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Hey everyone. this book review is more or less going to tell you about the characters to my new novel im going to start writting after I finish my current one. My current one, The Living Death (horror), is going to be a multi-book series but I'm only doing the first for now. My new book is going to be an action adventure novel about a Light Elf named Shu Rimm who leaves his village of Wood Elves with his sister in law Holly Rimm to become a Drifting Mercenary. Here are the five main characters of the story!

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



Main Characters of Demi-Elf

Shu Rimm

Sex: Male

Race: Light Elf / Demi God

Age: Supposedly127 years (Elf Age)

Hobby: Drifting Mercenary

Fighting Style: Duelist (2-swords) &power to control elements

Shu, a light elf who was found in an abandoned cabin in the Oedo Forest. Shu's real name or age was never discovered. His foster parents, who waswood elves named Shina andRolf Rimm, named him Shu and counted his birth as the day they found him. They raisedhim for about 123 years before he chosen to be a drifting mercenary and was banned from the wood elve's village ofOedo.

Holly Rimm

Sex: Female

Race:Wood Elf

Age: 122 years (Elf Age)

Hobby:Drifting Mercenary

FightingStyle:Archer &Medic

Holly Rimm, daughter of Shina and Rolf Rimm, was born five years afterher parents found Shu. She always practiced with the bow and medicine promising to take care of the people.She helped Shu with his duties and he helped with hers. She joined Shu in his adventure as a drifting mercenary without her parents permission.

Salina Simmon

Sex Female


Age19 (Human Age)

Hobby Bar waitress &drifting mercenary

Fighting Style Hand to Hand combat

Salina, daughter of Asheline andJohn,is a human in Yashton Village. She works as a waitress at the Wazno Bar in downtownYashton, but trains in her hand to hand combat afterwards.She always looked forward to becoming a drifting mercenary with a young, powerfulman. (Oh and that was human)She looked for the opportunity practicingher techniques day and night, till suddenly a amazing young man came by and took on the bounty at the bar. Salina joins Shu and Holly on the bounty and later as part of the group. She also tends to flirt with Shu alot even though she knows he is an elf.

Joe Weinstein

Sex Male


Age 85 (Dwarf age)

Hobby Bodyguard & drifting mercenary

Fighting StyleLarge Axes

Joe Weinstein was the greatest bodyguardi n all of Younton Village. He had never failed at protecting his principals yet. Everyone always misjudged him because of his height, but never noticed the muscles under those clothes of his. He always had a sense of humor though and tend to use it all thetime. He always likes a challenge and this is the reason why he joins Shu and the others. His new principal was Shu and he would do anything to succeed in his mission.


Sex Male


Age58 (Goblin Age)

Hobby Thief& drifting mercenary

Fighting Style Double Daggers

Gob, a short goblin who's family is unknown. He never liked to but always stole to survive. He mainly steals from people like solo drifters or rich people, but sometimes he would steal from whole groups and still get away. He never got caught before but he did this time. When he tried to steal from Shu and his comrades he sure got busted. He later joined the group to pay his debt, then to be a part of the group.

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