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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Both Lily Kettle and her boyfriend Razz Kevins are sent back in time in Narnia to the days of old there. An adventure in the past of Narnia breaks out for the two of them. Will they ever be able to escape themselves out of the frozen realm and into another one? Read on to find out if they possibly can free themselves from the enchanted realm or not!

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015




(2014 EDITION)


Chapter 1

Both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins all of a sudden find themselves stood near to a tree watching a lion, who Razz recognises as his friend Aslan talking to a young man. This tree has quite a lot of apples growing off it. Aslan smiles over at the young man who he is with.

“Digory, the tree will keep the witch out of Narnia, but she will remain in the north growing stronger in her evil magic!” Aslan explains to the young man both Razz and Lily can overhear this.

Razz is suddenly left worried by thinking of the fact that his own personal timeline could go wrong if Aslan was to set his eyes upon him, because Mr Kevins is aware the golden lion isn’t supposed to meet him until his far future. Razz turns to face Lily.

“We need to get away from here!” He tells her firmly.

Lily appears however to not have heard what Razz has just told her, because she is left totally amazed by the incredible beauty of the lion. Razz is starting to pull on Lily’s arm now. Lily is still wearing Razz’s Denham jacket while Morgana is wearing her own leather jacket wherever she maybe. Razz is just dressed in a thick woolly jumper. Lily is however feeling quite cold in her black leggings.

“Lily please we need to get away from here!” Razz urges his girlfriend.

Lily takes a look back at Razz in the snow in response to what he has just urged her about.

“Never mind getting away from here we need to find a way of getting out of Narnia altogether!” She tells him demandingly in response to what he has just urged her about.

Both Aslan and Digory watch together as a young lady called Polly makes her way up to them in the freezing cold deep snow while a snow shower is going on around them. However neither Razz or Lily wait round to see what the two young adults and the amazing lion does next, because they take off together run in the deep thick snow in this rather strange land.

“This is going to be exciting enough without pretending to be excited!” Lily cries out at her one true love as they hurry across the snow together.

Lily knows that she’s got to be feeling a bit of excitement right now, because even though she’s ever so keen on going home she needs to enjoy being in this make believe world while she still can.

Chapter 2

Both Razz Kevins and Lily Kettle arrive by a little wooden hut in the strange enchanted realm of Narnia together. This particular wooden hut is very much like the one that Razz stayed for a short time in with his friends when he very first arrived in Narnia. Razz takes Lily by the hand before leading her into the warmth of the hut, and there they find two little fluffy beaver’s sitting by a round table drinking a cup of tea together. Razz exchanges amused looks with Lily.

“Very entertaining,” he whispers over her.

A beaver takes a look up at him in response to his whisper.

“Ah look a son of Adam!” He cries out to him in a man’s voice.

This must be Mr Beaver. The other beaver who must only be Mrs Beaver takes a look up at Lily.

“AND A DAUGHTER OF EVE!” She calls excitedly out at her.

Lily folds her arms and she takes a look down at Mrs Beaker.

“My mum’s name was Eve when she was alive how did you ever know?” She questions her out of trouble.

Razz takes a look back at Lily in response to her question that she’s just asked Mrs Beaver.

“I believe that they’re talking about Adam and Eve from the bible story,” Kevins explains to Kettle.

Mr Beaver and Mrs Beaver have both now risen up onto their feet from the chairs that they have been sitting on. Mr Beaver winks over at Lily.

“Fancy a cuppa darling?” He questions her.

Lily is dying for a cuppa, and so she immediately nods her head in response to the beaver’s question to her. Mr Beaver then turns to face his wife.

“Fetch a cuppa for the lady love and a-

Mr Beaver then takes a look up at Razz.

“What can we get you sonna?” He asks him.

Razz takes a look back at Mr Beaver in response to his question to him.

“I’ll just have the same as my girlfriend please,” he tells him in response to his question to him.

Mr Beaver then proceeds to command Mrs Beaver to get the drinks for both Razz and Lily. Mrs Beaver makes the drinks by the kitchen area in her hut before proceeding to return to both her husband and her two new guests. Mrs Beaver hands the cups of coffee over to both Razz and Lily, and they both receive them gratefully from her. Mr Beaver gestures both Razz and Lily towards taking a seat down by the table in his home together. Lily takes a sip from her cup of coffee before proceeding to turn to face Mr Beaver.

“Sorry for intruding upon you like this!” She apologises to him.

Mr Beaver smiles delightfully back at Lily in response to her apology to him.

