Children Of Legends Issue 4

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The fourth issue of a comic series I'm writing and hoping to pitch to DC Comics.

Submitted: June 23, 2018

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Submitted: June 23, 2018



Children of Legends

an original comic by Matthew Bissonnette and John Windsor

Issue 4:

They Cry For A Savior, But They Fall On Deaf Ears

EXT. Smallvillemorning

Panel 1: In the distance is the town of Smallville, the quaint town seems to have empty streets since it is early in the morning. It is the twilight hours and the sun is rising over the horizon inn the distance and pushes back the veil of night.


Panel 1: The Kent farm since under the surreal gloom of the twilight darkened sky though a shaft of sunlight falls on the farmhouse in center of the farm.

Panel 2: The porch of the farmhouse. The old dog with the red bandanna is asleep on the porch. The porch is darkened though a shaft of light from the rising sun falls on the sleeping dog.

INT. Kent farmhouseseconds later

Panel 1: The kitchen which still seems decorated in a way that is antiquated. Ma Kent, in a blue dress, stands over the stove and is cooking something. The house is darkened though some of the rising suns light cascades through a window and illuminates her.

Panel 2: The wall beside the stairs which lead to the second floor. On the wall are pictures in frames, mostly of a younger Ma Kent standing beside her now deceased husband Pa Kent, a burly older man in old fashioned clothes with gray hair and glasses. Ma Kent's shadow falls on the wall and the silhouette shows her ascending the stairs holding a tray.

INT. Ken's roomlater

Panel 1: An image of a window and it is later in the morning. Through the window is the image of the farm, fields of wheat and the old barn and grain silo. The sun has now started to rise up into the sky in the distance.

Panel 2: An image of Ken's face as it lays on a pillow, he is asleep.

Panel 3: A close up image of Ken's eye which is shut.

Panel 4: Now the eye is open.

Panel 5: Ken sits up in his bed, he is partly covered by a blanket though his shirt is off revealing is muscular torso and arms.

Panel 6: An image of the bedroom. There are pictures of the Kent family on the walls. There is some antique furniture about as well as a mirror on the wall.

Panel 7: Ken looks at the small table beside the bed, a tray is on it. On the tray is a plate with breakfast on the plate.


Every morning like clockwork.

Panel 8: Ken stands before the mirror, wearing jeans and buttoning up his white shirt with rolled up sleeves.

Panel 9: Ken looks at an area of the wall beside the mirror. On the wall are news clippings from the Daily Planet with headlines like "Superman Saves Passenger Plane in Peril" and "Man of Steel Defeats Meta human Threat".

Panel 10: Ken looks at his reflection in the mirror and is frowning.


Every morning he looks into this mirror at his own reflection, but in recent days he is unsure if he likes the man who looks back at him.


Panel 1: The porch of the farmhouse later in the morning. Ma Kent sits in a rocking chair and is knitting something. The old dog is asleep at her feet.

Panel 2: An image of the front door opening.

Panel 3: The dog is awake now, is looking up and is wagging its tail.

Panel 4: Ken stands on the porch and looks down at Ma in the rocking chair. She looks down as she knits.

Panel 5: Ken kneels and pats on dog on the head as he looks at the old mut. Ma Kent still looks down at what she is knitting.

Ma Kent

The old boy is in a lot of pain these days.


I know.


That old mutts mother was just a puppy when I and Pa got him for Clark as a boy. He was heart broken when he had old Doc Leary put her down.

Panel 6: Ken kneels over the dog which is asleep again, but he looks at Ma Kent knit.


My father was a tough man, I thought nothing could beat him.


Ken, I know you idolized your father when as a boy I told you who he really was.


Any kid would have done the same if they learned there father was the man of steel.

Panel 7: Ma looks at Ken, she is frowning.


Your father was a good man from the beginning, and always and a heart that yearned to save others.


I know.


But that was one of the most tragic things about Clark.


What do you mean Ma?

Panel 8: Ma Kent looks off into the distance, the reflection of the Kent farm and the sun hanging over it in her glasses.


Once Pa Kent was under his truck when the jack tipped, your father him call for help even though he was at school over ten miles away and in two minutes he was here and lifted that truck easily. Later as a man Clark said some days he could hear thousands of people scream for help. He could save some, even most but it was his curse to have to choose who to let die.

Panel 9: Ken looks at Ma for a moment in silence.

Panel 10: Ken looks out towards a field of the Kent farm and the horizon beyond.

