The Mist

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Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



This takes place in Melbourne, Australia in a town called Green County the meaning of Green is the grass and the county is country side. It all started in 1995 there once was a girl named Danielle Austin, Danielle’s Parents were having an argument, her dad slapped his wife! when Danielle used her angry face and blowed; green mist came out of her mouth, and sprayed on her Dad’s face. Moments later He was taken to hospital, Bianca said to the doctor, is Anthony going to be ok, I’m sorry, that Mist out of your daughter’s mouth is poisonous; there’s nothing we can do, I’m terribly sorry, she cried! then her, and her Daughter Danielle went back home. Bianca left Danielle and never came back, many years have been past now, Danielle is finally grown up, and can take care of herself; Danielle drove thirty minutes past Green county to go to Riverdale High school, they needed a Sex Ed Teacher, Danielle applied for it, and she got the job. The boys think she is so hot to be a Sex Ed Teacher the Girls were just Bossy, always on their periods; after school one of the students named Chad, had no way of getting home, so he decided to walk, when he walked his way through the forest he heard a snap, he recognise it was Danielle his teacher; she spits the mist out of her mouth onto him as he screamed ahhh! Ahhh! And one last Ahhh! As he silently falls to the ground, and didn’t move an inch; When Danielle saw him dead on the ground, and watched him for five seconds, she teleported back to her house. The next morning at Riverdale High School; messages received in class, saying that Chad got murdered last night; they watched the news in the classroom; Sherriff Harper quotes: we got a killer here in Green County, we need to find out who it is? Class has been dismissed, all the staff, and students headed home; Danielle had a relaxing day when she got home, she had a shower, made dinner, then went to bed; to get ready for work tomorrow. Principle Fisher called Danielle to the office he was having a meeting with her if she knew anything about Chad’s Death; No I don’t, sorry sir! If I know any news I will let you know, very well! Off you go! Danielle had a flashback memory when she killed her dad in 1995 (22 years ago) and it showed her mum when she abandoned Danielle right after her Husband’s Death (24 years later) in 1997 she finally tracked her mum; Location America! Hometown: Roxboro! Address: 235 Sunnyside boulevard (1st Floor) it took two days to get there, she relax and sleeps on the plane. Danielle finally arrived, what a good sunny weather in America, Danielle looks at the paper, and she made it to the location where her mum is, and made her way into the building; cause its been so many years they haven’t seen each other, will they be reunited! Will Danielle get a second chance! Danielle is now on the first floor.












She walks, then knocks on the door; Bianca answered the door; Hey Mum! Who are you! Its me, your daughter, Danielle, I’ve got no daughter, ok! One more thing! Danielle blows the green mist, and blinded her, Bianca had no idea where she was walking, and falls out the window, from a nine foot building. Everyone standing on the road panicking, calling the cops and ambulance, by the time the cops checked in Bianca’s unit, Danielle went AWOL. Danielle decides to stay three nights in a motel, she got settled in, then she watched Tv; moments later; Danielle yawned two times, then went to bed. (Day 2) Danielle goes to the beach and starts tanning a guy named Aaron went up to her and introduced himself they were both flirtatious and went back to the motel that Danielle was staying at; when they started hooking up and feeling Horny as they moaned and kept going for ten minutes. Danielle insisted on taking Aaron home, she press the lock button for the doors Hey! Let me out! She blows the mist on his face, and he didn’t move; Danielle drives to the river and dumps his body in the river, she completed her mission; then returned back to the motel, Danielle had a long day today, she puts herself to sleep, because tomorrow is her last day in America. Danielle started packing then headed to the airport, She went to  buy a coffee at the canteen, and wait twenty minutes for her plane; when the plane was boarding, she just relaxed in her seat, and listened to music for the (2 whole days) back to Green County. When Danielle arrived back to Green County Airport, she made her way to the car and headed home; she unpacked her things and had to get a lot of sleep because she has work the next day. Danielle went to see Principle Fisher ahh! Welcome Back Danielle! How was your trip! Very Good! Its nice to have you back, Thanks Sir! Danielle made her way to the classroom, and surprises the students; Hello Class! Im Back from my trip! They got straight into work, and they learned a lot in Sex Ed; because they studied hard, Danielle Gave them an A; She made an announcement saying it’s the end of Sex Ed for this year! its back on Next year! The time hits three-o-clock, as the bell rang, for the last day of school, for the year; everyone made their way home. Will Sex Ed be the best next year like it was this year! Will the town of Green County catch the Killer!

The Story to be Continued………………………….

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