Dating Site: An Unexpected Date

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Katie really wants someone to start a life with her, and she joins a dating site. Bad idea.

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



Katie was just about to turn twenty-five, and she still hadn't found a boyfriend. Her friends took her to clubs and tried to get her hooked up with a guy, but nothing ever worked. Katie was beginning to think that she wasn't pretty, and she began to have thoughts of suicide. Her friends persuaded her to not kill herself, and gave her the option of joining an online dating site. Katie, feeling like she had another chance at finding her true love, quickly made an account. She created an account with the username of 'KatieTheCutie123.' She stayed on the site for hours, browsing though men's profiles. She saw several attractive men who shared her interests, and she added them as friends. Confident that she would soon have several date requests, she went to bed. 

The next morning, Katie opened up her account, happy to find that she had a date request. She clicked on the man's profile. His username was 'BenTheCutie123.' And he had the exact same interests as her, in the same order. She thought nothing of this, and quickly accepted the date request. They chatted by instant messages for a while, when BenTheCutie123 said 'We should totally meet somewhere in town!' Katie was so happy. The two had so much in common, and now he wanted to meet her! She agreed, and replied, 'Sure! Would you like to meet at Starbucks, the coffee shop?' BenTheCutie123 replied with, 'Yes. I'll go there now. I'll be the one in the brown shirt and jeans.' Katie logged off. put on her make up, and her very best clothes. She snatched up her purse and headed to the coffee shop.

When Katie pulled up to the coffee shop, she saw that she was the only person there, besides a large, white van with only two windows. She got out of her car, and entered the shop. There, seated at a table, was a man wearing a torn, grease stained brown shirt, and dirt covered jeans. His eyes were reddened, as if he were on drugs. She smiled nervously at him. "Are you Katie?" asked the man. Katie nodded. He rose out of his seat and shook her hand. "Come on, I didn't come here for coffee." He pulled her to the white van, which Katie now knew was his, and he pushed her in. "Where are we going, and wasn't this going to be a date?" she asked timidly. The man laughed a horrible laugh. "Sweetie, did you really think I was going to date you?" Katie was so terrified at the moment, that she couldn't speak. After about ten minutes of driving, the man pulled up to an abandoned shop. He grabbed Katie by the arm and pulled her into the shop. The man dragged her into a back room, and threw her down onto a metal table. As Katie peered around, she saw signs that said, 'Your Local Butcher Shop.' Katie began to tremble. The man exited the room, and Katie struggled to get off of the table, but she was restrained down. Before Katie could scream out for help, the man entered the room. Laughing an evil laugh, he leaned over and kissed Katie. He opened up a door, revealing a freezer-room.. "Look, Katie," he said, pointing inside the room. Katie looked over. There, she saw bodies of women hanging by their hair,  with their hearts cut out. BenTheCutie123 chuckled. "I really meant it when I said on my profile that I stole hearts!" 

Katie was crying now, as the man took a knife and traced around her heart. "I love you, Katie. Just like all the other pretty girls in there, I love you." And Katie screamed, and screamed, and screamed. 


Katie's friends thought that Katie had found a boyfriend and went to live with him, and they never heard from her again. "Wow, we really helped her by telling her to get on a dating site." said Katie's friend, called Lucille. Her other friend, Alina, agreed. "She's probably married now. I'm so happy for Katie."


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