then man now had an even more bemused expression! I just shoved him out the door without any notice and threw him a £50 pound note in compensation. Just then a loathsome voice cried out into the air “the phone. Where is it? “.Unexpectedly a face appeared from a window and spotted me. I put my foot on the pedal and cruised off into the sunset and mortal danger.

I found that the car owner’s iPhone was still in a hands free holder and found out his name was Christian Tarquince. I dialled the number of the Keswick police headquarters and asked for every officer in the county to be at the end of the Hardknott pass. I told them to have a Taser ready and a plan to capture a mastermind. I left the operator in a rather bewildered state but he managed to say that everything would be ready. I opened the sunroof and leant back as I put the car on autopilot. Next destination: Hardknott pass and danger central. This wasn’t going to be a smooth ride!

I turned round to find a fiery red Ferrari Enzo on my tail. I could just make out the two boys with the agent in black sitting in the front of the black window tinted car. I sped up, anxious not to be caught out so early into the game. I could see out of my wing mirror the Ferrari fast catching up with me as I narrowly skirted sharp corners in an attempt keep the high speed chase in my favour. I cringed as I saw the left then the right wing mirror smash against the rocks.

I could feel the tension between us as he came up beside me on the dual carriageway. He glanced at me before ramming his car into the side of the Porsche. I grimaced as I saw the line of damage the agent had caused. I checked it was ok to do so before I rammed back into his Ferrari causing him to nearly crash. He turned to look at me and snarled before turning back to say something to the teenage boys in the car. I noticed their bloodthirsty smiles as they clambered into the back of the car and got out a Walther PPK 7.65 mm. I knew that gun somehow I thought before realising it was the one James Bond used. This was getting very dangerous, even before the pass!

As the bullets started to fire towards the car I veered off route to dodge the path of the baneful bullets. The boys started to laugh as I had to exert force to swerve out of the way of another car. I found it harder to elude the next round of bullets and had to use tricks of evasion I had learnt from training. I knew all those boring staff training days would come in useful someday!

The next charge of bullets completely missed me because of wrong aim due to the bendy byways we were passing. The final bullet was a good shot though and it hit the side of the car. I turned to look at the boys smiling criminally with exhilaration for a fraction of a second before it turned to shock as the bullet reverberated and headed in the direction of their heads.

As their heads emerged from the Ferrari again they looked at each other before smirking spitefully. Suddenly the boys climbed to the top of the Ferrari and danced on the rooftop in an unsavoury victory dance. Unexpectedly an immense force hit their bodies and the boys rolled to the ground in turmoil and defeat. They had been hit by the bridge and had been too distracted to notice. The agent grunted in annoyance as the bar came between us and he headed for Ennerdale Bridge and I headed in the opposite direction. I wasn’t worried because I knew he had to come and get the mobile phone back.

After a few minutes I could see his Ferrari coming after me. I felt like I could feel the rage emittin

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