The Bad Kid

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This story is about a kid, who is real rude in the classroom, and somebody better do something before get gets to carried away!

{PG} Mild Crude Humor,Mild Language

Submitted: January 07, 2007

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Submitted: January 07, 2007



Jake is his name, a really naughty kid, I used to be friends with him, until he made a joke on me, he threw me in the girls toliet, locked the door, and accused me as a pervert, I haven't talked to him since, he always curses at the teacher, always farts in class, and he never takes a shower! 

 Its Monday now, a fresh week, we hardly never learn in class, because the teacher is keep on yelling at him, you think he would be kicked out, but no, he is always saying sorry, and then he starts being an idiot again. 

 I'm sitting at the front, ready to learn! 

"Good Morning Kids" Said Miss Hinks, she is our teacher, she is quite old, red hair, and glasses.

 "Good Morning Miss Hinki" We all replied back. 

"Ok, Now I will mark the roll".


"Yep here" He said, Billy is a fat kid the Jake picks on a lot. 

"Matt?" She said.

Thats me, My name is matt.

"Yeah, here"

"ohh ah... Jake?" She said, with a sad voice.

"Yes I am here" He Scremed.

"You old piece of wrinkled Crap!" He added.

Everyone Stopped, some laughed, some were not surprised.

"Jake! What did I tell you, you know I spoke to your parents, don't start this bad aittude young man!" She Scremed.

"Well, really you piece of worthly crap, I don't give a rats arse! Look at you, with you thin skinny legs, and your ugly face! No wonder your still "MISS" you have probley never had a boyfriend, hahahaha!" He laughed.

 "Shut up Jake, don't be mean and disrespectful" Billy Said 

The teacher shook her head knowning, the Jake will blab on for hours now.

"Oh, Shut ya fat ugly Arse up!" Jake Yelled.

"Your SO Fat and ugly, Look at you, with your bloody big teeth hanging out, your a wortly piece of crap, you fat lub of S*it" He added.

Billy Felt depressed again, he got out a slice of cake and started eating it.

"hahaha, Fat tubby gubby boy, has to eat do you! hahha" He laughed.

"SILENCE!" Miss Hinks Yelled.

"Jake, get out of this classroom now! Miss Hinks Scremed. 

Jake got up silently, walked like he was real sad, he made his arse face the Teacher.

"HERE WE GO!" He Scremed.

A long soft fart, right into the Teacher Face!

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" She screamed 

"hahah, how do you like that Miss Hinks! hahaha"

Miss Hinks fell on the floor, and looked like she was about to spew up!

Jake got up on the Table and Started teasing everyone in the class room.

 "You Jenny" He Started 

"Look at you, your so ugly with those bloody train tracks on your teeth, ahhhahah" He Laughed.

"Oh, Well if it isn't Garry, you anerixic piece of crap, I could snap your arms in half right now, look at you, your like a bloody rake! ahahhha" He laughed again.

He was about to pick on me next, he goes around the table.

"Ohh ohh, Well if it isn't Matt" He Screamed.

"Shut up Jake!" I Yelled.

"Everyone is feed up with you farting in peoples faces, pushing them around, and bullying them, you make me sick!" I added.

"Ohh, Really Matt, well, atleast I didn't spy on the girls in the girls bathroom, you disgusting sick old pervert! ahahaha" He Laughed again.

"You Pused me in there!" I Screamed.

"Oh, Excuses, Excuses".

"Nobody Likes you! Just get out of here" He added.

"Nobody Likes you!" I screamed

I got up, went up to him and pushed him on the ground!

hahahahahaha, all the kids were laughing.

"How does it fell now?" I asked.

He got back up.

"You picked with the wrong guy, you ugly tramp!"

He try to throw a punch, I dodged it, kicked his legs and he fell over.

"hahahahahaha" Kids contiue to Laugh.

"I hate you, I hate you!" Jake Cried.

Nobody believed it, Jake was Crying!

He ran out the Classroom, and didn't return.

"Yeahhh, GO MATT GO MATT" The Class Cheered.

"Shut ya mouths, Im the next Bully" I said.

Everyone stopped, there were silent. 

"I'm Just Joking!" I scremed.

"Yeahhyehhh" The Class Cherred Again.




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