The Adventure Continues 2014 EDITION series 2 episode 12

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lily Kettle heads off for battle!
"MZZ here I come!"

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



The Adventure Continues

(2014 EDITION)

Series 2 Episode 12

Chapter one

Lily Kettle has got light blonde shiny hair that is currently tied back into a ponytail. Lily is seventeen years old. Lily has got magical powers inside her heart. Right now this very moment in time Lily is flying high through the skies of the never ending maze of Mzzuan on the back of a black motorbike. Lily is fully dressed and ready for battle in sliver shiny chainmail. Lily is wearing a sliver helmet on her head. Off course Lily is heading into battle, because after all when isn’t she?

“Mzz here I come!” Lily cries out excitedly as she drives across the blue and purple skies of Mzzuan.

Suddenly the palace of Mzz comes into view of Lily’s two eyes. Lily can see an open window in the palace, and when she is near enough to it on her motorbike she takes a leap diving off the motorbike, and into the open palace window. The room that Lily has just entered the palace in seems to be completely deserted, and it also seems to be the Queen Tiger Lily’s chamber.

Lily Kettle dares not to speak just now in case she is caught by either the evil Queen of this palace herself or by her brown warriors. However Lily can’t hear any signs of movement coming absolutely anywhere around the palace to her. Lily wonders if she is indeed in fact completely safe right now, because after all she does seem to be, because there’s no one around her to pay her a visit. Lily takes a look round the chamber. It does seem to have her own sense and fashion of design in it. Lily can see old photographs along both the shelves and cabinets in the room. There’s a set of draws right by where Lily is stood in her enemy’s chamber, and so therefore Kettle decides upon herself to have a little search through the set of draws, and that is just exactly what she does. Lily roughly pulls upon a draw, and then she finds nothing but an old golden dirty ring inside the draw. Lily takes one quick look at the ring before deciding upon herself that she must have it.

“Your mine!” Lily shouts out at the ring forgetting for a moment just where she is and that she must either not talk at all or keep a low voice, but however it’s no use, because with just shouting out that one little thing Lily has now drawn Queen Tiger Lily to her presence.

Queen Tiger Lily has got brown her and a mixture of both the colour black and the colour red eyes. The Tiger Queen is dressed in black clothes that she really looks scary in, for example she is wearing a black cape. Tiger Lily has a black hood on over her head, and she is carrying a sharp knife in her hand. Tiger Lily smiles coldly across her chamber at Lily.

“We meet again!” She yells out at her in a tone of sharp cold anger.

Lily turns to round in anger on the evil Queen.

“Sorry your majesty for breaking not only into your palace but into your chamber is well, but however my dear Queen I have come here with the intention of rescuing my friends, but now as well as rescuing my loyal companions I also would like to take that golden ring home with me that you have in your draw!” She cries out at her excitedly.

Lily turns back to face the ring that is still laid down in the dark draw, and she makes a sharp quick grab for him, but Queen Tiger Lily also makes a grab for it, and the evil Queen beats Lily to grabbing the ring. Tiger Lily holds the ring dearly in the palm of her hand. Tiger Lily smiles down at the ring that she loves much more dearly than absolutely anything else in the maze that she has all power over.

“My precious!” Queen Tiger Lily hisses down at the ring that is laid down upon the palm of her hand.

Lily takes a look from the evil Queen to her ring.

“I want it!” She tells her in a truthful tone.

Queen Tiger Lily then smiles coldly at Lily in response to what she has just told her.

“Tough because it’s mine dear!” She snarls out at her simply.

Queen Tiger Lily then jumps up into the air in great delight.

“Oh yes it’s mine!” She cries out excitedly.

Tiger Lily then proceeds to kiss her ring as she winks her eyes over coldly at Lily.

“Mine forever and ever!” She tells her.

This ring is indeed the greatest of all rings that both hold and carry power. This incredible ring was created by the dark lord Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom back in middle earth. Lily launches herself in anger at Queen Tiger Lily, and she tries to knock her down to the ground, but the evil Queen is much more than a match for Lily, and she uses her own dark powers to knock her out. Queen Tiger Lily then uses her own powerful magic to make both herself and Lily suddenly disappear out of her chamber in her palace.


