This Is What I Believe

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My belief on religion. No complaints please, I ain't trying to force anything on anyone. I just want people to understand my beliefs. Thank You to the people who understands. c:

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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Submitted: January 29, 2013



I believe in a god, but not a specific god or religion. Nor do I believe in a specific type of god, such as evil or good. I was once an Atheist for about four to five years. That is a long time considering I am only sixteen. People often mistook me as a Saitist when I was Atheist, but they are completely different. Atheist, as you know, is someone who has no belief at all nor believe god exists. Saitist is someone who believes in the Devil, more or less. When I became fourteen, I started to believe that there was some sort of god out there.

Now I ain't a Cristian, Jew, or any other religion that believes in a speific god or gods. I just believe that there is a god out there who made the galaxy possible. Do I believe he/her is good or evil? No, not really. I believe that if he/she is as good as Christians say, then why does he/she allow so much cruelty, hatred, and racism/sexist spread like wild flowers? Therefore, I don't believe he/she necesarily good, nor do I believe he/she is evil if he/she were evil, we probably wouldn't be here right now or be in countious torture.

I believe god is a nuetral being of some sort. He/She kills when he/her deems necessary and lets people live when necessary. My friend once told me a saying when I was younger. The saying was, "we all are like a coin, everyone has two sides." Of course, I had no clue as to what he meant at the time. It was about three years ago, a year before I changed, that I truly began to understand. Nobody is truly good or evil, right or wrong, smart or dumb. Everyone has a bit of both sides in them and I believe god is the same. Why should he/she be better? Because he/her created the galaxy? No, in my opinion, he/her is no different then us. Yes, he/her is far superior to us in power,, but with more power comes more weaknesses, Nobody is one side, (in my opinion) not even god.

I also believe in the saying, "Noboby is Perfect," and believe that this goes for god as well. Perfectness was said to be never reached, and will more than likely never be reached. I have no proof saying that god didn't reach the level of perfectness, but I just don't believe he/she did yet.

I do not know if this "religion," if that's what you want to call it, has a name. However, this is what I believe, and I hope everyone would quite trying to force theirs on to me.

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