“No sorry necessary pettle I’m just ever so pleased that a good person such as yourself came to Narnia daughter of Eve,” he says to her in response to her apology to him.

All of a sudden a little badger comes hurrying into his best mate Mr Beaver’s home.

“Beaver I have news for you about Tumnas!” The badger calls out at his bessie.

The badger and the beaver are BFF, best friends forever. Mr Beaver’s troubled.

“What news mate?” He questions the badger.

Mrs Beaver’s troubled.

“Who’s Tumnas love?” She asks her husband.

Mr Beaver takes a look back at his wife in response to her question to him.

“Just this faun a met down le pub le other night,” he tells her in response to her question to him.

The badger’s troubled.

“Were you bouncing? Were you on one beaver?” He questions his best mate.

The beaver nods his head in response to his best mate’s question to him.

“Why aye,” he tells him in response to his question to him.

Now neither Lily nor Razz can stop themselves from creasing at the beaver and badger’s conversation, because they don’t expect enchanted creatures in a magical land to be talking as if they are Geordies from the North East England. Mr Beaver’s troubled.

“Ya two just mine ya own God damn business!” He snaps out at both Lily and Razz.

Mr Beaver then turns back to face the badger.

“So what’s up with Tumnas like?” He questions him.

Badger takes a look back at beaver in response to his question to him.

“Been captured by the white witch for harbouring a daughter of Eve called Lucy Pevensie!” He informs him in response to his question to him.

Lily’s now left shocked by the information that the badger has just given to the beaver. Lily knows Lucy off course, because Lucy pretended to be a friend to Lily, and this was only for her to hand her over to the evil Queen Morgana Pendragon. Lily takes a look over at Razz.

“We should really leave here, that Lucy girl is bad news,” she whispers over to him sounding frightened.

Razz realises there and then while sitting on his little chair in the beaver’s home hut that Lily has met this little Lucy girl before, and so if they stay here any longer then they are very likely to meet Lucy, and then that’ll risk alerting the future. Razz takes a look over at Lily.

“We should really go!” He whispers over at her rather loudly and urgently.

Mr Beaver has now gone out of his hut to search for the four son’s of Adam and Eve who are Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, and the badger has also left the warmness of the cosy hut. Mrs Beaver however has just overheard what Razz has just whispered to Lily.

“What’s your hurry dears?” Mrs Beaver questions both Mr Kevins and Miss Kettle.

Both Razz and Lily smile back at Mrs Beaver in response to her question to them.

“We really should be going home,” they tell her truthfully in response to her question to them.

Both Lily and Razz are tired now and they want to go to bed. Mrs Beaver shakes her head at the two young adults.

“Please don’t leave Narnia!” She begs them both in a tone of mercy.

Both Razz and Lily rise to their feet up from the chairs that they have been sitting on together, and Razz takes a look back at Mrs Beaver in response to what she has just told both him and Lily.

“Well tough we have to!” Mr Kevins snaps out sharply at Mrs Beaver.

Lily then rounds in anger on Mrs Beaver as she makes to argue at what Razz has just snapped out at her. Lily smiles coldly at Mrs Beaver.

“If you keep both me and my friend here then that is a form of kidnap!” She tells her firmly.

Lily and Razz both then turn to face one another.

“Let’s go!” They tell one another.

Before Mrs Beaver can do anything to either force them to stay or to persuade them to stay both Razz and Lily storm out of her home together, slamming the door shut behind them.

Chapter 3

Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins are a short time later after leaving the beaver’s home strolling through a wood in Narnia together, they are hand in hand very lovingly.

“So you met Johnny Taylor and Liam O’Donovan then?” Lily questions Razz.

Kevins nods his head in response to Kettle’s question to him.

“Yeah we had a nice little chat together about you actually,” he tells her in response to her question to him.

Razz promises himself not to dare let Lily know that there was a time when he believed that she slept around. There are plenty of snow clouds in the sky above both Razz and Lily’s heads, and they appear as if they are about to burst open at any moment. Lily’s troubled.

“What were the lads saying about me then?” She questions Razz out of curiosity.

Lily knows deep down for a fact that she has never ever had a stable friendship relationship with Johnny Taylor before. Razz takes a look back at Lily in response to her question to him.

“They both love you very much, but not as much as I do,” he tells her in response to her question to him.

Lily knows for a fact that many people who she loves also have feelings of love towards her in return. The snow clouds suddenly burst open.

“WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS COLDNESS!” Lily cries out at her bloke at the top of her voice.

