The Adventure Continues 2014 edition series 2 episode 13

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lily continues to try and think of a way that both her and her friends can escape themselves from the never ending maze of Mzzuan. Lily may just unfortunately lose one of her closest allies in her struggle to escape herself out of the never ending maze.

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



The Adventure Continues

(2014 EDITION)

Series 2 Episode 13

Chapter one

Lily Kettle is still in her prison cell in Mzz palace in the never ending maze of Mzzuan with her powerful army of friends trying her best to escape from it with them. Lily has used her magical powers to arm both herself and her friends up in their vicious battle against the evil Queen’s brown warriors. Lily is battling her Knight just by the door of the dirty rotten prison cell. Around where she is fighting hard for her life against her opponent her friend’s are also fighting hard to just simply save their own lives. Lucy Pevensie overpowers the metal brown guard who she has been fighting, and she makes her way over to offer out her assistance to Tee Taylor in her battle against her metal brown guard. The brown warrior is now outnumbered massively; his fight is now two to one.

“I’m pleased I met you Lucy!” Tee cries out to her friend in her battle against her brown warrior.

Lucy smiles happily at Tee as she stabs her enemy guard hard in the chest with the sharp blade of her sliver metal sword.

“AH!” The warrior cries out in a bloodthirsty scream of pain as he dies slowly as a result from the sword attack.

Lucy and Tee then share a friendly high five together before heading over running together to join Carman Howle in her fight against her brown enemy guard. The brown warrior was just about to unfortunately overpower Carman before her friends headed over to offer up their assistance to her. Together the three girls manage to overpower the brown Knight, and they all proceed to kill him together with the sharp sliver blades of their swords.

“Oh yeah!” Lucy, Tee and Carman cry out happily together as they bring their enemy down.

A brown warrior is slowly overpowering Michael Milligan inside the dirty trampy prison cell. Mike is really fighting for his life now giving his enemy everything that he’s got. Lily is defeating the brown metal guard who she is battling against however, and she manages to defeat him just in the nick of time to unfortunately not save him, but to watch as Mike is brought down by his latest enemy in life. Mike has really been no match at all for the brown warrior, because after all he is an old man. The brown knight stabs Mr Milligan full on in the chest with his sword digging his sharp pointy blade right into him.

“NO MIKE!” Lily roars out in terror as she watches her friend both suffer and die like this.

Carman and Tee also can’t believe what they’re seeing, but they really need to concentrate right now on the fight ahead, because after all there are still many warriors in the cell for them to bring down together. Lucy is left horrified to find that Mike has just been killed like this, but she is not nearly as shocked by his death as the other three are, because after all she only just met him, and she unfortunately didn’t get the happy chance to properly meet him like the other three girls did. Lily sinks down broken hearted onto the floor of the prison cell that she’s in just beside her deceased dear care worker.


Chapter two

Michael Milligan is dead, may he rest in peace. Together while Lily Kettle holds Mike’s dead body dearly and lovingly in her white arms inside the prison cell that she’s in Lucy Pevensie, Tee Taylor and Carman Howle all manage to bring the other lot of brown metal guards who have come in here to attack them all down. The brown knight’s have all now been defeated, and may they all now rot in the pits of hell. Lily wipes tears that she can’t stop firing out of her two brown eyes away. This short battle is over, but there will certainly be many more to follow. Lily takes a look up at both Tee and Carman, her two best friend’s who are also crying their eyes out while they are taking a look down at the old man Mike’s dead body together. Lucy takes a look at all three girls Lily, Carman and Tee before deciding to speak up to them.

“Look we need to get the hell out of this rotten palace girls! Mike was a good man, and I’m pretty sure that he had a good life, and there will be a lot of time for you to all properly grieve over his death later on, but now though however we all need to concentrate on getting out of this palace alive and well!” Pevensie tells Taylor, Howle and Kettle speaking up to them all.

Lily takes a look up at Lucy her eyes full of sadness, and she shakes her head at her.

