October 31st: The Next Generation IV

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Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



Since Skully died everyone is thinking the good side, but what they don’t know yet is Skully’s Son, Skully Doyle Jr, Follows in his father’s Footsteps. Jamie and Eric have a son named Jeremy, April and Jasper has a Daughter named Elizabeth her and Jeremy are both born at the same time, when both of the couple’s parents saw their grand-children they had happy tears coming out of their eyes and welcomes them to the family. Skully Jr watches Jamie and Eric putting Jeremy down to sleep he turns his head and points to the window as he cried waaah! Waaaah! They both turned around and Skully Jr was not there. Jamie and Eric has been noticing that Jeremy keeps looking out the window, She called Detective Lewis and he was on the way to her house, when they had the conversation about Jeremy Detective Lewis’s guess is that he’s probably frightened of something Jamie replied what’s there to be frightened of, Skully is Dead! Detective Lewis says to her his body was never found  he could’ve maybe faked his death or maybe he’s dead, I don’t know what Jeremy saw, there is a tracking website go to! www.lakesvilletracker.com it should tell you the answer about Skully, whether he’s dead or alive. Jeff drove his car in the alley then the car ran out of fuel he got out of the car and says so angrily For Fuck Sakes! Skully appeared in the alley Jeff looks at him and says what the fuck are you doing here faggot, are you retarded! Happy Halloween bitch, while he points a gun at him, he pulls the trigger; there was no ammo and he’s like oh shit! Skully Jr chucks Jeff to the ground planted his foot on him and axed him three times in the back, it was getting late because jeff didn’t make it home, Mary was getting worried. The cops show at Mary’s House telling her that jeff is dead we found him in the ally, she cried and had a complete meltdown, while she was trying to relax Detective Lewis made a call to Jamie and told her what happened Jamie and Eric quickly rushed to Mary’s House. Jamie went to hug her mum while they were both crying, Mary, Jamie, and Detective Lewis went on the computer to go on the website, Mary typed in Skully Doyle! the answers popped up and said, Skully Is dead but he’s body was never found, the shocking news it said on the computer was Skully Doyle Jr! as they all said oh my god! Mary then replies, Skully has a son! so he must’ve killed Jeff. The cops said they will keep an eye out for Skully Jr! the cops made their way back to Lakesville police station, Detective Lewis got chosen for the case on Skully Jr! he could be anywhere around Lakesville, Tyler West is the Lakesville Mayor! the residents of Lakesville was watching the news he was saying every day, for them and their children to be safe, and also don’t be alone on Halloween night, Evil is coming. everyone thought the world was like paradise until this terrible news happens, they’re happy Skully Sr is gone but they cant believe the terror of his son Skully Jr is Following in his footsteps, Like Father! Like Son!











Hank, Gale, Lauren, and Buzz are two couples and they all go to Lakesville High school they were on their way to school and headed to class Gale and Lauren both looked at the window they see a kid wearing a skeleton mask, Hank and Buzz said to them what you guys looking at! There’s someone out there! As they all looked and he was not there Hank and Buzz said to them I think you guys are hallucinating, the class dismissed, school was finished for the day, everyone got up! and headed home. Eric’s Dad Michael was coming home from work he is a lawyer, it was a cold windy night and he’s car broke down in the middle of the road, he gets out of the car and takes a look at whats wrong with it, a shadow went past him, he quickly uses his torch and turns around, Michael then goes back to paying attention to his car, as the footsteps approaches him; Skully Jr then snaps his neck while he slams the bonnet on him three times! when Skully Jr finished crushing him he then leaves Michael on the side of the road then continues walking. Deputy Ingalls was on duty tonight! he was driving on the road where the incident happened, he pulled over, and went to go have a look; when he saw Michael’s Body he reports it back to the station and calls an ambulance. Deputy Ingalls made his way to Linda’s House Jamie and Eric were there as well, he knocks on the door Linda then answers the door Hello Deputy Ingalls, He sighs Hello Linda! Is there something wrong? May I come in, he walked into the kitchen and he saw Jamie and Eric, Hello Jamie, Eric! Deputy! Linda Responds Deputy Ingalls Whats going on? I’m sorry guys its Michael, he didn’t make it, I found him crushed on the side of the road! Oh my god! No! Linda, Eric, and Jamie were all in tears, Jamie could you please call your mum, yeah sure Linda! Jamie rings Mary Hello! Hey Mum in a sad voice! Jamie whats wrong! its Michael he didn’t make it, could you come pay Linda a visit, sure sweetie! Thanks! Linda my mum is on her way, Thank you Jamie! they both hugged, if you need us we will come by anytime just call us ok, I will sweetie Thank you, Bye Mum! Bye Son! Eric and Jamie went in the car Jamie saw Mary arrived, she said are you heading off, yeah! Eric is not happy, I feel bad for them I should go see Linda, ok, Goodnight Mum! Goodnight Love! Mary stopped for a visit to see Linda and letting her know she will always be there for her, she thanked Mary, and she really appreciates it, that’s ok Linda Family stick together, I have to get home, will you be ok, yeah I will be fine I’m probably going to go to bed, good idea get lots of sleep, I will, goodnight Mary! Goodnight Linda! Call me anytime! for a drink, coffee, anything! Ok, sounds good.