Chapter two

Kyle Kevins horse that he’s been riding across the mountains that lay in the never ending maze of Mzzuan all of a sudden breaks down, and it decides upon himself to rest. The sun is still incredibly red hot high in the sky. It’s a powerful red hot sun. The desert seems to be even drier than before now, because of the sun in the sky. Kyle pats his horse Daniel dearly on his head.

“Sorry man for I feel that I’m overworking you,” he tells him.

Kyle suddenly yawns out in tiredness. He really doesn’t know just how further he can travel for in this red hot desert without rest. Kyle sinks down onto the boiling hot ground surface of the desert fading away now with hunger. Kyle really knows that he just needs to eat something, because if he doesn’t then he is sure to join his dear children up in Heaven before he can both find and capture Captain Hook for Lily Kettle. Kyle takes a look beside him at the horse that he has just sunk down by. Kyle struggles onto his feet, and he proceeds to withdraw a sharp knife from his belt that was given to him by Lily. Kyle shakes his head in sadness at Daniel.

“I am so sorry mate!” He shouts out at him.

Kyle then kisses his horse lovingly on his head.

“I hope that you rest forever in peace,” he tells him.

Kyle is just about to kill Daniel when both Alice the young lady from Wonderland and Tracy Beaker, who are the two women who he has come to love both equally and romantically, race up to him in the red hot desert. Alice is carrying what Captain Hook (Killian Jones) once called an Anu in her hand. Kyle shakes his head from Alice to Tracy.

“You two shouldn’t be here with me you should be with Lily!” He snaps out at them both.

Kyle then roughly grabs the Anu out of Alice’s hand.

“Give me that!” He commands her.

Kyle then takes a bite of the tasty Anu, and surprisingly it doesn’t kill him like how it once both poisoned and killed Lily. The Anu has given Kyle strength, but however the piece of Anu is rather big, but Kyle doesn’t eat it all, no instead he saves a little bit at the end of it for his horse Daniel. Daniel is much more than grateful to Kyle for given him the leftover of the piece of Anu to eat, and he knocks his head into him to show his gratitude to him. On their way out of the cave, and on their journey here to find Kyle both Alice and Tracy also caught two little Anu’s for themselves, and they ate them. Anu’s are a type of animal. Kyle pulls Alice into a loving hug.

“You saved my life by bringing me that piece of food.” He tells her.

Kyle then shares a kiss with Alice lovingly on the lips. Kyle is a true player so it seems, and he has pulled and continues to pull many girls ever since he got his beating heart broken by Morgana Pendragon, because he wants to try and repair it. Kyle turns to face Tracy, and he is shocked to find himself receiving a sharp slap from her.

“What the hell love?” Kyle snaps out in shock at Tracy as he rubs his face better with his hand.

Kyle’s troubled, and he tries to take Tracy by the hand to offer his support to her, but instead he finds that Tracy is pushing him away from her. Tracy suddenly bursts into tears of sadness.

“I thought that you loved me!” She cries out in sadness at Kyle.

Kevins then smiles lovingly at Beaker.

“I do love you,” he tells her in a truthful tone.

Kyle then turns round to face Alice, and he raises his hand at her before she too can slap him. Kyle is starting to lose his temper now with both women.

“I LOVE YOU BOTH!” He rages out at them both.

Kyle takes a look from Alice to Tracy.

“Love isn’t what matters though is it?” He questions them both.

Kyle then folds his arms at Tracy.

“It’s Lily who’s important,” he tells her.

Kyle then takes a look back over at Alice.

“Mike, Tee and Carman all need our help!” He reminds her.

Kyle grabs both Alice and Tracy now firmly by their hands.

“We need to find Captain Hook!” He informs them both.

Kyle shakes his head at Tracy.

“We can’t let him get away,” he tells her.

Kyle is still determined to track Killian down, and to capture him, but however he is still intending to do that alone. Kyle takes a look back at Alice.

“You need to both head to Mzz and to save Mike, Carman and Tee from Queen Tiger Lily! I myself need to continue my hunt down for Captain Hook!” He explains to both her and Tracy in an informing tone.

