Paradoxical Connotation

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A boy tracks down an assasin while trying to prevent a war from starting. But one of his family members gets quickscoped so he must choose whether to fight or not. 8/8 gr8 m8

Submitted: January 21, 2015

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Submitted: January 21, 2015




Paradoxical Connotation


Part 1: Vexation Attainable

My name is Editing, and I live in the state of Mathematics, in the country References. Every four months our soldiers go on an expedition. When they return there is a great celebration. My friends and I call them the Magnos. Most kids our age want to be like them when we grow up. Fighting for honor and glory on the battlefield. They are the strongest in our army. The Magnos are a subdivision of the Aristos, which are the best in their armies. But recently I have stopped thinking this way. Whenever there is a parade or special event my uncle No Spacing, a sword specialist, gets very nervous. When I asked about it he wouldn’t tell me anything. But I’d rather not think about this now. The soldiers are arriving.

We do the same routine every ceremony. Since we live in Datrox, one of the larger cities in the kingdom we have a special area to celebrate this or things like victories in battle. The city of is one of the largest and next to the capital. I come from one of our cities noble families.

After an hour of preparation, the announcer, known as Format Painter, stepped up to the stage to start the ceremony. “Citizens of Mathematics! Welcome! Today we will honor these brave men for their great performance in the recent battles. And I would like to say on behalf of them, you all are pretty swag and good people. YOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

The audience clapped and cheered. Usually, most of the awards are handed to the soldiers by children. They may also help set up and things like that. One of my friends got to do it this time when we were younger, it seemed so amazing to be up there. But now it just feels like a chore.

“Ok, calm down, real talk. There has been some unexpected problems in one of our neighboring countries…”

There once was a man who challenged the rules, against the system of the Fifth New Age. In the beginning, our lands were in a constant state of war. There was always people who would strive for peace, but there was also those who had opposing ideas in mind, they could not cooperate and soon everyone else would get caught up in the problem. And so the people acknowledged their faults. Later on came the idea that these few negatives of the human mind could never be removed. The bad was a part of us, it became the good. One particular group, Review, reveled in their violence. They remind me of the villains in the storybooks and legends I have read. But they are a part of us, so we try to stay together.  

And that the man who challenged the rules. He too was a noble. Normally a noble would receive lots of support but his ideals were so opposing to our regulations. He ended up leaving the country, and then the continent. He reminded me of my uncle.

. . .

The continent of Anomalos is very different from its brethren. For throughout the six countries and their many territories are a very strange people. Very strange indeed. Mischievous is a better word to describe them. But all in all they were baffling. They loved war and to fight. Weapons were common symbols found everywhere, including schools for young children. But killing was not the main goal, war was fun, like a game. It was a sport and an art, a joke and a favorite pastime. It was healthy for the mind.

In the Fifth New Age, four out of the six countries were willing to go to war to fight for peace: Insert, Design, Layout, and References. The winner, or winners, would decide the new rules for all six countries to follow. The other two: Mailings and Review, thought otherwise. One of them, Review, wished to continue their ways in order to maintain balance. The other, Mailings, wanted to find peace another way, but the plan failed quickly while trying to remain neutral and they joined the fight last. In the end, the countries References, Design and Layout, won the war and the new rules were created along with new borders. Six leaders were chosen to represent the countries and end all fighting between countries. Thus began the First Era of the Second Common Age. And for twenty years lasted a period of piece, before the big change.

Many citizens of Review quickly grew tired of the new rules which severely counteracted with their culture. Them along with Layout and References, used fighting as a main source of entertainment. They became so uncomfortable that they began waging war amongst themselves. But after losing trust amongst themselves and many other things, they unified to attack everyone else at the end of the year. And thus was of the beginning of the dawn of the Second Era of the Second of the Common Age. Starting next year.

In a long and horrible conflict, the people had committed murder. After so many battles, some people including many Reviewians had thought little bad of killing. A choice few warriors who were strong, worthy, and noble, learned to enjoy the kill. They were sheltered and hidden from their people in order to study them, and possibly find a “cure”. Something to change them back.

And now all the kingdoms have gone back, and rumor has spread that another conflict shall emerge. A worst case scenario could result in their separation, or destruction.

Month 2 of the New Year in this era, confidential document.

. . .

When the announcer said that it made me feel uneasy, along with everyone around me. The announcer is usually very happy, and he’s a bro. He sneaks me and my friends, Steve and Ahhh-chooooperdergibbersnibberf-cough cough Woops why did I name him this, chicken and chocolate-spinach ice cream. They only are a dollar but we’re saving up for Call of Duty, and the latest Smash Bros. Did you know they got 8-player smash? The boys are gonna be surprised when we show up with eight controllers next pizza night. Now then, the announcer’s voice was kind of shaky, not a good sign. But he managed to keep going.

