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Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



She is hope.

She is desire.

She is beauty,

But why even bother?

I'm not that special. 

Cry boy, cry. let down your waterfall.

Your parents hate you.

Your crush won't date you. 

You're sinking deeper into the abyss.



Your heart says yes.

Your mind says no.

Its a cliche back and forth, and you don't even know

Who's right,

Who's wrong.

Who's over exaggerating,

Who's lying to you.

So you go with your gut who has nothing to say but, "go for it!"

Because what is there to lose?

And then you lose everything because your gut,

Is kind of a prick. 

Hey at least you tried, right?

At least you gave it your all?

But your mind thinks you're a moron and your heart..


He just lies there and sobs now. 

Your mind sees your heart,

His best friend in distress.

So your mind gets an idea that is surely insane.

To think that you still have a chance, so your heart won't sob in vain.

So your brain continues to think and give you a picture of "what ifs", and you try to believe that every scenario he plays will one day come true.

One day.

Not today.

Maybe she will see, yes?

One month. Five years, maybe?

Who knows?

But one day, right?

But in reality...

Your mind is just as mad as you.



I am far from being what you want me to be. Perfection is one of those words not existent in my dictionary.

I truly can't live up to all of your expectations fo a great guy, or whatever you thrive for. Its all because, deep down, I know thats not who I am. 

From a guy who used to laugh

Who used to smile

Who would escape through music and friends in time of distress,

Who would believe that someone is always watching over him in a far off mystical palace in the sky...

Now finds escape in a cigarrette with a bottle of whiskey to help him forget all the shit that he goes throughy day in, and day out.

And to keep himself from losing his way. How can he even go on from you?



Horrible little thing love is. 

Horrible, horrible thing. 

Why do we even bother with such a very stupid thing?

Because we are human. 

Because love is something we all dream of having, and its something we all fear to lose.

But why want something that could easily fade?

Because we live for the challenge to prove others wrong.

That love can be something that can live on forever and always.

That we can prove that chances should begiven to everyone dying from love.

To prove that love isnt so scary afterall, but that..

Love is hope...

Love is desire...

Love is beauty...

That its worth the risk.

I would say it keeps us from losing our mnds, 

But that's the funny thing about love.

It drives us to insanity







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