Mr. Lonely

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Just how I'm feeling while I am unknowing.

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



I no longer know,

Maybe that's what I am meant to be,

Unknowing and confused,

You can call me Mr. Lonely.


Life is full of ups and downs,

We live through what we know,

But dread what we don't,

Not knowing is killer.


I'm told to stay positive,

But they don't see life like me,

My heart is turning black,

And I am getting more lonely.


I'm so lonely,

Call me Mr. Lonely,

For there is nobody,

That even knows me.


I sit and wait,

For the right moment,

To make that call,

And see if you'll talk.


I'm so lonely,

I don't want to be myself,

Nothing seems to interest me,

My emotions on a shelf.


People don't believe me,

But they don't know that sometimes,

It's the person who tries to make everyone happy,

That is the most lonely.


To people that'll listen,

I say to you all,

The worst feeling isn't being lonely,

But being forgotten by someone you can't forget.


I believe you're still there,

At least I hope you are,

Cause you know that I will be here,

And that I'm never far.


My angel I say to you,

Whatever is wrong,

Please let me help,

And let me come back,

Let me come back to being there for you.



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