Someone in my backyard

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This is my 2nd Short story I have published, this one is more of a horror, a little kid home alone hears nosies in his backyard, now the little kid has to try an stay alive!

Submitted: January 04, 2007

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Submitted: January 04, 2007



Somone in the backyard!


My Mum and dad has gone out to dinner, im 12 years old home alone in the middle of the forest, My mum and dad had the car nosies when they go to sleep, so they deicded to move to the forest, this was my first time I have stayed home alone, well I have everything planned, Im going to get something to eat, and watch the Monster marathon that is going to start, I get up from the couch, go into the kitchen, and about to get some chips and a drink.

I turned on the Lights in the kitchen, looked into the cupboard, and saw some chips, took them out opened them and started eating them.


"Yum" I said to my self.

Suddenly something happened, I quickly moved my head to the window, something had hit it like a rock or something. 

"It was probley my imagiation" I said to my self.

I go back into the lounge room, stretch my feet, and was watching the monster marathon, and then suddenly I heard that noise like something was outside, I looked out the window, and my back gate was opened!

It wasn't a windy night, so the wind couldn't do anything, Im thinking what if someone is in my backyard, that gate leads to the backyard. 

I quickly run to the back door of my house and lock it, I locked all my windows, this was starting to freak me out.

I have this felling that someone is in my backyard!

I decided to call my mum and dad to tell them whats going, I picked up the phone, dialed the number 


It was ringing, and then suddenly everything got cutt off! The phone was dead!

"OH no" I said to my self.

there must be someone in my backyard!

The power was still on, I didn't know what to do, I was in the middle of the forest, phones not working, and the nearest store is 60 minutes away, I look around, my legs were shaking, and then


Someone had knocked on the door, I didn't know what to do.

"KNOCK KNOCK" it repeated again but only louder, I didn't know what to do.

"W..w...w..whos there?" I asked terrifed

And then it stoped I heard the back gate open again, I quickly took a peek in the window to see who it was, I was terrified, A tall man in a black coat with a hat on!

Some sicko is in my backyard.

I deicded to go for a risk, I looked out the other Window, there he was in our fruit garden, I was so scared, and then I saw him walking towards the back door! 

"Oh no" I said to myself.

"KNOCK KNOCK" a other knock on the back door.

I stayed silent.

And then this sicko looked at the house, I couldn't really see his face, and then he wondered off somewhere.

I was so terrified, I went to my Computer, and decided to try and get help there, I turned on the computer, but it wasn't on for much longer. 

The Power had gone off!

"Oh No, This person had cut the phone line and now my power" 

My heart was beating so fast, and then, everything went silent.

"Oh My god!!" I heard somone walking in my house in the kitchen!

This guy is in my house, This was so bad!

I decided to quickly take a peek on what he was doing, but he was there.

I heard breathing behind me! 

I turned around slowly..

"GOING SOMEWHERE" The man Screamed

"AHHHHHHH" I scremed

I was running into my kitchen, he followed me, and then he took something out of his pocket, it was a knife!

I screamed real loud!

He went up to me, showed me the kinife and he said

"hahahahaha, See ya!" 

and then I Looked for the nearest object around, It was a hammer, I hit him right on the head, and he fell on the ground.

I didn't know what to do now, but I was shocked, I took the body outside, dragged it and put it, down a long hill, that brought into the forest, he slided down.

I'm never going to stay home alone again!


"hahahahahaha" Said the Horrible man.

"It ain't over till its Over"


The end.  

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