The Gentle Giant

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This is a poem written to show respect for a gentle man who helped me in turbulant times.I have tried to keep it serious but I had to inject some humour.

Submitted: February 13, 2011

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Submitted: February 13, 2011



Never have I met a man as kind

who looked upon a tortured youth

and gifted wisdom from the mind

but please do not mistake he's not yet "long in the tooth"

But this man he is such a gentle chap

bound by his god to do only whats right

only to fall short in healths cruel trap.

Now waiting for answers to come into sight

His family he serves with pride and smile

all ways there with a welcoming manner

relaxing with his pc once in a while.

Never seen angery,not even with his step son (who can be a spanner)

he treats every one as though they are fragile.

His faith he holds high just like his god

ensuring he all ways does nothing but good

I dont think I've heard him use a cus word not even "you sod"

This gentle giant is everyones number one bud.

But now foresaken with ill health

and intrusting the NHS with some trust

They best get some answers or I'll becoming with stealth

to get those shoddy doctors and some "balls" I shall bust

Now more serious I speak of the man I once knew

openly I can say he is a number 1 top guy

So if your religious please think of this guy next time your sat there in your church pew

Because all that know him can only ask why??

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