Tournament Decision (Shu's Adventure Special)

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Hello friendly Booksians, this is a special for the novel "Shu's Adventure", enjoy!

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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Submitted: January 29, 2013



It's Monday morning, a day before the tourament is to occur, and of all the people, Holly was the one hopping around with glee.

"Oh wow, 100,000 yen, Shu you should go to the tournament," yelped Holly with joy.

Shu, obviously not shocked replied, "wait, what? Are you insane? Why would you want me to join some death match?"

"No, i'm not crazy, I just want that 100,000 yen. Do you understand how muh money that is," moaned Holly.

Shu, of course, knew exactly how much money that was. But still, he did not want to join such a revolting tournament. Every year, when it occured, people on each team died. No matter who the fighter was, if he didn't kill the opponent, Tonu was bound to. Even though he did not want to attend, he had a feeling that he was going to lose this quarrel.

Tonu was the owner of the game and his rule was quite simple: kill or be killed.

"Look Holly, I do not want to join the tournament, end of story," roared Shu.

"But Shu, if we win we will get 100,000 yen. . . that's so much money, that we could by a brand new home," pleaded Holly.

Shu and Holly incessantly argued about if they should go to the competition or not.Shu knew all of Tonu's tournaments meant he had to, if not, almost kill his opponent.

"Holly, you do know how dreadful Tonu's tournament's are, right?" Asked Shu, aggravated.

"Well, no, but still. . . 100,000 yen, we have to do it," whispered Holly, trying to nudge Shu into going.

Annoyed, Shu thought about it. What if I just knocked out the opponent? He squirmed really not wanting to go to the tournament. What if I actually did kill the opponent? What if he had to kill to win? He felt chills going down his spine from the mere thought of killing another person. In the end though, he chose to give it a shot.

"Okay Holly, I'll join the tournament, but you must promise me that you'll not go to there no matter what," proposed Shu, knowing she wouldn't be able to decline.

Holly yelped, really wanting to go to the match. She paced back and forth non-stop, trying to think of a way around it. In the end, she couldn't think of zilch. "Fine, I'll not go, so please win," agreed Holly, mumbling away.

Shu nodded in agreement, and turned to walk off. He stopped at the door and looked at the couch to the far left. "Come on Joe, your coming with me," hollered Shu.

With a nod, I got up, stretched, and left with Shu to the tournament.

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