beg you to stay

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Submitted: December 03, 2013

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Submitted: December 03, 2013



 i am happy now

i hope you are too

2 ys is a long time

to not know what to do


but things have changed

my heart is no longer broken

I have found someone else

and my heart has been taken


my heart is put back together now

but its still not the same

she has every bit of me

and i am no longer lame


you used to make me happy

you used to give me life

i used to love you

i wanted to make you my wife


things are changed now

we have both moved on again

one day you will see

you should have stuck wit me then


i am in love with her

no longer with you

you used to hold all the cards

now i am not blue

i am happy

you are sad

i am laughing now

is that still bad


that ia all i know now

this is all i can say

no longer will i beg you

beg you to stay

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