Words Speak Though I Am Silent

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Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



I’ve written so many songs
So many lines
So many poems
Effortlessly purged from my heart

They are the true miracles
The flame that keeps my candle lit
Granting me light in this consuming dark

But they always get lost
Like the people I love
Leaving me with meaningless words
That I can only force

I can’t say I blame their decision of departure
It’s difficult for people to handle those
That can’t handle themselves

Please know I am sorry
For giving you first class seats
On this plane crashing into hell
For hearing my thoughts when I drink
As I dissolve myself into a rusty drain

I must admit
The catharsis from writing this is invigorating
It has been a long time
Since I could find words that aren’t worthless

Now I brace myself for the inevitable
This poem will get lost with the rest.


© Copyright 2019 Matt Menno. All rights reserved.

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