“What’s the point in me going on? After all what do I have to live for what with my two dads dead, and my boyfriend also gone forever?” Lily shouts out at her new found friend in a tone of sharp anger.

Mike was like a second father to Lily. Mike’s death came at a bad time for Lily, right now is a bad time for her to come to terms with any more grievances, because after all she is still feeling incredibly rough after both the deaths of Steve Kettle (her dad) and Razz Kevins (her boyfriend). Lily still believes Razz to be dead, because after all how could she possibly know that he’s alive and well in the magical realm of Narnia? Tee kneels down before her good friend on the floor of their prison cell. Taylor takes a smile over at her best mate Kettle.

“Tracy’s still out there in Mzzuan, and we really need to find her!” She tells her.

Lily takes a look back at Tee in response to what she has just told her, believing her to be absolutely right. Lily knows that she does need to go out there out of this palace, and into the red hot desert to find her two friends Tracy and Kyle, because they did come here to find her and save her after all. Lily quickly rises up onto her two feet, and she makes a quick dash flying out of the filthy prison cell. The other three girls hurry after her.

Chapter three

Lily Kettle races into the great hall in Mzzuan palace. The hall is completely deserted. Lily has absolutely no idea at all just what time of day it is until she takes a look out of the window in the great hall off course, and then she realises that it’s nightfall. Nightfall has fallen over the never ending maze of Mzzuan once again. The day has faded away and turned into night. Judging by the darkness outside the palace walls Lily could tell that it was very late at night indeed. Lily takes a look over at her three friends who are all stood together a short distance from her in the great hall. Lily knows that she just can’t leave this palace with them just yet, because she just can’t stop thinking back to that ring of power that she saw in the Queen’s chamber in this palace. Lily knows that the ring of power can’t remain in the evil Tiger Queen’s hands. She wants to make that ring her own ring. Lily rounds on her three friends.

“Get out of here all of you! Leave this palace now while you all still can! This palace is about to become a battleground between both myself and Queen Tiger Lily!” Miss Kettle informs Lucy, Tee and Carman.

Although none of them want to leave her side all three girls know better than to argue with Lily, and so they all take off running together out of the great hall through a little hidden door in it that actually leads out into the grounds of the palace outside, after they have all wished Lily a little good luck together. Lily is left all alone inside her enemy’s great hall. Lily hurries as fast as her legs can carry her out of the great hall, and she races down a corridor leading away from the great hall. Lily is still armed up with her sliver metal sword. Lily takes off running up a steep flight of spiral stairs in the palace carrying her sword firmly in her hand. Lily reaches the top of the stairway, and she bursts open a brown wooden door that is at the top of the flight of stairs. The door unlocks easily enough, and so Lily has no bother at all getting herself through it. Luckily there is nothing on the opposite end of the door ready to jump out and surprise Lily, and so luckily she receives no surprises. Lily takes off running down yet another corridor in the palace now that lays just beyond the flight of steep stairs in the palace. She eventually stops running when she comes to a firmly locked up hidden away door in the palace. Lily at first uses her two hands to try and pull open the locked wooden brown door, but it appears to not be opening by he trying to open it manually, and so therefore Lily uses her powerful magical powers to unlock and to burst open the locked door. The door flies wide open, and Lily makes her way into the room that it leads into. Lily is now stood in the entrance to a rather med evil library, and she appears to be very frightened now indeed almost scared out of her mine I would say now.

Chapter four

There doesn’t seem to be a soul in sight anywhere around Lily Kettle, but however she can hear little cold scary voices making their way from all corridors and shelves in the library to her two ears. The voices become both very loud and powerful over time growing themselves in power all the time. Lily at first dares not speak out, because of the fear that she’s experiencing from hearing the voices, but however she can’t control and maintain herself from shouting out for very long, and so she closes her hands in around her mouth, and she calls out before she can control herself.

“HELLO THERE!” Lily bellows out rather loudly at the top of her voice.

