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The Dhampir Chronicles: The Last Paladin

Book / Fantasy

Carson Williams has lived a pretty normal life. He's got two loving adoptive parents, a brother, and a sister. However, everything starts to change when he turns 18. He begins experiencing several changes: he begins to hear the heartbeats of his classmates while taking an exam, and he is able to effortlessly throw a bully into a set of lockers. It isn't until he meets a homeless man, named Ben Smith, that he discovers the reason for these changes: he is a Dhampir, an individual who is half-human, half-vampire. Now, with the help of his friends; including Willow, a witch from a powerful magic family; Xavier, a normal human; and the last member of an ancient order of supernatural warriors; Carson must defeat an evil vampire with plans for the world that could mean the end of the human race as they know it. ***WARNING*** This book contains Mature content. Reader discretion is advised.

Hematite: The Birth of A Crystal Gem (PART I)

Short Story / Fan Fiction

This is the story of Hematite, a Homeworld Gem in service to White Diamond, and how she goes from being a loyal Homeworld Gem, to eventually being one of Steven's staunchest allies.

Disclaimer: All credit goes to the great Rebecca Sugar. Without the wonderful world that she created, this story wouldn't have been possible. The only thing I own is my original Gemsona, Hematite. However, because of the fact that in the world of Steven Universe there are multiple Gems of the same type with the same name, feel free to create other Hematites.

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