Panel 11: A close up image of Kent's eyes which are closed.


He listens, not for what he can hear but for what he can't hear. And in his soul is a yearning, for he knows right now countless people cry out for help, cry for a savior. And the yearning in his soul is to be that savior.

Panel 12: Now Ken's eyes are open.


But he knows now there is no savior to answers those desperate cries for a salvation. Those pleas fall of deaf ears.


Panel 1: The Kent farm in the distance as the sun hangs over it in a perfectly blue sky. Near the barn is a red tractor. One of its back wheels is missing.

Panel 2: An image of the old dog sits near the tractor. It looks towards the open door to the barn.


A life of toil and labor tends to harden those who commit themselves to such a life.

Panel 3: Ken walks out of the barn, with one arm he carries a large wheel of the tractor on top of his shoulder.


Though not as strong as his father, this young man has conditioned himself to feats of strength that an average man would find unfathomable.

Panel 4: The dog watches as Ken drops the wheel beside the tractor.


But his father's memory makes him feel week, that this young man's peerless strength is still not strong enough.

Panel 5: The dog sits on a patch of grass and looks at something.

Panel 6: Ken stands in front of the barn, looking up at the loft doors over the entrance of the barn. He holds a large bail of hay.


Most men would feel envy at his strength. But this man feels shame, feels he is weak.

Panel 7: Ken spins with the bail of hay as the dog watches.

Panel 8: Ken then throws the bail of hay through the air, up towards the loft.


Few men could hope to be so strong. Few men could not imagine having such strength an stamina.

Panel 9: A close up image of Ken's face, he is smiling.


Being stronger then most makes him feel somewhat worthy, yet still feels shame.

Panel 10: The dog painfully is limping up behind Ken as he looks at the barn's loft.

Panel 11: Ken looks down at the dog as it looks up at him and is whimpering.




Sorry girl, I know we had to go see Doc Leary eventually. You have suffered long enough.

Panel 12: Ken kneels next the dog, pats it on the head as he reaches into a pocket.

EXT.  Donovan's barseconds later

Panel 1: Downtown Smallville. The sun hangs over the street and looms over a quaint bar sandwiched between two shops as a car passes by. Over the door is a sign that reads "Donovan's Bar."

INT. Donovan's barseconds later

Panel 1: An image of a bar, behind the counter is the burly own Donovan; a middle aged man in a apron and tank top who cleans a glass with a rag. Sitting on a stool in front of the bar is Vivian Lang, a young woman with long red hair with an attractive appearance wearing the garb of a waitress.

Panel 2: Donovan looks at Vivian as she looks at the door.


Seems dead now, but soon the place will be full. And before the harvest the guys tend to tip well.

Panel 3: She looks at him blankly as he smiles.

Vivian Lang

I read that tipping got started when employers did not pay their waitresses so they had to scrape by on tips. Now it is just a scam.

Panel 4: She looks to the ground as Donovan looks at her.


Still have your heart sent on the Kent kid.

Vivian LANG

My mother was the same way with Ken's father. He'll come around.

Panel 5: Vivian pulls her ringing phone from her pocket as Donovan watches.


Ring. Ring.

Panel 6: She holds the phone to her ear.

Vivian LANG



Panel 1: Ken sits on the grass in front of the barn, his old dog lays beside him and the dog's head is on his lap as he pats the dogs head. He holds his phone to his ear with his other hand.


Vivian. I'm taking Missy, to see Doc Leary. I could use a friend right now.


Panel 1: A close up image of Vivien's face as she listens to the phone, a frown on her face.

Vivian LANG

I'll be there Ken.

EXT. Doc Leary's veterinarian clinic later

Panel 1: On the outskirts of Smallville is a small building, it seems nondescript and a sign over the door reads, "Doc Leary's Clinic."

INT. veterinarian clinic  seconds later

Panel 1: Ken and Vivian stand side by side looking at something that is not revealed. Behind them is some cages with cats and dogs in them. They both frown and she has her arm around his.

Vivian LANG

Ken, you are doing the right thing. She was suffering.


My father got me that dog, said she would keep me company while he was away from Smallville.

Panel 2: Then stand before a metallic table which the dog is on. An older man, Doc Leary, wearing a white lab coat with glasses, stands over the dog with a syringe in hand.

doc Leary

Well Kent, you better say goodbye. Glad you are here to comfort him Ms. Lang.

Panel 3: Ken stands above the dog and pats it on the head as the dog looks up at him.


