The Russian Roulette

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it's about the game russian roullette. if you notice the names are the 7 deadly sins

Submitted: June 10, 2012

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Submitted: June 10, 2012



Russian roulette


It’s a celebration !

The festival of guns, the carnival of cruelty

The revolver rested on the round table


The knights revolved the same, rotating glances

Twice at each other,

Twice at the stainless demon-

And thrice at themselves

That’s 6 lives, 6 chambers, and 7 glances


One sane person would be terrified of the cackling evil taking form of metal

Each man, held his own dividend, which the other 5 hope to divide and conquer among themselves


This game is harmless, once you’re lucky

But to one sane person who does not believe in luck, what would he do?

By what means is luck granted,

One person must have been at the back of the line when it ran out

One of the lucky 5 would be the one to take the lotto first


First up was Pryde, he escaped the fate

Next was Envi, he escaped the fate

Following was Angur, he escaped the fate

After was Slauth, he escaped the fate

Then was Gluttony, he escaped the fate

Last in line was Lusst,

…Last in line, su ultimo


Take a chance, trust to luck, that the bullet wasn’t in that chamber

The trigger went off


They rotated glances once more

Once at the cackling devil

Twice at themselves

Thrice at the corpse on the floor


That’s 6 glances, 6 chambers and 5 lives, plus one death

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