“The people of Mailings are trying to declare war.”

And the crowd went wild. One man yelled “Them’s fightin’ words!” and punch a hole 6 feet into the ground. Tables were being flipped and mountains crumbled. The ocean dried up and all twenty one million of us almost died, good thing there was a cup of chicken and cheese Caprisun in the garage. But some of the guys on stage started making a pizza so we shut up and hoped we wouldn’t get a Time-out. The announcer slash priest began speaking again.

“Glad you homeboys calmed down. K so ferst, we must consult with the high council. All able fighters will be given informational packets and letters on what’s gonna go down. But keep this in mind: Stay, the heck, out of my CHEETOS! Oh and one more thing, keep this in mind, we are trying not to start a fight. You know the drill, others start taking sides and some of us might leave so don’t do anything crazy.” One of the Magnos pulled out a gold plated gaming laptop, dusted it off, and handed it to the announcer. We all started cheering as a lot of our citizens play and watch competitive professional Club Penguin matches on our gaming laptops.

“Ladies please,” he said “If you’re lucky you can look at the key bored.” He then opened up Micro-elephant Media Hacker. They started calling it Micro-elephant because elephants are soft, and it surprised a lot of people, man that was a fun day. Anyway, the announcer clicked on the open tab and started looking for the important files. “Now where is it…,” He moved really slowly. It was, strange… Almost as if something really dramatic was about to happen, yes, very strange and slow… There it is! The pizza is ready! But the announcer didn’t care, he had to find the file no matter what. I saw the head chef, 1366 WORDS stand near the announcer holding the pizza. There was something weird in the pizza, I saw black and grey, metallic spots. Must be some old pepperoni, but it still looked ok. 1366 stood a little closer to the laptop and stared straight at the announcer.

Then he pulled out a gun and shot him.

My uncle was dead. (I have three uncles by the way.)


Part 2: Discombobulation Imperative

It was one week after the death of Format Painter. I was ready to take our revenge. I along with Steve, Ahchoo, and 4 others, Katarina, Rek’Sai, Lock, and Lon’Qu went to face 1366 and his band of soldiers. I never would have guessed he was working with Mailings. They wanted this war, but now we will show them that they will not want it anymore. Our mission was to sneak up on them while they were traveling back to Mailings.

We saw them after following the trail for about forty minutes. The dirt was wet from rain earlier. I was a little worried about this. One slip could mean the end of the battle for us. And 1366 had ten more fighters than us. But I had to be ready, I can’t let simple things get in my way. I need to win.

After crouching down and walking towards them for a bit, they were within twenty feet of us. This is it, I thought. I removed my spear from the sheath on my back. This is the start of many more battles. I need to win. “CHARGE!” I yelled and we set towards them. Something flew right past my ear, but I realized it didn’t just go past my ear, I felt blood trickle down the side of my face. But that cannot stop me. I blocked the next arrow with my shield and Lon’Qu went to take out the archer. He could run fast and was even faster with the sword. He took down the archer and two others. As I saw red stain the ground a disgusting smell struck my nose. Lon’Qu farted. But then, he fell, and he hopelessly slashed at an axe man coming towards him. Then he stopped moving. I ran towards the closest enemy and jumped at him with my weapon in front of me. CLANG! I hit a shield and landed back in the dirt. My feet were stuck in thick mud so I pretended to try and block with the wooden part of the spear. He ran at me and I stabbed at the last second. Everyone was doing fine, and I grimaced at the sight of Lon’Qu.

Then there was 1366, he had a giant axe with not two, but three blades, joined together at the top. “This is it! You’re time has come!” Steve charged straight at him, with his two-handed great sword in hand. I blinked and he was five feet away from 1366, clutching his stomach. His arm was also red. I blinked again and he was lying down, but he was not dead. Rek’Sai flung dirt at 1366 and then Katarina grabbed him. Lock used this opening to try and tie rope around him, but he managed to break free. But he was stunned for a second.

This is it. I ran towards him at full speed, with the strength of a majestic gaur. But I stopped. I felt uncomfortable. I was sweating and about to drop the spear. But I needed to win. I could not. I thought of my uncle. I felt afraid.

“Hehehe. Get rekt, scrub.” He said, chuckling. “What rank are you? You are so weak I’m basically a 99 ice wizard. You can’t defeat me!!!”

Lock took this chance to strike at him, landing the final blow. And there lay 1366. We helped up Steve and took some time to rest. It was over and we could go home now.

I knew I would have to fight more, and a situation like this would happen again. I felt fury and anger, but also excitement. I am glad we defeated them, but the thought of having to do this again soon did not sit well with me.

gg no re


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