A Mourning Nation

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This is a poem I wrote after the death of a lad I served with in the Royal Air Force Regiment.

Per Ardua!!!
Lest we forget the fallen of each nation

Submitted: February 11, 2011

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Submitted: February 11, 2011



Politicians send the sons of land
over seas in pursuit of greed
Yet one by one the fall on the sand
our sons they fight by their military creed
to often hearing the notes of the one man band

Each man that falls they ship them back
just another name to be etched in brass
their coffins they drape with the union jack
as they touch back down to a land of grass

As the numbers rise of fallen men
and mothers mourn their lost one
never further is the paper from pen
that peace they sought was just a con

Still our brave they stand and fight
given no time for friends to mourn
how hard it must be with no end in sight
to hear "Last Post" play from the french horn

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