The voice keeps calling from all around her, but however none of them seem to be making any sense, and none of them therefore respond to her call. Lily strains her ears to try and make sense of what the voices are telling her.

“King Kyle and Queen Morgana may there love last forever!” One voice yells out to her.

What this voice has just spoken out comes as a bit of a shock to Lily, because unlike her current companions here in Mzzuan she had absolutely no idea at all that Kyle and Morgana had once been lovers to one another. Lily knows that once upon a time maybe both Morgana Pendragon and Kyle Kevins were going out with one another, but nowadays Lily believes that their relationship is never ever going to continue, because their two opposite people to one another Kyle and Morgana are. Kyle is a very good and honourable man in Lily’s own personal opinion, and where as Morgana on the other hand is a cold hearted stone cold killer. Lily’s eyes flash over a book on an old dusty cobwebbed shelf that is placed just next to a human skeleton skull head, and that’s when she realises much to both her shock and surprise that voice has just told her about both Morgana and Kyle’s relationship with one another.

“Get a grip Lily all the voices are coming from the books in the room!” She tells herself through anger over being so afraid over nothing.

Lily makes her way taking herself further and deeper into the very heart of the hunted library. The voices that are speaking out to Lily now she realises much to her horror are the voices that are from the characters who have all died in the books in here. Lily turns right in the library wandering up a corridor. Lily scans the bookshelves on the corridors that she passes by with her two brown coloured eyes. Finally but suddenly Lily finds a book along the bookshelf that takes to capturing her immediate attention. The book is just laid down instead of being placed upright with the other books on the rather wide bookshelf. On the front cover of the book there’s a picture of Queen Tiger Lily, and whoever designed the front cover of this book has made the drawn of the evil Queen very realistic indeed. The book is black and it’s a rather nice looking hard back book. Lily is rather drawn to this book, because of the words that are included on the front cover of it. On the front cover of this book there are the words, the Queen may be killed but her terror must continue, Lily has absolutely no idea at all what that could possibly mean to her. Lily has no idea whether she would be able to kill her enemy or not.

Chapter five

Lily Kettle is still standing facing the bookshelf in the med evil old dusty library. Lily is still left troubled over the words that she has only just read on the book that she is taking a look down on which has Queen Tiger Lily’s evil cold face included on it. The words are saying to Lily, the Queen maybe killed but her terror must continue. Lily takes a grab for the book. She picks it up off the shelf, and she makes a quick dashing escape out of the scary spooky library which is still full of voices that are making absolutely no sense whatsoever to her.

A couple of minutes later Lily Kettle has made her way unnoticed into Queen Tiger Lily’s chamber. A chamber in this palace that she has already been to once before today. Lily can see the evil Queen fast asleep in her bed snoring her head off so it seems. It must be a hard life being Queen Lily thinks to herself. Kettle knows that she’s got to hurry up, because her enemy might not be asleep for much longer. Lily takes a look over across the room at the witches bedside cabinet and she can see that the only thing placed neatly upon that cabinet is the incredible ring of absolute power. Lily knows that she must make her enemy’s ring her own, and so she tiptoes quietly across the chamber to it daring herself not to awaken her snoozing enemy. Just then Tiger Lily’s eyes flash widely open, and then she notices her intruding enemy in the middle of the night much to her horror.

“Ah Lily, you escaped from my cellar even quicker than I expected you too!” The evil Queen laughs coldly at her enemy.

Lily smiles down at her enemy who is wide awake now with the same look of coldness in her two brown eyes.

“Yeah well I’m happy to say that it doesn’t take me very long to do things,” she tells her in response to her cold laughter to her.

Lily is actually feeling quite proud of herself from escaping from her prison cell, but she would have actually been feeling a lot happier with herself if she had rescued Mike from the cell alive and well like how she planned to come here and do, but that was something that she failed in her task.

“I’ve come for your ring of power, hope you don’t mind, but don’t worry yourself your majesty I’ll just collect it from over here, and then I’ll get out of your way escaping from your palace!” Lily says to her enemy.

