That Day (Scorched revision)

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I have written "Scorched- a personal story." I wanted to make something shorter, but still projected my feelings. This is a revision of "Scorched" as a poem.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013




That Day

By: Matthew Allen


That scorching, hot day in July

Will never leave from my mind

A morph from a teenager to an adult in a few seconds

Responsibilities galore from one word


“CANCER” resonates in the room

Sniffles and tears, Tissues and cards

Friends wanting to help

Shoulders waiting for my embrace


Lies slipping without any

White and Christine, my pillar started

Black and Crumbled, my pillar become 

It is no more, my pillar is gone


Masks come and go-

As one bring happiness,

Another bring sadness

None will stay


Will one prevail?

As the décor of my life,

Or will it pass with time

My original is lost, none other shall last


Dreams allow escape?
Ha, such a prolonged lie!

My dreams brought sadness.

My dreams brought death.


The rose wilting in my hand

The stale smell of emesis

The sight of a hooded figure

Not the death bringer for me, but for another


My arms wrapping around my Mother

Her embrace engulfs me in love

“I love you and will be with you forever” 

The lasts things I hear.


That scorching, hot day in July. When-

The Battering Rams began to attack my pillar,

My mask for the masquerade of life was ultimately lost,

The wilted rose was my mother, only in those morbid dreams.



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