The Christmas Turkey

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This is a Story about a kid who has to look after his brother on Christmas day, because the Mums out going to get some fruit and her friends garden, now, the little brother destroyes the christmas turkey, now, Frank has too look all around the town to replace this Christmas turkey, but will he make it in time?

(PG) With some Language.

Submitted: January 05, 2007

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Submitted: January 05, 2007



The Christmas Turkey

 What a wonderful Christmas it is going to be, all the family is going to come around and have a nice christmas turkey. My mum is sweating in the kitchen, and all my family are going to come around soon, the only part of the family is one of my Mums friend, her name is Jenny. She lives on a beautiful farm, she also has her own garden, it looks great. 

I'm sitting down, watching TV, until suddenly I hear my mum say something.

"Oh No! I forgot to get some fruit!" She said, Wiping the sweat off her face. 

"Never mind, come around my house pick some fruit off there" Jenny replied.

"Yes, I might just have to do that" My Mum said.

"Frank, Joey come here" She scremed.

I am Frank the old mature one, and Joey is the little annoying rat that dosn't leave me alone!

"What is wrong Mommy?" Joey Said

"I have to quickly pop around Jennys house" She said back, bending down to make eye sight with joey.

"What do you need to go there?" Joey said back also making eye sight.

"Because sweety, I forgot to get some friut and herbs, and everything is closed today, so I have to go to Jennys" She Replied.

"Okay" Joey replied with a  sad face.

"Now, Frank, While I'm gone you have to babysit your brother, now that means, no running in the house, no touching anything, and of course, no going near the turkey, you got that Frank?" She Said, Finally taking a breath.

My mum was quite strick today, she is never that strick, but.. when it comes to christmas she has to try and make everything perfect.

"Yes, Mum" I said.

"Good" She said with a smile

"Lets go Jenny, because the relatives come over" She Added.

They went out the door, and drove to her house.

"Do you want to play something?" Joey Asked

"No! go away and do what ever you want" I replied.

"ANYTHING?" He scremed with a huge smile.

"Yes, just go!" I scremed.

When you say something like that, they really do anything!

I went upstairs to play with my christmas present, an x-box 360, I was playing that. Then I heard a noise down stairs, I turned down the TV with the remote control next to my bean bag, and I heard some splatting on the ground, I quickly ran down stairs, and there he was, My little brother, throwing the CHRISTMAS TURKEY ON THE GROUND! 


"What the hell are you doing!!" I scremed at the top of my lungs.

"Destroying the turkey!" He said.

"Why the hell would you do that" I scremed back.

"You told me to do anything, so I destroyed the Christmas turkey" He said back.

"Yeah! But not to destroy the bloody Christmas TURKEY! Oh my god! do you relieze mum is going to kill us?" I scremed. 

"Where in deep crap" I added.

"Don't worry, we can just say it walked away" He smiled

"Grrrrrr!! Turkeys don't walk you idiot! What should I do?" I scremed

"Go and find a christmas turkey" Joey Said.

"Go find a other turkey! its christmas day you freak! everything is closed" I screamed Back.

This is the first time I have cursed at him so many times. 

I decided to go and try and find a christmas turkey.

"You look Joey, if mum gets home, try and stop her from looking in the kitchen, you got it?" I asked

"Yes" Joey Said.

I hoped on my bike, and took a browse around, everything I saw was

"CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED" nothing was open!

Thankfully I saw a store that said "Open" I quickly ran in there I didn't even read the name, of what it was.

"Excuse me! do you have a turkey!" I screamed.

"Ahh, no, this is a petrol staion my man, hard to find a last minute turkey on christmas day" He replied.

"Yeh, Yeh, Thank for your time MATE!" I ran out.

"Merry Christmas My Man!" He screamed.

I ignored him, and was riding on my back.

Joey is home alone, and the mum had arrived.

"oh no!" he said.

While he has to stop his mum, I riding on my bike, trying to find a turkey.

"Hi mum" Joey said.

"Hey Joey, Quickly move I must check on the christmas turkey". She said.

"ohh, Ahh no!" Joey said.

"Joey move, I want to see my turkey!" She screamed

" can't!" Joey Said.

"Why?" She replied.

"Because I got you my Christmas present in there, and Frank is wrapping it up! and if you look you know, it won't be a surprise" Joey Said.

I'm riding real hard on my bike, and then I stopped

"I will never find a Christmas Turkey!" I screamed.

"Oi! young little man, did I just hear you want a turkey?"

This man apperared he was a country guy.

"Yes! but its impossible! everything is close". I said.

"Ohh, I can fix you a turkey, got dozens of them out back" He said

"R..really?" I said.

"Yeah" He replied back.

"Oh no, Probley not cooked yet".

"Actually quite the oppisiote young man, cook Turkeys every christmas, there already cooked" he said.

"well, young man, why do you want a christmas turkey, you should be with your family" He added.

"yeah, but my little idiot of a brother, picked it up and through it on the ground" I said.

"yeah, I understand, never trust younger kids with a turkey, it ain't good" he replied.

"I tell you what, I'll give you a turkey, for free!" He added 

"R..really? you serious?" I said


Joey is at home, still not making his mum go in the kitchen.

"The Christmas present is nearly finshed mum" Joey said.

"Thank you very much!" I screamed

"go get them Boy! hmmm.. Nice young man" He said.

I was riding as fast as I could, I stoped at home, Saw my mums car, ran through the back door, and put the turkey in the oven.

"Hey Mum" Frank Said.

I saw Joeys Smile.

"Did you get it" Joey Whisperied.

"Yes" I whispered back.

We were having a lovely christmas lunch.

"Yummy! this is a beautiful turkey!" Uncle Bob Said.

I Smiled at Joey, and he smiled back.

What a Christmas!



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