Although neither one of them wish to leave Kyle’s side, both Tracy and Alice nod their heads at Kyle in response to what he has just informed them both about.

Chapter three

The good witch struggles to open her eyes.

“Hello there! Are you alright?” A friendly voice calls out to Lily Kettle across the prison cell that she’s in from her.

Lily doesn’t recognise the voice. Her head is absolutely pounding. Lily takes a seat up suddenly in her cell. She isn’t in a dark prison cell. No this prison cell is surprisingly quite light.

“Ah she’s the friend of mine I was telling you about Lucy, hello there Lil!” Mike cries out coming into view of Lily’s two eyes in the rather big prison cell.

This prison cell has quite a lot of space inside it. Mike wanders over to Lily inside their prison cell, and he offers his hand out to her. Lily who is currently sat down on the dirty rotten cold hard floor of the prison cell takes her old care worker firmly by the hand, and Mike pulls Lily up onto her feet from the floor of her cell. Lily’s eyesight is really coming into focus now, because she couldn’t really see when she had first come round after being knocked out. Lily can now see the stranger called Lucy, Mike Milligan, Carman Howle and Tee Taylor all standing facing her inside this prison cell. Mike has his arms gently placed around both Carman and Tee facing Lily. Lily is dressed up in a white gown. Her sliver metal chainmail has been removed from her by Queen Tiger Lily her enemy. Lily smiles over at Mike.

“You look ill!” She tells him.

Lily then takes a look over at both Tee and Carman.

“So do you two!” She says to them both.

Lily is left shocked to see just how both ill and hungry her three friends are looking. Mike nods his head over at Lily.

“Oh yeah me and the girls here haven’t had a decent meal in days,” he explains to her.

Lily shakes her head back at Mike in response to what he has just explained to her.

“Neither have I!” She tells him in a truthful tone.

Lily’s troubled as she takes a look over at Lucy.

“Who are you?” She questions her sounding curious.

Lucy takes a look back at Lily in response to her question to her.

“Hi Lily sorry that introductions haven’t happened yet, I’m Lucy Pevensie!” She tells her in response to her question to her.

Lucy then holds her hand out to Lily. Lily nods her head towards the direction of Lucy.

“Well I’m-

Lucy smiles back at Lily interrupting her.

“I know who you are Lily Kettle Carman’s told me everything about you,” she says to her.

Lily smiles back in sadness at Lucy.

“I’m so sorry that you had to get caught up in all of this with that evil wicked witch Queen Tiger Lily!” She apologises to her.

Lucy was once known as Queen Lucy the Valiant. Lucy is the youngest child in a family of a total of four siblings. She was the first one of her family to discover the magical land of Narnia, and she discovered that enchanted world by heading through a magical wardrobe in an old Professor’s home that she needed to stay in, when both her and her brothers and sister were evacuated into the countryside during the events of the second world war.

Lucy Pevensie has always believed in the magical land of Narnia. Lucy’s oldest brother is called Peter, her other older brother is called Edmund and her older sister is called Susan. Lucy was once in the world that Lily, Mike, Carman and Tee have all come here from, but she died in that world. Lucy died in a train crash in England, and then she was transported to Aslan’s country, and there she was tracked down and located by the evil Queen Tiger Lily, and there in that wonderful enchanted country she was captured by her.

Lucy Pevensie was born in the year nineteen thirty two. She grew up in the city in England London. Now we have gotten to know a new character in our stories. Lily shakes hands with Lucy, and she pulls her into a friendly hug.

Lucy’s story:

In the year of nineteen forty one there was a vicious war raging on. The world of the earth was both cold and dark. Many men fought including this little girl’s father. The war was known as world war two. There had already been one terrifying war that had gone on, and unfortunately another one had now occurred. Professor Kirk was the name of the old man that both Lucy and her brothers and sister needed to be sent away to.

The winter rebellion; while she was staying at the Professor’s home with her siblings little Lucy made the discovery of a spare room in the house, and in that room there was a wardrobe. Now the wardrobe was very magical indeed, and it had the power to send people from one certain world which was earth to another certain world called Narnia. Lucy entered the wardrobe, and then after that she quickly found herself surrounded by snow all around her in a wood. In the snowy wood Lucy encounted a lamppost, and she also came across a faun. The faun introduced himself to Lucy as Mr Tumnus. The faun explained to the little girl that she had come into the enchanted realm of Narnia, and he invited her to join him for some tea back at his house.

