The Beast with Yellow Eyes

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Not your average beast.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




Part I

The cross hung, dangling slowly from Christoph' neck. The sweat dripped from his forehead. He couldn't stop now, he had to keep running.

Diego was about twenty yards behind him. Shooting with every other step. His aim was horrid, yet he still managed to shoot Christoph in the arm. The blood rushed out of him like water from a fountain. He couldn't keep this pace too much longer.

Christoph fell to a tree, put his back to it and pulled his gun. His eye sight was blurring due to the lack of blood, so when he shot, he couldn't make out if it was Diego or a tree. As both of their clips ran dry, Diego approached him.

"Do you really think you could get away from me? Did you really believe you stood a chance against me and my men?"

Diego began to kick him with his newly scuffed pointed boots, when a shot came from the distance barely missing Diego. He dipped his head and hid behind the tree as more shots came pouring in. Diego turned his head and looked from behind the tree, Christoph was no longer there, just the stains from his bleeding arm, and the shots continued at him. Diego could make out a figure in the distance, but nothing could prepare him for what would come next.

The beast suddenly appeared as Diego turned his back to the tree once more. It was ugly. Covered in blood, with sort of a brown tint to it's fur. The beast towered over Diego, the teeth showed stains of the last man it devoured. The drool dripped down, almost as if it could form puddles. Diego starred into the beast’s eyes, the scariest part of the monster. The eyes were a bright yellow, almost looking smoked stained. But before Diego could scream, the beast struck him down with a furious blow to the head, Diego could barely breathe at this point.

Diego grabbed the cross from the ground next to him and began to pray, but where the beast was sending him, there was no God. The beast finished the job to the sound of the gun firing, still getting closer.

The shooter started to run at the feeding fiend. It looked up at this man, strong build but small in comparison to the beast. The man’s vest read the name Valstrait.

Valstrait was a hired hand. Hired by the village folk to take down this beast, which had a $50,000 reward for its head.

He pulled his hunting knife and signaled the beast to fight. The beast stood as tall as it could, all 8 and a half feet of it, Diego's arm dropped from its mouth. The snarling roar of the beast echoed for miles. You could hear it a few miles away in the village.

The beast rushed Valstrait, but he jumped to the side. The monster landed on all fours and seemed to imprint the ground with its stop. It snarled and ran for him again, this time Valstrait took it head on. The knife stormed into the abdomen of the beast and a loud groan left it. The thud it made when it fell was strong enough to shake the trees. Valstrait fell to his knees, looked down at his chest and saw the hole. The beast had ripped into him just as he had ripped into the beast.

They both lay there in agony; Valstrait's eyes began to close as the hot sun washed over his face. He smiled in knowing that the beast had been defeated.


Part II

It was only a few minutes later that the sheriff came towards the sounds of the fight to see the hired killer dead on the forest floor, but no beast in sight. Just a dismembered Mexican, a failed killer.

The sheriff was startled by the scream he heard coming from town; he singled his deputy to investigate.

The deputy rode his steed over in the direction of the scream, but saw nothing, saw no one. As he dismounted from his horse he saw a barn door busted open and drew his gun. He approached the dark barn, there were no lights and the trees shaded the entrance.

"Hello," whispered the deputy, hoping not to alarm the beast.

He entered the barn, hesitantly waving his flashlight around in hopes of spotting the monster before it collapsed him and finished him like the others.

The Deputy almost fell over with the sound of the horse’s loud, painful neigh. The Deputy ran outside only to find the horse lying on the dirt floor, dead.

He wavered his gun intensely, while he mumbled something under his breath, he could feel the creature behind him, when he quickly turned, closed his eyes and shot every round in his revolver. The Sherriff fell back with the first two shots, the rest was overkill. The Deputy dropped his gun and ran to his fallen leader.

"I'm so sorry, I thought it was that thing, I swear," cried The Deputy.

"B-B--Be," Mumbled the Sherriff as the blood escaped his mouth.

"Be what? Be what?" the Deputy said, trying to find the sheriffs words.

As the Sherriff's blood gurgled in his throat, the deputy let him down to the floor, pulled the Sherriff's gun from his dead hand. He stood up and checked the ammo in the gun; full and ready to fire.

The Deputy stood there in shock of what he had done. He began to wipe his tears and asked himself,

"Be what?"

When an unfamiliar voice rang the words,

"Behind you."

Part III

The Deputy turned and started to point his gun, carefully as not to fire too soon this time. Except before the Deputy could turn to discover the voice's donor, he was struck on the side of the head and fell unconsciously.

He started to regain his composure about an hour later, tied up to a chair in the barn next to where he had unwillingly murdered his boss.

There was a deep voice that sounded familiar coming from the darkest part of the barn.

"The only way to rid the beast is to sacrifice someone to it, but the sacrifice has to be a man of pure intentions. Sounds like someone in this room, right?"

"I am the law enforcement of this area sir, I recommend you drop the act, untie me and let me go or there will be repercussions." said the Deputy, fading in and out.

"Repercussions? You won't be alive long enough to see them through," said the mysterious man.

The Deputy struggled with his ropes, trying to free himself when he heard the loud bang and the outside light flooded the barn and the beast stood in the doorway, shadowing the Deputy. The beast slowly approached the Deputy, drool hanging from his snout. The beast began to let out a thunderous roar and the Deputy started to scream and cry.

The creature took the last step to the Deputy and raised his monstrous paw, ready to strike the Deputy down.

A spear plunged through the monsters chest and it fell on the deputy, pushing the spear through him too. The fall collapsed the chair underneath the Deputy. It splintered and pushed pieces into the Deputy's back.

The mysterious man came into the light; it was the village’s lighthouse keeper, Christoph. He started to shoot the beast in the back with the Sherriff's revolver. By the end of the stream of bullets the beast had stopped its screaming.

Christoph put one foot on the monster and one hand on the spear and pulled it out of both the beast and the Deputy.

He pulled the beast off the Deputy and was astonished to see the Deputy still alive. Barely.

He took the spear and lunged it into the Deputy.

"I am sorry, my friend. I cannot take the risk of anyone having knowledge of today’s events. Rest in peace," Christoph said, lacking empathy.

 Part IV

He left the barn and was barraged with a stream of bullets from every angle. Diego's men had not given up, only had been angered after seeing what the Beast had done to their boss.

Diego's brother Martinez walked towards the body of Christoph and spit on him.

"You, you are the reason my brother is dead," Martinez said softly.

"I have killed the beast!" Martinez yelled toward the crowd of Diego's men.

The yellow light left Christoph's eyes as he faded into the nothing.









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