The Lakesville Residents headed to the church for Michael’s Funeral! Brother Chris was doing a eulogy for him, Sister Veronica was there praying for him, everyone is sad to see him go he’s in gods home now; he will always look down on us; and he will never be forgotten. Jenny and Caroline said to Eric and Linda I’m sorry for your loss, Jenny talked to Jamie and hugged her, saying sorry as well, Because it’s her father in law, as her best friend she will always be there for her and Eric. April’s Mum Sam was leaving from April and Jasper’s House, she was heading back home, she wanted to stay up and watch Tv! The lights automatically turned off then when the lights quickly turned back on she saw Skully Jr he aims and chucks the knife and it ricochets by getting her in the heart, she screams then falls to the ground, Skully grabs the Televison and throws it on her head, and electrocutes her, he escapes the house and wanting to haunt more of his enemies in Lakesville. Her Husband Joe Was leaving work, and was on his way home, he thinks the house got broken into, he made his way inside, Honey I’m home! Joe turns on the lights and sees Sam Lying dead on the ground, Sam! Sam! He calls an Ambulance please hurry my wife is dead, someone broke in, and killed her, the ambulance were on their way; Joe made another call to Detective Lewis! Telling him to quickly come to the house. Detective Lewis asked what happened? he replies I don’t know I just got back from work and I saw her already like that, Joe says its Skully Jr that sick fuck, Joe calm down; He killed my wife! I know! We’re trying to catch that son of a bitch, that motherfucker could be anywhere, just let us do our job, please try to catch him, I cant promise! but when we catch him we will make sure he ends up in hell! Joe went to go visit he’s Daughter April also he’s son in law Jasper and explained the news to both of them, they both busted in tears, their mum means a lot to them, Jasper and April cant afford to go back to Jail again, will they risk it or not! they needs to think of a plan that wont get them caught again, the trouble is if they goes to jail its gonna be hard for them, so the choice is! they must kill Skully Jr, or the cops must catch him then he ends up in hell and never to be heard or seen of him in the whole wide world. Jasper’s Parents Cathy and Justin Were spending quality time at home watching a movie they got a call from Jasper telling them that Sam got murdered, they responded Jesus Christ, Shit! Give April and Joe our love ok, thanks Mum! Have a goodnight! You too!  The more things that happens, Lakesville is losing more people, we lost lots of people we cared about, because of bloody Retarded Skully, and now his mental son, to keep Cathy calmed, Justin Gave her a nice massage while they were watching their movie.












Jamie and Eric’s Neighbours Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson who are April and Jasper’s Neighbours are two old couples who have been friends for a very long time, thirty-five years! they went over too Mr and Mrs Smith’s House, Mr Smith and Mr Thompson were playing cards; Mrs Smith and Mrs Thompson were cooking in the kitchen, the two lovely couple drank wine, and had Meat and Rice for dinner. Mr and Mrs Thompson thanked Mr and Mrs Smith for inviting them over for dinner, Mr Thompson looked at the time, we must be going its getting a bit late; ok, Goodnight! They replied back Goodnight! Thanks for dinner, They responded Anytime, Mr and Mrs Thompson made their way home, Skully Jr was standing across the road; Are they Safe! or in Danger!


The Story to be Continued..............

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