Throughout her stay at his home Mr Tumnas tried his best to use an enchantment on Lucy, but she managed to shake this off. At Lucy’s insistence that she made a return home, Mr Tumnas became very distressed, and then that led him onto admitting to Lucy that he was in the service of the evil witch Jadas who was the Queen of Narnia at that time. Jadas is Morgana Pendragon’s Aunty. Jadas had taken upon herself to cast a dark eternal cold dark winter over Narnia, and she had also taken to give the command out to Tumnas to kidnap all humans in the land for her. Lucy was now absolutely horrified, and she took to pleading for her freedom with Mr Tumnas, and the faun then mercifully relented, and he took to helping Lucy back to the lamppost, and he gave her the promise that he wouldn’t tell anybody of her visit here.

Off course Lucy was sent back from Narnia to England via the wardrobe. Lucy tried to tell her older siblings about her little adventure that she had just had in Narnia. That little visit to the magical land had actually been Lucy’s very first visit to Narnia ever in all of her life so far. However Peter, Susan and Edmund all chose not to believe everything that Lucy had just told them about Narnia. Being unable to prove her story to her siblings little Lucy had no other choice but to stop talking about her visit to Narnia.

Days later however Lucy Pevensie succeeded in stumbling into the enchanted realm of Narnia again. After a visit to Mr Tumnas, she was reassured that no one had found out of his saving her, and that he was safe. Departing she found her brother Edmund wandering through the woods, having followed her through the wardrobe. She later tried to tell Peter and Susan of their adventure, but Edmund refused to back her up, and instead mocked her baby-story, much to her distress.

Several days later, all four children together crossed into Narnia through the wardrobe, prompting sincere apologises from Susan and Peter. Both were annoyed with Edmund and his dishonesty and agreed to go and see Mr Tumnas. Upon arriving at his home however, Lucy was horrified to find that he had been arrested by the Queen for helping her. Peter and Susan reluctantly agreed to remain and help him in what way they could, after which all four children were led into the woods, where they were met by a talking beaver.

The beaver, who also opposed the witch-Queen Jadas, told them that Tumnas had been arrested, and was being held at the white witch’s castle. He brought them to his home for dinner, and described the horrors that were likely being done to them, but offered hope, to calm Lucy, by telling them of the true King of Narnia called Aslan. Aslan he told them had promised to his people that four future King’s and Queen’s of Narnia were coming, who would defeat the witch. He promised also that when these four came, Aslan would come to Narnia as well, and the long winter of the witch would end.

In the midst of their dinner, however, the Beavers and the Pevensie’s realised that Edmund had disappeared. Mr. Beaver lamented that Edmund must have gone to betray them to the Witch, and his siblings unhappily concluded that on his first visit to Narnia, he must have met with the Witch and been won over to her side by deception or magic. They immediately fled to meet Aslan and his army.

On their way, they met with Father Christmas, who greeted them as prince and princesses, and gave them each gifts. For Lucy, a magical cordial that could heal any injury instantly, and a small dagger.

After a long journey, the five reached the Stone Table, the site of Aslan's camp. There, Aslan greeted the Pevensies as the future king and queens of Narnia, and was very grave at the news of their brother's betrayal.

Lucy and Susan were sent away to rest and refresh themselves, but while alone with several ladies-in-waiting, the sisters were attacked by Maugrim. Lucy, and many of the others, managed to run away, as Peter, Aslan and many soldiers arrived to rescue them. Though the first wolf was slain by Peter, a second one escaped, and was followed by several Narnian soldiers.


The next morning, the soldiers returned, bringing Edmund from the enemy's camp. Lucy welcomed him back, and forgave him easily for his treachery.

Later that day, however, Aslan received a visit from the White Witch, who called upon an ancient law that gave her a right to Edmund's blood.