Lily then makes a grab for the ring of power and she actually grabs it. This angers the evil Queen greatly not surprisingly, and Tiger Lily rises to her feet up from her bed, and she flies in powerful fury towards her enemy. Lily holds onto the ring that she has just picked up and is intending to steal firmly, and she is determined not to let go of it. Queen Tiger Lily grabs Lily roughly by her long blonde hair, and she pulls on it tightly. Lily screams out in pain when her enemy does this to her, but she quickly turns round to face her not daring to give her the satisfactory of making her appear weak before her, and Lily punches the evil Queen full on hard in the face with her firm fist.

“Give my ring to me! Hand me over my precious!” Queen Tiger Lily snaps out at Lily firmly.

Battle is in full flow right now, it has really started to commence. Lily quickly manages to slip the golden ring onto the first finger on her right hand while still being attacked by Queen Tiger Lily. Lily now disappears from sight in the room, but however she still remains inside the room. Lily just hopes that her enemy Queen can’t see her, but however she unfortunately can. Tiger Lily enchanted the last ring of power that she processes that whoever wears it will always be seen by her even when they wish to remain unseen. Lily tries to sneak up behind Queen Tiger Lily believing herself to be noticed by her. Ever since she put the ring onto her finger the world around Lily seems to be both black and white. Lily is now creeping up onto the evil Queen from behind, but suddenly Queen Tiger Lily spins around, and she lashes out in anger at her enemy who she can see wishing to give her a surprise attack with the sharp blade of her sword.

“Lily darling I can see you for I can see just whoever wears my ring now brace yourself my girl to die by my hand!” Queen Tiger Lily shouts out at Lily launches her sword in the direction of her, but however Lily is still carrying her own sword strikes the evil Queen down instead, because Lily uses her enchanted powers to make the evil Queen’s sword disappear vanishing out of her hand.

Lily sinks the sharp blade of her sliver shiny sword deep into Queen Tiger Lily’s chest. Tiger Lily takes a look up at Lily.

“I maybe dead but be warned my girl Morgana’s still out there, and she will kill you do you understand me?” She snarls out yelling out at her sharply.

Lily then looks down and she watches as Queen Tiger Lily passes away dying before her two very own eyes. The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen! Before she died Queen Tiger Lily wasn’t able to notice that Lily had stolen her book from her, because before entering this chamber Lily used her magical powers to transport the book out of her hands, and into the hands of Tracy Beaker wherever she maybe here in Mzzuan. Lily knows that she needs to get the hell out of this palace right now. She’s become a killer. Some people may however say that Lily killed for the right reason just now, but however can a person ever kill someone for a right reason. Every single life is a gift from God, and therefore no one has the right to end a life apart from the creator of Heaven and Earth himself.

Chapter six

Lily Kettle is now wearing a pink T-shirt and a white pair of shorts with a purple pair of plimsolls. She used her powerful magical gifts to make these clothes appear on herself to replace the white gown that she was wearing before. Lily steps foot out of the main entrance of Mzz palace pushing the great big brown gates open to allow herself to leave the palace, and to step foot into the red hot fresh dry desert air outside it. Lily finds hell on earth greeting her when she steps foot out of the palace. Everyone is now stood together just outside of the palace. It seems that Kyle Kevins has now captured Captain Hook, and he now has him with him just outside the palace. There’s a great big thick piece of rope tied around Killian Jones’ body that Kyle has hold of, and Kevins is leading the pirate roughly up to both Tracy Beaker and Alice the young lady from Wonderland who have both only just arrived at the scene. There is a man who Lily has never met before trying his best to argue with Kyle to release his new found friend the pirate Captain. This man has two young adults with him both a male and a female.

“Please let him go that man is the only man who can get both me and my family out of here alive!” Tom Clarkson shouts out at Kyle Kevins in a tone of anger.

Kyle looks on coldly at Tom his eyes full of anger.

“Listen to me man whatever this pirate told you is a lie!” He promises him in a firm tone.

