Mothers Day Breakfast

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Hi Im only 13 years old, and this short story is about a boy that wants to make his mum the best mothers day breakfast, but.. he has a lot of trouble.

Submitted: January 04, 2007

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Submitted: January 04, 2007



It's 6.00am in the morning, my mums asleep, and I want to make the best mothers day breakfast ever!

I get out of my bed, put my red jumper on, and slowly sneek out of my room, open my bedroom door, sneak down stairs, and the stairs made a little squeek, I go into the kitchen, turn on the lights, and the first thing I do is try to find a respicie book, my mum is italian, so she should had a respice book in here.

I quickly look into the cupboard, and find a respice book, the emotion on my face was so happy, I quickly opened the book, look under the contents, and saw "Breakfast P53" I quickly go to page 53, BUT THE PAGE HAD GONE!

It looked like the page had been ripped out, and that page was the only breakfast page in the book!

I sprint back to the cupboard looking for more recipe books, none there that was the only recipie book!

I was panicing, so I decided to make breakfast without a recipe book.

I took out 2 eggs, 3 slicies of toast, some coco pops as ceral, I got a fry pan out, cracked the egg and put it on the fry pan, the time is 6.10am and my mum always gets up at 7.00am, I quickly chuck a piece of toast on the fry pan, and got a spoon and mixed it all around, I didn't know what I was doing. I needed to go to the toliet real bad, but the toliet is upstairs, next to my mums bed!

I decided to slowly going upstairs, and then.. I heard the smoke arlam go off, BEEP BEEP BEEP, Oh no, the noise is going to wake her up, I quickly run down stairs, and it was all smoke,I didn't know what to do, I didn't know were I was going, the smoke covered up all the kitchen, the only way to stop this was to take the smoke arlam out, I jumped on the sink, and ripped the smoke arlam out! and then the noise stopped.

"Thank god" I said to my self

My breakfast was all black, there was only one option left, I hoped on my bike, and rode to Subway to get breakfast there, I was riding as fast as I can, the time was 6.30am, luckley it was only 10 minutes away from my house, I stopped at subway, with a black face.

"Hello Welcome to Subway, What can I ge for you today?"

"Ahh, yeah, Hey, Can I get a coffee and a becaon and egg roll please."

"Sure, they comes to $7.95" The Subway lady replied

My face was shocked, I was in a rush so much I forgot the money!

"Excuse me sir, thats $7.95" She replied again

"Ooops, Sorry I forgot my money" I said

This is the time to try to make them fell sorry for me, so I started to fake cry.

"Hey, Little boy, whats wrong?"

"I wanted to make this as a Mothers day gift to my mum, and now, she is going to hate me" I cried

"Poor thing, how about this? I'll give you this for free, but you can't tell no one okay?" She replied

"r..r...r..really?" I said wiping the fake tears of my face.

"yes, well go on get out of here" She said.

"Thank you, Thank you so much" I screamed

I ran out, got o nmy bide, and rode as fast as I could, the time was 6.50am, I rode and rode and rode, and then I finnaly made it home, the time was 6.57am, The smoke had gone, I set up the table, and made it look real nice, I quickly threw away the rotten egg and toast.


thats her arlam, I heard the foot steps go down the stairs.

"MUM! Come down stairs please" I scremed

"What?" She replied

"Come down stairs, Please!"

"Okay" She scremed back.

She came down stairs and saw all the nice food, her smile was so big, it made me so happy.

"Happy Mothers Day Mum"

"Oh my, Thank you Matt".


Written By Matt (AGE 13)

© Copyright 2018 Matt93. All rights reserved.

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