Sentinel A-1 Character sheets

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So, I've been working on a book called Sentinel A-1, I'm sure you can find it on here. Anyways, I just went through and drew a few characters, I'm not what I would call the best at drawing but
please, enjoy?

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018



This is Somali, he's an Abyssinian scientist/melee expert. He was given special powers by the Galridian Nebula at birth. Has PTSD and reoccurring nightmares about his past.

Age: 19

Eye color: violet

Fur: dusky brown


This is Kax. He is a lupine strategist and long-range specialist that looks a lot like a German Shepard. He becomes close with Somali during their training. More on that, soon to come in Sentinel A-1.

Age: 22

Eye color: one brown, one blue

Fur: brown and black

This is Valerie, don't ask why she's wearing a Christmas outfit, I was feeling festive. She is their spy and is a bit on the sassy side from time to time. She is also an Abyssinian.

Age: 23

Eye color: green

Fur: grey


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