Tom shrugs his shoulders back at Kyle and het turns to face Sambuca Kelly.

“Why am I even trying to save Hook’s life he tried to kill you yesterday?” He questions her sounding troubled.

It now seems that both Sam and Finn Sharkey are trying to plead with Tom for him to save the life of Killian Jones, but it also turns out that Thomas really doesn’t wish to save the pirate Captain’s life. Finn rounds on Tom.

“Please yeah I know this man has made some mistakes in his life we all have, but shouldn’t he not deserve to die in what is so called justice like this?” He yells out at him.

Kyle rounds on Finn.

“Shut up boy you know nothing of justice, and I suggest that you hold your tongue before my leader Lily kills you in the exact same way that she is planning on killing this man!” He warns him in a sharp tone.

Tracy and Alice have now started to round in anger on Sam, but suddenly Tracy notices Tee Taylor and Carman Howle who are both sunk down on the red hot desert ground just before her weeping their four eyes in sadness over Mike Milligan’s dead body. Tracy’s heart seems to break the minute she notices the man who was like a father to her’s dead body. Lucy Pevensie is the first person to notice Lily making her way over to them all. Lucy is pleased to find Lily looking all unharmed like this, and she doesn’t even seem to have a single scratch or scar upon her clean white face.

“Lily!” Lucy cries in happiness over at her new found friend.

Lily nods her head back over at Lucy.

“Hey what’s going on? It all seems to be going on out here,” she tells her sounding both confused and troubled.

It’s daylight now. Nighttimes in Mzzuan are very short indeed. The last time Lily saw her friend Lucy it was the middle of the night, but it now seems that Lily was cruising around inside the palace a lot longer than she thought that it was, because it now seems to be very early morning in this never ending enchanted maze. Lucy shrugs her shoulders in response to Lily’s question to her.

“Your guess about what is going on out here is as good as mine my friend,” she says to her in response to her question to her.

Lily and Lucy both share a firm hug of friendship with one another.

“It’s good to see that your still alive mate, the Queen does the same go for her?” Pevensie questions Kettle.

Lily shakes her head in triumph at her friend in response to her question.

“No Tiger’s dead!” Lily explains to Lucy in response to her question to her.

Pevensie’s now left all delighted by Kettle’s explanation to her. Lily notices the hard back book with Queen Tiger Lily’s face included on its front cover laid down on the red hot ground surface of the desert just beside Tracy Beaker. Tracy is now like both Tee and Carman crying her eyes out over Mike Milligan’s dead body. Kyle notices Lily standing before him by Lucy’s side, and he takes a look over at her.

“I’ve brought you the pirate as promised!” Kevins calls over to Kettle.

Lily takes a look back over at Kyle, and she is left surprised to discover that he has taken to abandon his horse somewhere here in Mzzuan. Lily nods her appreciation back over at Kyle.

“Thanks buddy,” she says to him.

Lily then takes a look across the desert from her fixing her brown coloured eyes on Captain Hook. Hook winks one of his blue eyes back over at Miss Kettle.

“Hey beautiful!” He calls over to her.

Lily takes a look in anger at her enemy pirate before shaking her head at him.

“I can’t kill you, because I have already killed one person today, and I don’t really wish to kill another! I’m going to spare your life Captain Hook-

Lily is interrupted from talking by the stranger to her Tom Clarkson. Mr Clarkson rises up his two hands to silence Miss Kettle from speaking as he takes to rounding on her.

“Certainly don’t kill him sweetheart! However normally I myself would have no objections at all with you even taking to consider ending a life which is just as cold hearted as his, but darling this bloke could prove to be of use to you.” Tom explains to Lily.

Kettle is left a little bit alarmed by Clarkson’s interruption to her like this, but however since she knows him she trusts him. Lily didn’t recognise Tom at first, but however now she remembers coming across him and meeting him for a short time back in Living village in Liverpool city just before she got herself kidnapped their by this blasted pirate. Tracy takes a look up at Tom from where she’d mourning over Mike’s dead body.