Lucy waited in fear, as Aslan debated privately with the Witch, and was overjoyed when the Witch renounced her claim on Edmund's life. She was, however, one of the first to notice that afterwards, Aslan had become very despondent.

Later, the camp was moved from the Stone Table to the Fords of Beruna.

Aslan's behaviour affected Lucy so strongly that she and Susan were unable to sleep, so they snuck out of their pavilion, found Aslan leaving the camp, and decided to follow him.

He soon became aware of their presence, but allowed them to walk with him, giving him comfort. Several times he stumbled or began to weep, until at long last he stopped and ordered them to remain hidden.

Both princesses did so, hiding in the bushes, and watched, as he proceeded up to the Stone Table itself, where they saw the Witch Witch and all her army gathered. The sisters witnessed Aslan give himself up to her, and weeped, as they watched him tortured, mocked, and finally killed.

After the Witch's triumphant departure, both girls went to Aslan's body, and remained with him all night, weeping, and untying his bonds.

At dawn, both sisters faced the east until they heard a loud cracking sound behind them, and turned to find the Stone Table broken in two, and Aslan's body gone.

A moment later, both were overjoyed to find Aslan alive again by the power and law of the Deeper Magic.

The three celebrated, and Aslan bade both girls climb onto his back, and carried them with all speed to the White Witch's Castle.

There, they found many victims and prisoners of the Witch, including Mr. Tumnus, who Lucy begged Aslan to help. Aslan did so, freeing each of them from their stone prison with his breath.

He then led all of them to Beruna, to join the battle, in which Peter and the army were already engaged.

Upon arriving there, Lucy fought briefly, and then quickly rushed to the sidelines, where she found Edmund gravely wounded. Using her magic cordial, she healed him at once, and then witnessed his knighting, after which she spent her time healing many of the wounded soldiers.

The next day, at the royal castle of Cair Paravel, Lucy and her siblings were crowned Narnia's new monarchs, thus fulfilling the ancient prophecy, and officially ending Jadis's reign. This took place in the spring of 1000 NT.

Golden Age of Narnia

The Pevensies' reign lasted fifteen years, and was forever known as the Golden Age of Narnia.

Lucy grew up to become a sweet and beloved queen, dubbed Queen Lucy the Valiant by her people. Not only a lovely lady and an accomplished queen, she was also a fierce warrior, known to ride into battle in times of need.

She remained close friends with Mr. Tumnus.

In 1014, Narnia's ally, Archenland, was under attack from the Calormen. She rode with her brother, King Edmund, to wage battle for their defense, and helped to win the day.

She was present during the trial of Prince Rabadash, convinced King Lune not to kill him, and attempted to help the prince see the error of his ways, but eventually concluded that he was too much of a fool.

In 1015 NT, Mr. Tumnus brought news that the magical White Stag had returned to Narnia. Lucy and her siblings set out on a hunt, in the course of which they got lost in the woods. Stumbling through the woods, they found themselves in England again, back on the other side of the magic wardrobe.


The siblings discovered that due to magic, their fifteen years in Narnia had taken up no time at all in England, and they were again children in the Professor's house.

They told only the professor of their adventure, and he in turn admitted that he too had once been to Narnia.

The children were slightly dismayed to be told that the wardrobe had sealed, and would no longer carry them between the worlds, but were hopeful when the professor told them that they would get back to Narnia again someday, though not by the wardrobe.

A year later, at the age of nine, Lucy set out for her first year at a girl's boarding school with Susan.

While en route to school, all four children felt a peculiar tug, recognised as magic, and were within moments drawn out of Earth and back in Narnia.

War of Deliverance; the four arrived on a strange beach, next to a forest, on what they soon found, by exploring, to be an island.

Having no way to get off the island and onto the nearby mainland, the four soon found the ruins of an old castle, where they chose to stay for the night. It was during the night that Susan found a gold chessman that they all realised was one of their own from their reign in Narnia.

After a debate, they concluded that they were in fact in a very changed Narnia, in the ruins of their old castle, Cair Paravel.

To prove their hypothesis that time between the worlds was non-concurrent, the four uncovered their old Treasure Room.