Guess this is goodbye girl. I'll miss you.

Panel 4: The dog licks Ken's hand as he looks down at it, Vivian holding his other hand. Doc Leary injects the dog with the syringe.

Panel 5: A close up image of one of the dog's open eyes.

Panel 6: A close up image of Ken's face, he frowns.


You can rest. And you where a really loyal mut girl.

Panel 7: A close up image of the dog's eye. It is now closed.


Panel 1: A field of the Kent farm under a blue sky as clouds drift by overhead. Ken and Vivian stand side by side and somberly look down at a mound of dirt. A wooden tombstone over it reads, "Missy."

Panel 2: Vivian looks at Ken beside her as he looks down at the grave.

Vivian LANG

Are you OK Ken?


I'm fine.

Vivian LANG

You are a strong guy like your father, my mother Lana always said he could take anything.


I am not as strong as he was.

Panel 3: Ken and Vivian looks at each other. She holds his hand.


Thanks Vivian. I needed a friend right now.

Vivian LANG

Ken, you have known since we where kids that I don't just want to be friends.


Sometimes I'm a little dim, but yeah, I put that together.

Panel 4: She places her hand on his cheek and his hand is atop hers as they look into each others eyes.

Vivian LANG

I love you Ken. I always will.


I know. It is just, I don't know, I think you deserve better.

Vivian LANG

I still love you Ken.

Panel 5: They look at someone approach who is not revealed who speaks.

Sheriff Eastwood

Ken, we need to speak.


What is it Sheriff?

Panel 6: A man stands before them. He, Sheriff Eastwood, is an older, grizzled man with a rugged appearance in a sheriff's uniform. He seems concerned.


The parent's of the Franklin kid says he is missing. I'm rounding up all the town's men to look for him, searching the county. Figured I would get Kent to help out.

Panel 7: Ken looks at her as the Sheriff watches.


I have to go.

Vivian LANG

I know Ken, you know you have to do something. I'll be at the bar if you need me.

Panel 8: Vivian watches as the Sheriff and Ken walk away.


Kent, go search Black Woods. You know that forest well, better then anybody.


Sure Sheriff.

EXT.  black woodsdusk

Panel 1: A path which cuts through a gloomy forest. The setting sun rays fall through canopy of the forest. Ken walks towards the image and looks around.


He listens.

Panel 2: Ken stops and looks up at the sky.


He listens to the silence, knowing that somewhere a voice calls out to be saved.

Panel 3: Ken closes his eyes. He is frowning.


The silence is all he can hear, but in his memory. He can hear a voice.

EXT. Ken's flack back morning

Panel 1: A black a white image of the front of the Kent farmhouse. Ma Kent, a bit younger, sits in the rocking chair on the porch knitting. Beside her is the screen door.

Panel 2: The door opens and Ken, now a boy, runs out of the door wearing a t-shirt and swim trunks. Ma Kent looks at him.



Panel 3: Ken stops and looks back at her.


What Ma Kent?


If you go swimming at the quarry near Black Woods, take young Ms. Lang with you.


Why Ma?


You might drown all alone.


Panel 1: Ken looks down the trail surrounded by the gloomy woods.


Now, it is not his hearing he depends on but his instinct.

Panel 2: Ken runs swiftly down the path.


An instinct he trusts. An instinct that guides him.

EXT. quarrylater

Panel 1: In the distance is the edge of Black Woods, before it is a large expanse of gravel strewn ground and there are several large hills of gravel. The darkening sky hangs over the scene.

Panel 2: Ken runs out of the woods, in the distance in the middle of gravel ground and mounds of gravel is a large quarry; a deep pit with jagged walls of stone and the bottom of which is murky water.

Panel 3: Ken stands on the edge of the quarry and looks at the unrevealed water below when a voice speaks from beneath him.

Franklin kid

Help! Please!

Panel 4: Ken dives over the edge, down towards the water below.


Today, one call for a savior is answered.

Panel 5: Ken, now clothes drenched, climbs up the jagged stones of the side of the quarry. Clinging onto his back is the Franklin kid, a small boy in shorts and t-shirt.


Thanks Mr. Kent. I was swimming all day, I was about to go under when you showed up.


Kid, wait until you are a teenager before you go swimming here.



Panel 6: Ken stands on the edge of the pit and looks down at the kid.


Because, it is not easy to climb out when you are little.


Thanks again Mr. Kent.


Let's get you home.