“Oh Tom it truly is good to see you again,” Beaker says sounding a little bit happy to her old friend.

Tom takes a look down at Mike’s dead body with a little bit of sadness in his eyes.

“People are always dying nowadays,” he mutters under his breath.

Even though Tom didn’t know Mike at all, and his path never ever crossed with his Tom is left saddened by the death of this man, because his death has occurred just so close after the death of his beloved son. Tom smiles down at Tracy.

“You have my apologies for your lose,” he says to her.

Tom folds his arms.

“Buried Josh a couple of days ago back in the graveyard in Living village,” he tells Tracy.

This knocks the tiny bit of happiness that Tracy was starting to experience right down again. The Beaker wasn’t even available to attend her own boyfriend’s funeral, and this upsets her greatly. Tom takes a look back over at Lily. Lily rounds on him.

“What use could Hook possibly be to me now?” Kettle questions Clarkson out of curiosity.

Tom coughs to clear his throat in response to Lily’s question to him.

“He has a way out of this maze!” Clarkson tells Kettle in response to her question to him.

Tom is happy to be back reunited with his old friends who are Tracy, Lily and Carman. He met them all for a very short time back in Living village before all their lives changed not for the better. Tom smiles back at Kyle.

“We just forgot about one another for a moment!” He tells him.

Kyle nods his head in response to what Tom has just told him.

“Sorry mate,” Kevins apologises to Clarkson in response to what he has just told him.

Kyle has had quite a lot going on in his own life with his relationship between both Tracy and Alice to be remembering the faces of his friends. Kyle remembers back to the last time that he saw Tom back when he watched as he made an emergency return trip to Living village on the couch. Kyle grabs Hook roughly by the face, and he makes him forcefully look him in the eyes.

“Since my good friend Tom over here has convinced me to I’m going to be sparing your life today, and don’t you dare give me any reason to regret it!” Kyle snaps out sharply at Killian as he punches him full on in the face.

Tom helps Tracy up onto her feet from the red hot hard desert ground by taking hold firmly of her hand. Tom pulls Tracy into a loving hug.

“Josh would be very proud of you!” He promises her.

Alice moves in closer to Kyle as they look on watching the hug that both Tom and Tracy are sharing with one another.

“Allow him to be with her and fall in love with me!” The young lady from Wonderland tells Kevins.

Kyle shakes his head back at Alice in response to what he has just told her.

“No because I love Tracy more than how I love you,” Kevins tells the young lady from Wonderland in an honest tone.

This makes Alice angry, but however she doesn’t think for one single moment upon acting on her anger. Alice knows that she herself needs to just leave Mzzuan now. She takes a look over at the pirate Hook, and she knows that she needs to enlist his help on getting out of Mzzuan.

Chapter seven

Lily Kettle uses her magical powers to make a pile of thick wooden barky brown logs appear out of nowhere before where she is standing with her friends Tee Taylor, Carman Howle, Tracy Beaker, Alice the young lady from Wonderland, Lucy Pevensie, Kyle Kevins, Tom Clarkson, and his two friends Finn Sharkey and Sambuca Kelly, and her enemy pirate Captain Hook in the very heart of the red hot dry desert in Mzzuan. Together both Kyle and Tom carry Mike Milligan’s dead body up to the small pile of logs, and they lay it down together on top of it. Once Mike’s dead body is laid down upon the pile of logs Lily uses her powerful magical powers to set the logs on fire, and then Mike’s dead body burns away in the flames of orange fire. Lily watches as her old care worker’s dead body burns away into ashes before her two very own eyes.

“Rest in peace Mike,” Lily whispers out in sadness.

Suddenly the front gates of Mzz palace burst open, and an army of both brown guards and skeletons both storm and charge out of the entrance heading over to attack both Lily Kettle and her people. Lily spins round to face her enemies in fright, and she is left terrified by the vast powerful numbers of them. Both the brown Knight’s and their servant skeletons outnumber Lily and her friends by a lot.















© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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