At the moment Razz fears that there’s no escape from the storm. The snow comes pounding down heavily. Both Razz and Lily begin to hurry racing across the deep snow together, and then finally they come to a mysterious red door that is standing completely alone in the middle of the dark wood. Lily takes a look both quickly and urgently from the door to Razz.

“I saw it on this TV programme called Once Upon a Time if you unlock a strange red door that stands alone in the middle of a wood, then you travel to another land, another realm!” She calls out to him.

Razz listens to what his girl has just called out to him with great interest. Razz then steps towards the red door, and he kicks it forceful ably open. The red door swings open, and Razz takes a look back at Lily.

“Come on then!” He shouts out at her.

Lily is however hesitant about going through the red door, because she has absolutely no idea at all after all just where about it leads to. Lily rounds on Razz.

“We should stop ourselves now before it’s too late, because if we step through that door then it could be extremely dangerous for us!” She warns him through fear.

Lily knows that she isn’t going to be much use to either herself or to Razz trying to protect them both without the use of her magic, because it’s been taken away from her by her enemy’s evil power after all. Both Lily and Razz suddenly hear movement coming from behind them, and they both quickly turn round to find a pack of wolves hurrying towards them growling sharply at them. Lily and Razz both then turn back to face one another, and they shrug their shoulders at one another.

“NEW REALM IT SHALL BE THEN!” Both Kettle and Kevins cry out at one another before diving themselves through the open red door.

Chapter 4

However, this new realm that both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins are now in doesn’t seem to be much different from the other realm that they have just left together, and the reason for that is that both Lily and Razz still find themselves surrounded by deep thick freezing cold snow. Both Lily and Razz then shake their heads in anger at one another.

“No escape from the storm around us!” They both declare to one another.

Neither Lily and nor Razz can escape the curse of the freezing cold snow around them. Razz places his two arms lovingly around Lily.

“Don’t worry it’s alright; we’ll find a way of going home soon!” He promises her lovingly.

Razz then kisses Lily romantically on her head. It seems that both Mr Kevins and Miss Kettle are in a dark cold village now that is surrounded by deep thick snow. Razz takes Lily lovingly by the hand, and he proceeds to lead her further into the village. There are people all around them busying themselves with their everyday lives, and that is by chopping down firewood and selling candle sticks and snuggle blankets at market stalls. Razz knows that both he and Lily aren’t in Narnia anymore now, because he knows that there are hardly any people in the enchanted realm Narnia, and he can tell that by the way in which the talking animals back there were so surprised to find themselves coming across both a son of Adam and a daughter of Eve. Lily smiles when she sees a small group of little children dancing together on the street as she passes them. Lily really loves children, and she would really like to be a children’s primary school teacher.

“I wonder where on earth we are!” Razz cries out to Lily in a tone of excitement as they continue to stroll through the many streets in the village together.

Kettle shakes her head back at Kevins in response to what he has just cried out at her.

“I don’t think we’re on earth hunny,” Lily says simply to Razz.

By reaching the very end of the busy little village now, they can both suddenly see a gigantic looking palace, appearing to be staring down at them both from a short distance away. Razz comes to a conclusion.

“That palace over there is where we really need to be! We need to find out who’s in charge here!” He cries out at Lily.

She nods her head in agreement to what he has just cried out at her. All of a sudden a man passes them riding a horse, and he takes a look down at the both of them.

“Are you two going up to the palace then for the big day?” The man questions both Razz and Lily out of curiosity.

Both Lily and Razz exchange troubled looks together in response to what the man has just questioned them both about, because they are both left wondering just what the big day could possibly be. The man is left shocked by the looks of surprise staring back at him on both Lily and Razz’s faces.

“Ah come on guys, Queen Elsa’s coronation day, come on, are you going to attend the feast tonight?” The man questions the two new strangers to this rather odd land.

Neither Lily nor Razz knows what to say, but Lily however has only just realised where they both are. Lily knows that she and her boyfriend both now must only be in a place called Arendelle, and that is a place Lily knows from a Disney movie called Frozen. Lily smiles back at the man in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” she tells him in response to his question to her and Razz.

The man is left so incredibly happy by what Lily has just told him.

“Oh great, fantastic, you and your brother may come with me to the palace then,” he says to her in response to what she has just told him.

Lily is left excited now to suddenly find herself caught up in her favourite Disney film. Lily shrugs her shoulders back at the man in response to what he has just said to her.

“Let us go to the palace then,” she tells him in response to what he has just said to her.

Lily is now feeling even more excited now than before to realise that she is just about to meet Queen Elsa. Lily and Razz have both now welcomed themselves into the new world of Frozen.
















© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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