Panel 1: The Kent farmhouse sits under a night sky full of stars. Kent walks towards the porch.


For the first time in longer then this young man can remember, he does not feel shame; does not grapple with a profound feeling of unworthiness.

Panel 2: Ken looks up at the sky.


But his relief is short lived. For now wishes he could hear the countless cries for help. In his soul, he yearns to be the savior they call for. Once again, he feels shame.

Panel 3: Ken looks over his shoulder at something unrevealed when a voice speaks out. He is frowning and seems concerned.

Vivian LANG

Ken, I need a friend right now.


What happened?

Panel 4: Vivian looks at him, she sheds tears and has a black eye. His hands are clenched into fists.


Tell me who hit you, now!


Panel 1: The bar sits under the night sky in downtown Smallville. Three large men, dressed in denim clothes, are stumbling out of the bar. In the middle of Seth; to either side are his cohorts Vince and Phil. They seem drunk.

Panel 2: They all stop and look at something in the street that is not revealed and have blank expression.


What do you want Kent?

Panel 3: Ken stands in the street and looks at them, frowning with hands clenched into fists.


Why did you hit Vivian Seth?


Because Kent, my father is mayor and I have been after her for a long time. Yet she says no, because I'm not as good as some hick who shovels cow dung.


You know why I am here.

Panel 4: Ken stands in the street as the three men circle around him, Ken's hands still fists.


Donovan knew well enough to keep his mouth shut. You might want to run home Kent or you will get hurt.

Panel 5: Vince and Phil watch a Ken punches Seth in the jaw.

Panel 6: Vince and Phil look at something unrevealed, though Seth screams.


My jaw!

Panel 7: An image of Seth, blood pours out of his mouth and his jaw is severely dislocated.

INT. smallville jaillater

Panel 1: Looking through the bars of a jail cell, beyond Ken sits on a cot and looks out the barred window.

Panel 2: Sheriff Eastwood stands outside the jail cell and looks and Kent who looks away and out the window.


I suspected you where strong Kent, but you dislocated that punks jaw with one punch. It will be wired shut for at least a year.


I want to be alone Sheriff.


I would expect better from Clark's kid.


I said want to be alone.

Panel 3: The Sheriff frowns as he looks at Ken in the jail cell who still looks away.


Let me rephrase that. We expected better from the kid of the man of steel.

Panel 4: Ken looks at the Sheriff seeming surprised.


How did you know?


Everyone in the know in Smallville is aware of that. We may be simple rural folk. But your father kind of got our attention. I don't worry, your secret is safe us. Ms. Lang does not have to know.

Panel 5: Ken watches as the Sheriff walks away beyond the bars of the cell.


You bail has been paid, you can leave tomorrow.


Who paid my bail Sheriff Eastwood?


That rich young brat you occasionally pal around with, Ben Wayne. He said on the phone he and another friend will be here tomorrow. Please Ken, don't disappoint us again.

Panel 6: Ken looks at the night sky beyond the bars of his window.


He feels shame, and knows that his father would be disappointed with a son and yearns to be the man his father was.

EXT.  sky over smallville  seconds later

Panel 1: The night sky, far below is the lights of Smallville surrounded by darkened landscape. A large, futuristic jet plane flies towards the town. On its side is the logo, "Lex Corp."


But sometimes there are those who just do not grapple with a parents legacy. They also inherit their enemies.

Panel 2: Two metallic pods drop out from the bottom of the plane and fall to the Earth below.

EXT.  fieldseconds later

Panel 1: A darkened farmers field under a night sky as cows eat grass, in the distance is the lights of Smallville.

Panel 2: The crows run away as the two pods hit the ground and sink partially into the dirt.

Panel 3: One pod's front flips open and a aura of shadows billows out. Emerging from the shadows is a young woman. She, Fearful Darkness, is attractive with a slender figure dressed in black spandex and high heel leather boots, she has long dark hair which billows about behind her and bandages around her eyes.

Panel 4: The other pod opens, a large imposing man in white shirt, black tie and beige pants walks out; he is The Enslaver.

Panel 5: Fearful Darkness and The Enslaver look at the lights of Smallville in the distance under a star filled sky.

the enslaver

So, boss says we wait until all three of them are here, wait for them to get comfortable and then have some fun.

Fearful Darkness

Then we kill them.


And as many of hicks of Green Acres as we want. Darkness, look forward to working with you.

Panel 6: The Enslaver laughs deeply as Fearful Darkness looks at the lights of Smallville in the distance.









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