From the chamber, Lucy retrieved her old magic gifts, and the four made themselves comfortable. The next morning, the siblings were near the channel that divided the island from the mainland, when they spotted two men in a boat, about to drown a dwarf. After a hasty rescue, the dwarf was unbound.

Though skeptical, he explained to them that 1300 years had passed in Narnia, setting the year at 2303. Narnia had been invaded by Telmarines a few hundred years ago, who had forced the Narnians to live in hiding, and had caused the trees and rivers to fall into a deep sleep.

Recently, a Telmarine prince called Caspian had fled from his people, and had agreed to free the Narnians if they made him king. He had, the dwarf explained, blown Susan's ancient horn, to summon help, sending out the dwarf as a scout to bring back whatever help came.

The Pevensies readily agreed to help, proving their mettle in a series of tests.

The dwarf, called Trumpkin, set out with them to meet Caspian. All five were forced to journey for some time, getting lost repeatedly due to the changes in topography.

After being foiled in their attempt to cross the River Rush, the five turned to retrace their steps, until Lucy looked across the river and spotted Aslan showing her the way. Though she was overjoyed, her siblings refused to believe her, and after a vote, chose to go down the river, to find a better crossing. Lucy reluctantly followed them.

After some time, they were again foiled, by running into a Telmarine outpost, and had to follow Lucy's original advice and turn around. Night fell, and they were forced to camp before they could go on.

During the night, Lucy heard a a voice calling her, and rose to walk through the nearby trees, which rose and began to dance. Eventually, Lucy emerged into a clearing, finding Aslan waiting for her.

After a joyful embrace, Lucy was convicted for listening to her siblings' peer pressure when she ought to have followed Aslan before.

Aslan told her to wake the others at once, and tell them that he was there to lead them on. When she tried to rouse her siblings, she found that none but she could see Aslan, and they refused to follow her. Desperate, she announced she would go on along with Aslan, forcing them to come with her. They all rose, and she led them after Aslan, across the river, and to Caspian's camp. As they walked, each one in turn was able to see Aslan, and follow him on their own.

When they reached Caspian's camp, they separated, the Queens going with Aslan, as all of Old Narnia began to celebrate his return. With a roar, he announced his presence, and woke the trees and waters from their sleep, preparing them for the coming battle between Narnia and the Telmarines.

After much celebration, Lucy and Susan climbed onto his back, and the dryads, maenad and others followed behind, as they entered the town of Beruna, and there persuaded many Telmarines to join them.

Eventually, they reached the bridge of Beruna, which Aslan destroyed, with the help of Bacchus and the River God. With their escape route cut off, the Telmarine army surrendered, and Prince Caspian was brought forth to meet Aslan. Lucy witnessed his knighting, and met and magically healed many soldiers in the Narnian army, including Reepicheep the High Mouse. In the aftermath, the four siblings were given rooms and amenities in Prince Caspian's castle.

A few days later, Aslan had a door set up in the meadow, summoning all the people to a meeting. There, he told the Telmarines that they were descended from seafarers from the world of Earth, and if they wished, he would send them back to that world through the door. Taking the lead, Peter and Susan explained to Lucy and Edmund that Aslan was sending them home as well.

Lucy bade a tearful farewell to Narnia, and to Aslan, and stepped through the door back into England.

1941-1942; In England again, Lucy spent her first year at boarding school, and made several friends while there.

In the summer of 1942, she and Edmund were sent to stay with their aunt and uncle while their parents went away on a trip.

It was during this time that they, along with their cousin Eustace, were brought back into Narnia through a painting.

The three landed in the sea, and were quickly hoisted up onto a ship. Lucy was the first to come on board, and the first to recognize one of its occupants, their friend King Caspian.

He quickly introduced her to the ship, the Dawn Treader, its Narnian-Telmarine crew, and its purpose; to find seven missing lords of Narnia, and to explore the seas to the end of the world, in the hopes of finding a way to Aslan's Country.

Lucy was thereafter given Caspian's own cabin to stay in, and was permitted to wear his clothes. Her magic cordial, also on board the ship, was returned to her, which she used to cure Eustace of seasickness.

Shortly after their arrival, the Dawn Treader came into sight of the Lone Islands. Lucy wanted to walk on the island Felimath, which she remembered from her time as queen, and Caspian agreed, sending the ship on to the other side of the island while Lucy, Edmund, Caspian, Eustace and Reepicheep walked. On the way, however, they were kidnapped by slave traders, and all but Caspian spent a night on a slave ship.

The following morning, they were taken to Narrowhaven to be sold in a slave market. Lucy, being obviously well-bred and hard-working, was purchased quickly, but freed almost instantly when Caspian arrived, announcing his kingship, and shut down the trade.

After three weeks, the Dawn Treader finally set out again, and had several days of fine weather. It did not last, however, and soon a storm came up that lasted twelve days, causing damage to the ship, which required them to land on a strange island. Before they could even begin their repairs, Eustace went missing. A search party was sent out, but no sign of him was found, until the following morning when a dragon flew into the camp, landing on the beach between the crew and the ship. They were wary until Lucy saw that the dragon was crying, and offered to heal its wounded leg. Through a series of questions, Lucy and the others worked out that the dragon was a spellbound Eustace.

After the spell on Eustace was lifted, the ship sailed on until a few days later, when a Sea Serpent attacked, winding itself around the Dawn Treader, to crush it. The crew successfully escaped, and sailed on to yet another strange island, where they decided to walk.

On the island, at the bottom of a nearby pool, was a statue that looked to be made of solid gold. They discovered that anything that touched the water in the pool was instantly turned to gold. Caspian, Edmund and Lucy began to quarrel until they all spotted Aslan on a nearby hill. Realizing the island was heavily enchanted, they all returned to the ship.

The next island that the Dawn Treader came to was surprisingly modern. As the others headed inland along the path, Lucy stayed behind a moment, and heard a strange thumping sound. Soon there were voices talking, which Lucy realized belonged to invisible people planning to kidnap the Narnians while they were away from their ship. Lucy hurried to find Edmund and Caspian, and told her story. Deciding to go back down to the boat, they found that these 'Dufflepuds' were not only un-intelligent, but also lacking in courage. Their request was that Lucy would perform a spell to make them visible, going into the house of magician they regarded as evil, and refused to enter themselves. Lucy agreed, if only to save her friends' lives.

Lucy did as the Duffers had instructed her, and found the magician's Book of Incantations. Leafing through it, she came upon a spell that was said to make her beautiful beyond the lot of mortals. About to utter it out of jealousy, and vanity, she was stopped when she looked back at the opening words of the spell, and saw Aslan's face staring into hers. After passing over many more spells, she found the correct one, and spoke it. Both Aslan and the magician, whom the Dufflepuds so feared, entered and greeted her. After meeting the magican, who was in fact a follower of Aslan, and spending some time on the island, the Dawn Treader again sailed east.

Twelve days passed by, until a mist appeared in the distance, growing into a darkness hovering over the water. Although all were apprehensive, they rowed on until a man appeared in the water, and was quickly hauled on board. The stranger warned them to escape as quick as they could, for the darkness harbored the island where dreams and nightmares came true. Instantly they began to frantically row their way back out, but after a while they began to think that they were caught and would never escape. Lucy, who was positioned in the fighting-top, with a bow at the ready, whispered to Aslan, begging for his help, and a beam of light appeared in the dark. A bird came out of the beam, an albatross, which spoke to Lucy with Aslan's voice, and led them out of the dark.

In the following days, another island came into sight. On the island was set a long table prepared with a banquet such had never been seen. Three of the chairs at the table were filled, and in them sat three lords, all under an enchanted sleep. Lucy, Caspian, Edmund, Eustace and Reepicheep sat at the table to spend the night. Early in the morning, they awoke to find a lady coming to the table. She told them of the three lords, and that the island was the beginning of the end of the world. Her father, the star Ramandu, told Caspian that to break the enchantment that held the lords asleep, he must sail to the end of the world and leave one person behind.

They set sail then onto the Last Sea, where they discovered sweet waters, Sea People, and the Sea of Lilies. It soon became clear that the Dawn Treadercould sail no farther East, and Aslan came briefly to tell them that Reepicheep, Lucy, Edmund and Eustace were to go to the World's End. There were sad goodbyes, and then they did as they were told.

When they came to a shore, Reepicheep took his boat on into Aslan's Country, while Lucy and the others made their way ashore. There was a lamb there, and as it spoke to them it changed to become the Lion himself, who told Lucy that she and Edmund would never come back to Narnia. Then Aslan kissed their foreheads, and they were back in Lucy's room in Eustace's house.


Afterwards, Lucy grew up fairly normally, eventually becoming one of the self-titled Seven Friends of Narnia, those who had been to the world of Narnia by magic. In 1949, Lucy, Edmund and Peter were having dinner with Eustace, Jill Pole, Polly Plummer and Digory Kirke, reminiscing about their days in Narnia, when a Narnian-dressed figure appeared to them as a specter. The figure did not speak, even when Peter demanded as High King that it do so.

After the specter disappeared again, they all felt sure that something was dreadfully wrong in their beloved country, and they needed to find a way to get there on their own.

Remembering the Magic Rings that were capable of carrying humans from one world to another, the seven set up a plan to get young Jill and Eustace to Narnia. While the rings were retrieved, Lucy and the others got on a train to take Eustace and Jill to school, intending to use the rings on the way. 

They never made it, though, as their train had crashed on the way, killing at least nine people. Lucy was among the casualties, having died instantly as a result of the crash.


Aslan had transported Lucy, along with Edmund, Peter, Digory and Polly, to a great green field with fruit trees, and a door that led to nowhere, clothed in Narnian garb. Several people came in or out of the door, but most seemed unable to see the fields or Lucy and her companions. After some time, Eustace, and then Jill, came through the door, explaining that they had been to Narnia on the other side of the door. Once everything in Narnia had been straightened out, and many other Narnians had joined them, the Friends of Narnia stood by, as Aslan brought about the end of Old Narnia.

Aslan then gave a great roar, and began to lead all the remaining Narnians. All ran after him in the field, realizing that this was not Narnia, but the real Narnia, and the afterlife of the world they had known. They all ran until they reached not Cair Paravel, but a bigger and better Cair Paravel, and met all of their old friends from all of their adventures in the Shadowlands, alive and better than ever before, as well as many people of whom they had only heard.

But Lucy was, as Aslan said, not quite so happy as he meant her to be. She explained that it was because they (the English Narnians) were so afraid of being sent back home again. It was then that Aslan explained that there had been a train accident back in England, and that in their world, the children were all dead. This, the real Narnia, was Aslan's Country, and a Narnian equivalent of Heaven. Lucy was not going to be sent back, but was permitted to live forever in the Real Narnia.


“Pleasure meeting you,” Kettle tells Pevensie.

Mike folds his arms.

“How are we all going to get out of here?” He questions Lily.

Kettle takes a look back at Milligan in response to his question to her. Lily shrugs her shoulders back at Mike.

“By the power of my magic off course!” She tells him in response to his question to her.

Lily then simply proceeds to use her magic to unlock the door of the prison cell. The prison cell door flies wide open, and Lily takes a look back at both Mike and Lucy.

“Time to go!” She tells them both.

Mike nods his head in response to what Lily has just told him.

“Yeah come on girls let’s go!” Mike cries out loudly and happily at everyone in response to what Lily has just told him, but then that draws attention to all of them.

All of a sudden many brown warriors come charging quickly into the prison cell before them. Lily just like all off her friends is unarmed and defenceless right now. The leader of the brown guards rounds in anger on Lily, realising that he must be the one to bring her down, because after all even without a sword Lily Kettle is too powerful for his men to take on and survive, but however this warrior is skilful with the sword, and he is ready to do everything that he can to bring Lily down.  The other warriors are closing in with blood cold anger in their hearts and hatred in their eyes on Tee, Carman, Mike and Lucy. Lily uses her magic to make swords appear in the hands of her friends all of a sudden arming them all up. Lily also makes a strong powerful sword appear out of nowhere firmly in her own two hands, before rounding in anger on the leader of the brown warriors. Lily laughs out loud at the guard.

“Ha did you really think that I was going to let you take me down so easily?” She questions him while laughing at him.

The leading warrior’s sword then meets Lily’s sword in battle.

To be continued!








© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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